Best Cat Nail Clippers: Our Top 5 Picks

Best cat nail clippers
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Trimming cat nails is a must, but apparently both cats and their owners seem to dread a nail clipping session. Where our cats just don’t like to be held and watch their nails (a body part) being clipped off, cat owners are afraid that they might nick the quick, a part of cats’ nails, and their cat might start bleeding.

Most cat parents prefer to take their cats to a cat groomer near them to avoid the hassle. This could be an easy way out, but given that cat needs regular nail trimming sessions, it could break your bank. Therefore, it is best that you buckle up and learn how to trim a cat’s nails.

It may sound like a daunting task at first, but it would become seamless with the best cat nail clippers if you know what you are doing.

Overgrown Cat Claws

Cats, like other carnivores such as lions and tigers, have sharp claws—really sharp claws. These carnivorous animals used—and still use—their sharp claws to hunt down their prey in the wild. However, unlike lions and tigers, cats have been domesticated for hundreds of years.

Being domesticated, all their nutritional requirements are met by their cat owners, so they no longer need sharp claws to hunt. Living at homes with their loving cat owners, long sharp nails are of no use to cats.

Overgrown cat nails are more than a nuisance—for cats kept as pets. Cats with overgrown sharp nails can not only wreak havoc on furniture and carpets in homes but can also harm themselves and their cat owners. Hence, it is only wise that we clip our cats’ nails on a regular basis—for the safety of our cats, ourselves, and that of carpets and sofas in the house.

Best Cat Nail Clippers

There is a litany of options available when it comes to cat nail clippers. It is a good thing but choosing the best nail clippers from the overwhelming number of options available in the market often becomes a daunting task. To save you from this hassle, we have winnowed down some of the best cat nail clippers that one can find in the market.

1. Resco USA-Made Deluxe Dog and Cat Nail/Claw Clippers

Key Features

Material: Solid steel construction

Blades: Replaceable cutting blade made of stainless steel

Grip: Optional comfort-grip, deluxe model

Suitable for: Both dogs and cats

Best Sellers Rank: #10 in Small Animal Grooming Supplies

What’s Best About ItFlaws But Not the Deal Breakers
Trusted brand—Resco has been making nail trimmers since 1937
It is recommended by groomers across the world, including vets and cat groomers
No need to get a new cat nail trimmer if blades get dull, you can replace the blades
Conditional lifetime warranty
No safety or quick guard to prevent you from nicking the quick of your cat’s nails
Some reviewers opine that replaceable blades are not as micro-honed as the original blade

2. Electric Dog Nail Grinder by Hertzko for Small Medium & Large Dogs, Cats, Rabbits & Birds

Key Features

Material: Special diamond stone material

Grip: Easy to grip

Suitable for: Small & large dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds

Batteries: ‏ 1AAA batteries required

Best Sellers Rank: #5 in Small Animal Nail Care

What’s Best About ItFlaws But Not the Deal Breakers
Nail grinder is made of diamond stone material that is safer and more effective
Little to no vibration and sound makes it the best cat nail trimmer for skittish cats who fear nail trims
Portable and easily rechargeable with the given USB cable
Different size openings in the grinder area make it easy to use on pets of all sizes—ranging from smalls birds and cats to large dogs
Easy to clean as you can remove its cover
Nail grinders may take more time than nail clippers, and our pets may get agitated
Few users are skeptical that it is not powerful enough

Clip and File: Quickening Cat Nail Trimming!

To quicken the process of cat nail trimming, it is best that you clip the nails first and then trim them to make sure that they are not too sharp.

