“How to brush my Cats’ teeth” is a question that almost all cat owners ask their vets at some stage. Not only is it that brushing a cat’s teeth takes a lot of time, but in some cases, it can be quite a daunting task—especially if your cat doesn’t cooperate. But NOT brushing your cats’ teeth is simply not an option.

Brushing your cats’ teeth is the most effective way to reduce the risk of dental issues in your cats, like plaque and tartar buildup. In short, brushing your cats’ teeth is crucial for her good health, both oral and general.

How Often You Should Brush Your Cat’s Teeth?

Twice a day sounds familiar, right? In every dentistry ad, you hear the doctor emphasizing brushing your teeth twice a day. But what about those razor-sharp teeth of your cat? Like healthy, strong teeth are important to us human beings, they are equally, rather more important to our furry little friends who rarely see a toothbrush. 

Like human beings require daily brushing to keep their teeth healthy, cats too require proper oral and dental maintenance for healthy gums and fresh breath. Therefore, daily brushing of your cats’ teeth becomes a necessity. It is better to introduce brushing to your cat at an early stage, but keep in mind that the process should be gradual and friendly.

In this article, we will discuss why brushing your cats’ teeth is so important and how can you make it an easy task.

You Can Only Do So Much

While you might have realized the importance of brushing your cats’ teeth, you must keep in mind some cats are prone to some dental diseases that cannot be prevented in any way. No matter how many efforts you make, they will remain predisposed to those dental diseases due to the chemicals that exist in their saliva. Other than that, bacteria, infections, and other immune responses also add to these issues. But you need not get disheartened because this process can be delayed by extra dental care, and in extreme cases, through teeth extractions.

Gathering the Right Supplies for Brushing Cat Teeth

The first and most important thing to do is gather the right supplies required to brush your little furball’s teeth. You don’t want to scare your cat, do you? So, the key to peaceful brushing without any drama is pretty simple: THE RIGHT SUPPLIES.

1. Soft Bristled Toothbrush

A soft-bristled toothbrush is the most important supply of the whole procedure. You simply cannot brush your cats’ teeth with a harsh brush because it is going to scare your cat away, and it will never come near a toothbrush again. We would suggest getting a finger toothbrush, as it will make the task a lot easier!

2. A Soft Sponge

In the initial stages, a soft sponge is equally important as a soft toothbrush. Read on, and you will understand why.

3. Toothpaste for Cats

Remember that you can never apply human toothpaste to cats’ teeth. Because it can be really harmful to your furball. You should only use vet-approved cat toothpaste.

How to Brush Your Cats Teeth?

With soft, gentle, and daily brushing, you can keep your cats’ teeth as good as new. However, brushing cat teeth can be an overwhelming task, especially if you didn’t introduce your cat to brushing at an early age. However, you need not worry; below, we have discussed simple steps that will make brushing cat teeth a fun activity for both you and your cat.

Steps to Brushing Your Cats Teeth

Remember, patience is the key. Never force it. Here are the steps that can help you make the process of brushing your cats’ teeth a hassle-free experience:

1. Start Gently

Always start the process gently and affectionately. Observe your cat’s mood and start only when your cat is calm. Touch gently and make your way to your cat’s mouth. These affectionate touches are going to help your cat stay calm.

Once you are in your cat’s mouth and you feel that your cat is still quiet and calm and is responding to your requests very obediently, make sure to give her small treats immediately to appreciate her. If you feel that your cat is resisting, no problem, try again later when she is calm.

On the other hand, if she still sits respectfully, make your way to her lips and then start running your finger on her gums and teeth. Remember to stay patient because this process can take some time initially as you are introducing your cat to tooth brushing.

You need to make your cat comfortable enough that she stops resisting. When you feel that your cat is comfortable with your finger in her mouth, you may now introduce a small soft sponge for the process.

Make sure the sponge is moist and super soft. Now run the sponge through the gums and teeth of your cat. And no, it does not happen just like that; it takes some time and might require many sessions. But make sure to give rewards whenever your cat is responding to your requests. Only this way you can properly introduce teeth brushing to your cat.

2. Add Toothpaste

Now the second step is to add toothpaste. Make the whole process fun for your cat so that she stays in a nice playful mood. Use cat toothpaste with the sponge that you introduced to your cat. This way, you can easily introduce toothpaste and its flavor to your cat.

3. Use Toothbrush

Now is the time to introduce the toothbrush to your cat. First, you need to make your cat be friends with the toothbrush. For that, you can gently touch your cat with the brush and let her freely play with it.

Once your cat is no more afraid of the brush, touch her with it on the body. And then bring it near the mouth and wait till your cat is comfortable enough to let it in.

Put toothpaste on the brush and let your cat lick it. Give a reward for every effort that your cat makes. Once your cat is comfortable enough to let the toothpaste in her mouth, you may start brushing.

Make sure to do it in circular motions, focusing on your cat’s gum line. Do it at least once daily and for 2 – 3 minutes. Starting from the front teeth, work your way around all teeth.  

Getting Your Cat Used to Brushing

Getting your cat used to brushing is a slow and gradual process. It can take days and sometimes weeks for your cat to be comfortable enough to let you do it every day. All you need to do is stay consistent and work with patience. Only then you can achieve the desired results.

Make a routine that your cat can follow, don’t forget to give your cat rewards because rewards play a great role in motivating your cat. Lastly, make sure your cat is in a calm mood and environment so that she maintains her positive attitude.

How to Brush Cats Teeth in a Snapshot?

  1. Start with introducing things: initially your finger, then a soft sponge, later a soft toothbrush, and finally a cat toothpaste.
  2. Give your cat time and let it get used to the whole process step by step.
  3. Start brushing the front teeth and work your way to all teeth.

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