Teaching Cats to Use Litterbox: A 5-Step Cat Potty Training

cat potty training

Cats are the neat freaks of the animal kingdom and do not like to leave their business lying around. As pet parents, you just need to tap into their natural inclinations by simply rerouting them to the cat litter box so lovingly installed for them. Cat potty training in itself is not very cumbersome, considering […]

How to Keep Cats Out of the Sink? Chill Out, It Is Not Tough!

How to keep cats out of the sink

Cats are curious and mischievous little creatures. They own the house they are living in—you are just paying the rent. They are kings and queens of our homes, and no corner of the house is out of their bounds. While watching your cat treating your house like a jungle and shelves like trees could be […]

Here Is How to Catch a Stray Kitten Through a 3-Step Process

How to catch a stray kitten

Oh my gosh! You have found a cutie pie outside. It is cold out there, the kitten is probably abandoned, and you think it is difficult for the kitten to survive on its own. Even if you are not a cat lover, it will be hard for you to resist the temptation to rescue the […]

How to Keep Cat Out of Ceiling? Our Tried and Tested Tips

How to keep cat out of ceiling

Cats are natural roamers and love to explore their surroundings. They can get into places that may seem off-limits to you but not to your feline friends. Of such places, one seems to be an all-time favorite spot of many cats—an attic or ceiling. You may find your kitty hiding in your ceiling or attic […]

6 Tried-and-Tested Tricks of Keeping Cats Out of Room

Keeping cats out of room

Cats, as adorable as they are, can also be privacy-invading creatures—sometimes, at least. Normally, cat owners want to maintain a pet-free part of their home. However, with cats, this is easier said than done because they not only want your constant attention but also love to roam and inspect every corner of the house. At […]

Clicker Training for Cats: How to Click Train a Cat?

clicker training for cats

It is wrongly believed that cats are “untrainable” creatures, but the truth is cats can be trained if the right training techniques are used. When it comes to clicker training, the only thing that pops up in most pet owners’ minds is clicker training for dogs, and many cat owners wish that clicker training for […]

Cat Training: How to Get Kitten to Use Litter Box?

How to Get Kitten to Use Litter Box

Cats are naturally clean and hygienic creatures. According to Cristin Tamburo Coll, certified feline behavior consultant at The Cat Counselor in Los Angeles, “cats are one of the few animals that are both predators and prey in the wild. They cover their waste to cover the smell, so they’re not more of a target for […]

How to Leash Train a Cat?

leash train a cat

If you own a cat and are concerned about her health and happiness, then taking her out for a stroll would be a highly recommended hobby. After all, cats feel much better when they interact with the world, but for this, you need to learn how to leash train a cat. Leash training for cats […]

9 Workable Ways to Stop Your Cat From Biting You

How to stop your cat from biting you

Cats are affectionate, warm, and snuggly creatures. Give them a gesture of some love, and these felines will be quick to flop over the ground and your feet. Despite their cordial personality, they can be quite mischievous and aggressive at times. A cat biting its owner can be a part of her normal behavior, as […]