Best Cat Trees: Our Top 5 Picks

Best Cat Trees
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If you own a cat, you may have noticed that they love to stay in high places to sneak peek at the outside world. They are natural climbers, jumping up and down in places. They need to perch on high places, where they can nap, relax, and feel safe. When cats are kept inside as a pet, their need for climbing and perching can be satisfied by purchasing a cat climbing tree.

These cat trees come in different types, sizes, numbers of perches, and scratching posts. Selecting an ideal tree for your pet may also depend on various factors, such as your cat’s age, her likes and dislikes, your house size, and the number of cats in your house.

It can become overwhelming to choose the perfect cat tree for your furry buddy with so many options available. But no need to fret over it, as we have rounded up the five best cat trees to help you make a good purchase. So, let’s look into the different types of cat trees, their features, and their pros and cons.

Best Cat Trees – A Snapshot

Amazon Basics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts  AmazonEasy 4.74.6$42.01
FEANDREA Cat Tree for Large Cats, Cat Tower 2 Cozy Plush Condos and Sisal Posts  FEANDREAEasy 4.54.7$69.99
YAHEETECH 62.2 inches Cat Tree Cat Towers Cat Condo with Platform & Hammock, Scratching PostsYaheetechEasy 4.64.7$74.99
Hey-brother 41.34 inches Cat Tree with Scratching Board, 2 Luxury Condos.  Hey-BrotherHard 4.24.6$84.99
JOYO Cat Tree for Indoor Cats, Update 65.5″ Multi-Level Cat Tower Cat Tree with Hammock.JOYOHard 4.44.6$89.99

Amazon Basics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts

With 31.5 inches’ height, we have placed this cat tree on the top spot because of its sturdy design and easy assembling. It has double platforms and 3 scratching posts wrapped in jute. It is stable and doesn’t topple over even when a cat jumps over it. It comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual, which makes assembling easier. This modern cat tree is an ideal purchase if you have more than one medium-sized cat in your house.

What’s Best About It
Can be used for multiple cats as it has two platforms.
It is sturdy and stable
It is easy to assemble and comes with a simple instructions manual
Flaws But Not The Deal Breakers
Large cats cannot fit in the condo
Some of the customers who purchased this cat tree complained about the small size of the uppermost bed

FEANDREA Cat Tree for Large Cats

Standing 33.1 inches tall, this cat tree is one of the best cat trees available in the market. With its wide top perch and dual condo playhouse, it will soon become your cat’s favorite spot to play and snooze in. To make it more sturdy and stable for your heavy cat, it comes with an anti-topple fitting on one side that you can fix to a wall. This is an easy to assemble cat tree, but if you face any difficulty, the seller provides you with professional customer service both before and after your purchase. The wide perches and condos make this tree the best cat tree for large cats.

What’s Best About It
It has a wide perch and condos
Comes with an anti-trip fitting for the safety of your cats
Professional customer service is provided before and after the purchase

Flaws But Not The Deal Breakers
Price is a bit on the hefty side as compared to the other brands available in the market
Some customers complained it doesn’t have any stairs or a step system for younger cats to jump to the upper platform

YAHEETECH 62.2 Inches Cat Tree Cat Towers Cat Condo with Platform & Hammock

The next tree we have picked is a cat tree for large cats. It is 62 inches high with two platforms, two condos, and a hammock. With its multi-tiered design, it is suitable for multi-cat families. It is made up of an E1-compliant particle board, natural sisal, and skin-friendly soft plush fabric. It has a wide, 24×19.5 inches’ baseboard which makes it very stable. Also, it comes with a safety strap for added support, which can be attached to a wall. It helps in preventing injury or damage from jumping.

What’s Best About It
It is of perfect height for adult cats
It has perches, condos, and a hammock, which makes it ideal for multiple cats
The wide baseboard and a safety trap make it safe for cats who love to jump and leap
Flaws But Not The Deal Breakers
Some of the customers complained the hammock was small and couldn’t hold a medium-sized cat’s weight

Hey-brother 41.34 inches Cat Tree with Scratching Board

This cat tree is ideal for small cats. It is 41.34 inches tall, with a platform at the top and a basket for lounging in. It comes with two condos and a ramp which works both as a ladder and a scratching board. Climbing on this ramp will also help your kitten build her muscles. Made with high-quality materials, it is easy to clean. Its classic colors make it one of the best cat trees for homes with a light color scheme.

What’s Best About It
Made up of high-quality materials.
Suitable for kittens and small size cats
Easy to clean
Flaws But Not The Deal Breakers
Hard to assemble
Price is high for the size
Not suitable for medium to large size cats

JOYO Cat Tree for Indoor Cats

This cat tree is the last one on our list of best cat trees. It is a four-level cat tree that will keep your furry feline entertained and also keep her fit. It comes with five supporting points at the base, making it different than other cat trees. The simple design and the elegant grey color would

make it an attractive addition to your house. With three perches and one cat cave, it is ideal for multi-cat households. These cat trees are manufactured using the highest-quality natural sisal rope and P2 particle boards.

What’s Best About It
4 Level design makes it suitable to be used by multiple cats
It comes with five supporting points at the base, making it safe and sturdy
High-quality materials are used to manufacture it
Flaws But Not The Deal Breakers
This one is expensive as compared to all the other brands on this list
Some customers found it hard to assemble

To conclude, we hope with our list of the best cat trees, you will be able to purchase the best cat tree for your pet. As cats love to climb over high places, having a cat tree is a must. With different levels and platforms, it will help keep your cat entertained while also providing her with a safe place to nap, relax, and play. If you keep it near a window, your cat will have the added luxury of watching birds outside.


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