Five Things to Know About Lilac Point Siamese Cat

Lilac Point Siamese Cat

An exotic cat breed, the Siamese has captivated cat fanciers for decades. Surrounded by mystical tales of serving as the royal guard, the former temple cat still commands respect and attention in its native Thailand. Equally adored in the west, particularly the Lilac Point Siamese cat has garnered an impressive amount of public interest. A […]

14 Least-Known Siamese Cat Facts You Need to Know

Cute siamese cats lying in boxes near the window

Beautiful, friendly, and smart as a whip, the Siamese cat has it all. More than a few artists have been captivated by their charm, which has earned these graceful animals a place in temples and palaces around the world. But there is a lot more about these adorable kitties you may not know. Today, we […]

Siamese Cat Varieties: How Many Types of Siamese Cats Are There

Two cute Siamese cats lying in boxes near the window

Siamese cats are among the most famous cats in the world. They gained popularity mainly because of their adorable looks and loving personalities – they are quite into having conversations with their favorite people and following them around too. Though the breed has existed for centuries, it made its inroads in the western world in […]

Flame Point Siamese 101: 17 Interesting Red Point Siamese Facts

A flame point Siamese cat is sitting, looking away from the cameraNot Found

Red Point Siamese cats are a rare, mostly unregistered color variation of the Siamese cat breed. Though these felines are not that old, they have made their way into the heart of millions of cat lovers due to their distinctive and enthralling beauty. Here, we have compiled some interesting Red Point Siamese facts about them […]

Seal Point Siamese: Complete Profile and 10 Interesting Facts

Two cute little Siamese kittens sitting in a basket in the garden

Siamese cats are not just famous in the United States, but around the world as well. Out of my many cat parent friends, almost one-third happen to have a Siamese, an exquisite Seal Point Siamese to be precise, owing to the common occurrence of the pattern. Looking around my social circle and realizing the vogue, […]

Tall Cat Breeds: Discover the 8 Most Fascinating Tall Breeds of Cat

A grey Siberian cat is sitting on a concrete track in a park, looking at the camera

Despite the vain attempts to divide people into cat people and dog people, they just have the capacity to love many kinds of pets. But certainly, they do have preferences when it comes to what their pet should look like. Tall cat breeds, for instance, have a fandom of their own, with people going after […]

20 Mesmerizing Himalayan Cat Colors (With Pictures)

Himalayan cat colors

Himalayan cats, also known as Himmies and ‘Persian kitties in the Siamese suit’ are the creamy, dreamy mix of the longhaired Persian and color-pointed Siamese cat breeds. Despite having a comparatively short history, Himalayan cats are quite popular among feline lovers. They owe their popularity to their friendly demeanor and attractive Siamese-like color points. Perhaps […]

Chocolate Point Siamese Cat: History, Temperament, and Care (With Pictures)

Chocolate Point Siamese Cat

Once strolling in the temples in Siam, presently Thailand, the legendary Siamese Cat is a work of art. Length and angularity are the defining features of this charming breed, captivating its onlookers with its mesmerizing looks and a social, almost chatty personality. Siamese cats come in various varieties, such as Flame Point Siamese, Blue Point […]

Dilute Tortie Cat: 11 Amazing Facts About Dilute Tortoiseshell Cats

Dilute tortie cat

Having lively shades of orange mixed with black, Tortoiseshell cats are easily recognizable because of their gorgeous coat pattern resembling a lot to the shell of the tortoise. However, there also exists an equally charming and somewhat unique, and lighter version of these cats: the Dilute Tortie cat. Having the same witty, strong-willed, and curious […]

Chocolate Point vs. Seal Point Siamese: Contrasts, Care, and FAQs (With Pictures)

Chocolate point vs. seal point Siamese

Siamese cats are undoubtedly among the most loved cats, thanks to their exotic looks and distinctive meows. But it might be confusing for them to point out the exact differences among the traditional four colors of the breed: Blue Point, Lilac Point, Seal Point, and Chocolate Point. The fact that Siamese cats come in other […]

Magnificence Personified: A Profile of the Highlander Cat

Highlander Cat

A rather recent addition to the cat fancy, the Highlander Cat is a poised feline with uncanny similarities to the big cats when it comes to appearance. Admired by the cat lovers for her affable disposition, genteel demeanor, and the powerful build of a wild cat, she is one phenomenal cat to have. Background According […]

Blue Point Ragdoll: the Gentle Puppy of the Cat Species

Blue Point Ragdoll

Undoubtedly the sweetest, most gentle, and loving cat with its striking blue eyes, Ragdoll is a wonderful pet to keep. This large cat is charming, laid back, and not very demanding, making an excellent pet for someone too busy for the more attention-seeking breeds. The Blue Point Ragdoll is a particularly sought-after specimen of the […]