Siamese cats are not just famous in the United States, but around the world as well. Out of my many cat parent friends, almost one-third happen to have a Siamese, an exquisite Seal Point Siamese to be precise, owing to the common occurrence of the pattern.

Looking around my social circle and realizing the vogue, I wondered how did I miss writing about such a delicate and celebrated pet?

Here is all you need to know about Seal Point Siamese.

Seal Point Siamese Cat Profile

Seal Point Siamese Breed Overview

Other Names: Seal Point Meezer

Size: Up to 24 inches

Weight: Up to 14 pounds

Colors: Cream body with seal-brown color points

Temperament: Intelligent, friendly, social, and vocal

Hypoallergenic? : No

Suitable For: Family and other pets

Lifespan: Up to 15 years

Place of Origin: Thailand


Affection and Friendliness :

Children Friendly:

Pets Friendly:

Exercise Requirements:

Energy Level:

Intelligence :




The Seal Point Siamese is a color point variation of the Siamese cat breed. The most attractive and notable features that make these cats famous are their slender and refined body, elongated, ‘aristocrat’ face, romantic blue eyes, and dark brown tips, i.e., color points on the face, tail, ears, and paws. These alluring hues are present over a short and glossy coat.

Cute Seal Point Siamese cat playing with poppies

Personality and Temperament

Seal Point Siamese kitties are human-centered – they are sociable, talkative, and attention seekers. They tend to form a close bond with their favorite human beings, just the way dogs do. Perhaps, that is why they are among the least shy cats in the world.

Likewise, their accepting and social attitude has made them quite interested in getting attention. If you leave your Seal Point Siamese alone for even an hour, expect to be chided by her when you return!

With loud meows – sometimes compared to shrill baby cries, these cats are notoriously famous for being very vocal and expressing themselves without any hesitation. But, despite some cons, Seal Point Siamese cats deserve applause for having a very stable personality.


Siamese cats originally come from Thailand. These ‘oriental felines’ were introduced to the western world during the 19th century, where they quickly rose to fame. Pho and Mia were the first Seal Point Siamese cats introduced in England, arousing the popularity of the color pattern on the whole continent.

Decades later, resembling the Egyptian cat breeds, the Siamese has evolved today to look quite slimmer. Moreover, the head has also become wedge-shaped.

Experts believe that all color point variations of the Siamese – seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac – have been roaming around since the breed came into existence – possibly thousands of years ago.



Maintaining a good diet and nutrition for your Seal Point Siamese is not a tough job. Just get the easily available cat food, and it will do great. Nevertheless, the selection of either dry or wet cat food is your choice, much depending on your pet’s health.

Also, note that if your cat is suffering from some sort of health issue, always consult a vet before making a specific food a part of the regular menu.


Climbing is the favorite hobby of Seal Point Siamese cats. That is why getting your kitty a cat tree should work fine for exercising her. In terms of games, these cats love playing fetch with a ball, a beam of light, and hide and seek. However, note that around 15 minutes of daily activities are enough for your cat.

Seal Point Siamese cats are also known for their intelligent and curious nature. Getting your feline pal a simple cat puzzle can work wonders for her mental exercise.


Generally, Seal Point Siamese cats are highly trainable. They see training time, in fact, as an opportunity to bond well with their owners. But to maximize this already ‘positive’ trait, you need to reward your kitty each time she does a great job.

For beginners, Seal Point Siamese cats can be easily trained with the help of clickers – clicker training makes cats easy to teach simple commands such as those used to fetch something.


Grooming a Seal Point Siamese cat is easy, thanks to the coat that requires standard grooming only. However, it should be done on regular bases (at least thrice a week) to remove hairball risk and keep the tidy look alive. Moreover, the brush should be high-quality and preferably rubberized. It will help to comb without affecting the skin.

Though Seal Point Siamese is not among those cats that are afraid of water, bathing them too frequently might cause stress. Therefore, it is recommended to bathe your feline pal only when necessary.

