Red Point Siamese cats are a rare, mostly unregistered color variation of the Siamese cat breed. Though these felines are not that old, they have made their way into the heart of millions of cat lovers due to their distinctive and enthralling beauty.

Here, we have compiled some interesting Red Point Siamese facts about them that all prospective owners must know.

17 Interesting Red Point Siamese Facts

1. Red Point Siamese Cats Are Also Known as Flame Point Siamese

They are also known as Flame Point Siamese cats. Since various cat registries refuse to register the Red Point coloring in the Siamese breed, there is no standard name for it. Consequently, the color is known by several different names all over the world. However, the most famous ones are Red Point and Flame Point.

2.  Red Point Is the Rarest Color Variation in the Siamese

Red pointing is hard to get, especially the facial tabby lines – making this particular color variation in the Siamese extremely rare. Within the type, females are even fewer. This trait has also made these kitties quite expensive: a single kitten can cost up to USD 2,000.

3.  Red Points Appear With Age

Red points do not fully show up until the kitten reaches the age of a full year or two. With cream or white coats, Red Point Siamese appear to be regular cats of the breed when they are born. But as puberty kicks in, the points start getting darker. This is what makes it hard to distinguish between a Red Point and other Siamese cats, such as Lynx Point, Chocolate Point, etc., when they are young.

Flame point Siamese cat sitting on a sofa
Flame Point Siamese Kitten by Jennifer C.

4.  Red Point Siamese Came Into Existence in the 1930s

To achieve red pointed nose, tail, and paws, breeders carried out many experiments. That is why though the Siamese breed has been in existence for several centuries, those with the red pointing never showed up until the 1930s.

5.  Red Point Siamese Originated in the United Kingdom

Several experiments went on before the Red Point Siamese kitties finally came into existence. These experiments were organized in the United Kingdom in the first half of the last century, and the cats produced patented ‘Red Point Longhaired.’

In the end, breeders concluded that a purebred Siamese needs to be mixed with the Ginger American Shorthair types to achieve optimal coloring in the face, paws, and tail.

6.  Only a Quarter of the Red Point Siamese Population Is Female

Though the exact reason is still not known, just as in the case of ginger and orange tabby cats, where males only need one gene to have such coloring as opposed to females that need two, the Red Point variation is also easy to achieve in male Siamese kitties.

7. Red Point Siamese Are Often Mistaken for Tabbies

It was not until 1972 that Red Point Siamese cats were patented. However, since the cats look quite a lot like tabbies, they were mistaken for the latter in the beginning. But the tradition continues even today, and they are considered tabbies in several parts of the world.

8.  Red Points Change Color

The color intensity of the points depends upon the ambient temperature: the lower it is, the darker the shade, and vice versa. That is why the red coloring is not present in the hotter areas of the body, such as the stomach, unlike the cooler areas.

Likewise, when the winters arrive, red color is seen more often in the coat.

9.  Cat Acne Is Common in the Red Point Siamese

The skin pores can block easily in these kitties, causing acne to pop up. Eating an oily diet can worsen the problem, which can even cause chin baldness as food particles may end up clogging the pores with greater force.

10.  Red Point Siamese Cats Are Very Intelligent

A color variation of one of the most intelligent cat breeds, Red Point Siamese kitties love to play and solve various puzzles. Even when bored, they tend to turn toward cabinets, trees, and running faucets (learn how to keep cats out of the sink) out of curiosity. To keep this trait honed, owners often need to keep their pets busy.

11.  Red Point Siamese Felines Are Very Chatty

These kitties make several noises, such as purring and meowing – sometimes to the point that these cute beings become annoying! But the parent breeds are blameworthy: both Siamese and American Shorthairs are known for similar tendencies.

12.  Female Red Points Are Known to Be More Energetic

These cats are often up to their next adventure. However, the females take the lead – with their high energy levels, they are always seeking activities and exercises, while the male Red Point Siamese cats tend to fall asleep once or twice a day.

13.  Red Point Siamese Cats Love Water

Unlike most cat breeds, Red Point Siamese cats are well known for their love of water. Even though some of them might dislike getting wet often, they would still have no qualms about swimming. This is also one of the reasons why these kitties are very easy to bathe.

14.  Red Point Siamese Cats Have Certain Health Issues

Like all cat breeds, these felines also suffer from some specific illnesses. These include arthritis, dysplasia, retinal atrophy, and pica. Nevertheless, with proper care and timely checkups, Red Point Siamese cats can avoid getting these and have their lifespan increased.

15.  Red Point Siamese Cats Have Little Grooming Needs

Thanks to their short fur, Red Point Siamese cats do not have many grooming needs. A bath when necessary and a few brushings session per week can easily suffice their coat maintenance. Though they take care of themselves very much, they often need a helping hand when it comes to grooming.

16.  Red Point Siamese Cats Are Considered Hypoallergenic

Red Point Siamese cats have short fur, which means lesser shedding and dander. Though no cat breed can be classified as 100% hypoallergenic, Red Point Siamese kitties are quite closer to being hypoallergenic. In fact, all Siamese cats are hypoallergenic.

17.  Red Point Siamese Are Great Pets!

Not just because of their enthralling beauty, these cats are also quite social and friendly. They are pleasant to the kids, family members, and even other pets in the house. Thanks to their ability to form a close bond with their human beings, Red Point Siamese cats for great companions!

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