3. DogRook Professional Heavy Cat & Dog Nail Clippers for Small, Large, Medium Breeds

Key Features

Material: Handles are made of TPR plastic

Blades: Stainless steel

Grip: Ergonomic handle grip

Suitable for:  Pets of all sizes

Best Sellers Rank: #40 in Cat Claw Care

What’s Best About ItFlaws But Not the Deal Breakers
Ergonomic handles prevent slipping when applying pressure to cut cat nails
Safety stop supplemented with a special limiter that keeps cat owners from cutting their cat cuticles
Sharp blades help avoid delamination of nails
Do not make noise on clipping nails
Come with a hidden nail filer which you can use  to polish your cat’s nail
Quite a new brand
Sharp blades mean that it must be kept away from kids
Might not be a good choice for large pets

4.Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals – Best Cat Nail Clippers

Key Features

Material: Top grade plastic

Blades: Stainless steel

Grip: Ergonomic grip

Suitable for:  Small pets

Best Sellers Rank: #3 in Cat Claw Care

What’s Best About ItFlaws But Not the Deal Breakers
Micro honed razor-sharp blades with semicircular edges ensure a clean and precise cut
Its semicircular blades are angled at 20 degrees allowing you to see the cutting area
Super ergonomic grip prevent all slipping and sliding while trimming cat nails
While making the purchase, you will also get access to their e-book on the pet nail trimming process. You just have to scan the code on the back of the package
Lifetime money-back guarantee
Only good for small pets and not for large or even medium-sized pets
No safety or quick guard to prevent you from cutting your cat’s cuticles
Nothing to file cat nails

5. Zen Clipper Precise Safer Pet Nail Trimmer

Key Features

Material: High-quality plastic

Blades: Stainless steel

Grip: Ergonomic non-slip handle grip

Suitable for:  Pets of all sizes

What’s Best About ItFlaws But Not the Deal Breakers
Fully adjustable nail clipper—by using the thumb wheel, you can adjust the blade opening
The widest setting is 11m, and the narrow setting is 2mm
Laser-etched markings on blades for precise measuring
Perfect for people with arthritis as very little pressure is required to cut the nails—you can easily cut your cat nails with your non-dominant hand
Sharp stainless steel blade gives a clean cut without any delamination
No crunch sound is produced while nails are being clipped
No replacement blades are available, so if the blades get dull, you will have to replace the whole thing
It might take one some time to get the hang of the adjustable nail clipper
If blades are not tightened according to the cat’s nails thickness, the nail might split

Pro Tip!

After a cat nail trimming session, you should offer your cat her favorite treat to associate nail trimming with a pleasant memory. This way, your cat will sit through the nail clipping and trimming session, hoping to get a treat at the end.

Things to Consider When Buying Best Cat Nail Clippers

There are so many cat nail clippers available in the market, so making a purchase for the best cat nail clippers becomes pretty darn complicated. While the apparent features and purpose of all nail clippers would look the same, if you focus a little, you will find the differences. Below we have discussed several features of the best cat nail clippers.


No compromises on the quality of the blade. Period. If the blade is not sharp enough, the whole clipper goes to waste. Therefore, while making a purchase, you should make sure that the cat nail clipper’s blades are razor-sharp and made of stainless steel that would not get dull so easily.

Look for nail clippers that you can easily sharpen yourself, or that come with replaceable blades. With cat nail clippers featuring replacement blades, you won’t have to buy a new clipper if blades get dull. All you would need is to simply replace the blades.


Just like clipper blades, there should be no compromise on the quality of the grip. No matter if it’s an ergonomic grip or a deluxe one, it should avoid all kinds of slippage and sliding. Slippage and sliding while cutting cat nails can lead to horrifying accidents—one can end up cutting cat cuticles.

Safety Features

Cats do not like nail clipping sessions, so you can expect them to jump and move around while you are clipping their nails. For these situations, the nail clipper that you are using should have a “quick guard” or a safety stop to make sure that you do not end up cutting cat nail’s quick.

Clutching Sound

There should be little to no clutching sound or vibration as most skittish cats get afraid of such sounds. Hearing a clutching sound, most cats lose their cool. So if you want the cat nail clipping session to be seamless, you should make sure that the nail clipper is not making clutching sounds as it cuts nails.

After reviewing the above discussed best cat nail clippers, we hope you have found the one that suits you best. When you are done, let us know about your experience on our social media handles. We will try to incorporate your experiences into our reviews.


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