Pay attention to her nail and teeth, too – get some good nail clippers and trim your furry pal’s claws twice a month; similarly, learn how to brush your cat’s teeth and clean them every week.


With a good lifespan (reaching up to 25 years in some cases!), Seal Point Siamese cats are generally healthy. But certain conditions do threaten their well-being:

Why You Should or Should Not Get a Seal Point Siamese Cat?

What Is Good?

  • Forms a strong bond with the family
  • Exotic and unique looks
  • Can get along with other pets
  • Does not require much grooming
  • Does not require any special diet
  • Easily trainable

What Is Not So Good?

  • May suffer separation anxiety
  • Needs enough physical activities
  • Might be very vocal, sometimes
  • Prone to obesity

Seal Point Siamese Cat Facts

Seal Point Siamese Cat Facts
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1. Seal Point Is About Color, Not Breed

Upon hearing the name Seal Point Siamese, most people think it is a breed; however, as explained in the beginning, Seal Point is a color point variation within the Siamese breed. Other famous cat breeds – mostly purebred – having this color point are British Shorthair, Himalayan, and Blue Point Ragdoll.

Similarly, other Siamese variations include Blue Point Siamese, Flame Point Siamese, and Chocolate Brown Siamese.

2. They Are the Founders of Seal Point Color

Existing for thousands of years, the Seal Point Siamese cats spread this lovely point coloring to other breeds. The color started traveling to other breeds when Seal Point Siamese kitties were mixed with American Shorthair. Some sources also claim that the Seal Point Siamese has contributed its color to 14 different cat breeds.

3. Seal Point Siamese Are Born Without Coloration

Seal Point color begins appearing on kittens when they reach the age of four weeks. It starts from the nose, and the tail and pads become completely hued by the time they are one year old.

Originally, Seal Point Siamese kittens are born with light pinkish points instead of dark brown.

4. They Gain Weight Fast

Although Seal Point Siamese cats are known for their slender body, they tend to gain weight easily and fast. Siamese cats have a risk of getting obese at some point in their life. Considering this drawback, owners should be extra careful with their pat’s feeding patterns.

5. Chocolate Point Is Often Mistaken for Seal Point Siamese

Chocolate Brown vs. Seal Point Siamese is often an issue among cat enthusiasts because both look pretty similar. However, Chocolate Brown Siamese have a slightly lighter tone of markings, and their body color is also lighter around the tummy. In contrast, Seal Point, as the name depicts, falls in the darker spectrum.

6. A Seal Point Siamese Once Made Her Way Into the White House

Just like some famous dog breeds, Seal Point Siamese have also lived in the White House. The American consul in Bangkok, David B. Sickles, gifted the first lady Lucy Hayes a Seal Point Siamese back in 1879. It was the first Siamese cat to enter the United States.

7. They Have Dog-Like Personality Traits

Seal Point Siamese cats are quite independent and dignified. Besides, they are famous for having stable and non-impulsive behavior. What is more? These kitties are overly possessive of their owners – sometimes acting like a guard dog!

8. They Have Albino Origins

Seal Point Siamese kitties are somewhat black and white – fawn to cream on base and dark brown on extremities, and for a cat to have such a pattern, both of her parents must have it. However, this is a trait associated with albinism.

9. Seal Points Indicate Cooler Temperature

Seal Points over the body are present in areas with low temperatures compared to the rest of the body. Having lesser body heat, ears, paws, tail, and face are all darker while the rest of the body is fawn to cream.

10. They Are Considered Lucky Charm in Thailand

According to a legend, King Rama V’s cat ‘Pho’ had a brownish coat with dark extremities on it, much like the Seal Point Siamese. The king was so fascinated by Pho that he ordered that the rest of the cats be bred with a similar color pattern. Since then, the seal point color has been associated with Pho, and the local people in Thailand consider such cats lucky.

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