If you have ever owned a cat, you would know what a fulfilling and rewarding experience it is. Cats are loyal, social, and doting pets. They love to be around their owners and enjoy spending time with them. There are hundreds of different cat breeds around the world and a Flame Point Siamese is one rare breed among them. The Flame Point Siamese cats are very popular among cat lovers due to their rare color combination and affectionate nature. They are also named Red Point Siamese because of the red points on its body. So, let’s uncover some more interesting facts about this rare cat breed.

Breeding Origin: Where Do They Come From?

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Flame Point Siamese cat is a mix between a purebred Siamese cat and an American Shorthair in red or orange color tones. Purebred Siamese cats are predominantly white or cream with “points” on different parts of their bodies—ears, tail, face, and feet. These points can be blue, lilac, or seal. When this cat is bred with a red or orange Tabby cat, the points on the body turn out in red or orange tones—thus the name Flame Point Siamese.

They were first bred in 1930 after cross-breeding a purebred Siamese female with an American red-toned Tabby male. Cross-breeding these two cats resulted in some kittens with white bodies and red-toned points. One of the interesting facts about Flame Point Siamese cats is that 75 percent of them are males. Additionally, they are a rare breed, because many breeders prefer breeding a purebred Siamese to breeding a Flame Point. Another reason is the complex genetics responsible for the red color.

Appearance: What Do They Look Like?

These white furry fellows have got some impressive and unique physical features. Like all Siamese cats, Flame Point Siamese cats have blue eyes. With a weight of 9 – 14 pounds, they are 16 – 21 inches tall. Mostly, they have an orange striped tail, a white or cream body, and red points on the ears’ tips, faces, and feet. Flame Point Siamese kittens are born with pure white bodies. They develop their distinct color patterns over time. 

Flame Point Siamese: Personality and Temperament

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Although every cat has a different nature, certain behavior patterns are common for a breed. When it comes to the behavior of a Flame Point Siamese cats are cuddly, sweet, calm, and somewhat needy. They love to follow their owners and crave their attention. They love their owners so obsessively—it can sometimes become overbearing. Additionally, due to their intensely loving behavior, they may become jealous of anyone around their owner. The female Flame Point Siamese are more temperamental while the males are more laid-back. If they are not given ample attention or are left alone for long periods, they may develop separation anxiety and depression. Additionally, due to their hyperactive nature, Flame Point Siamese constantly crave playtimes and want their owners to play fun games with them.

Activity and Training of a Flame Point Siamese

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Regarding the activity and training, these cats are very active and demand plenty of playtime. They love to run around and climb over things. Flame Point Siamese are highly active and need to exert their energy by playing and exercising. They are easy to train and are quick learners. Because of their calm nature, they don’t rebel and are more responsive to the instructions from their owner.

With some patience, treats, and positive reinforcements, your Red Point cat will learn to use her litterbox and avoid scratching or damaging your furniture. To help their inquisitive nature and hyper-activity, you can place boxes and other objects of their interest around the house. You can also invest in a good quality cat condo that has perches and platforms. This will provide your cat with a place to jump in and out of and would allow her to peep around. Some of these condos or cat houses also come with scratching posts and cat toys that can keep your cat entertained.

Health and Life Span of a Flame Point Siamese

These are generally healthy and hardy cats. But some health issues may pop up occasionally. Some of the health issues faced by a Flame Point may include:

Although Flame Point Siamese might be prone to the above-mentioned diseases, if you buy or adopt the ones that are bred by a registered breeder, the chances of these diseases are low. Generally, genetic diseases require more than one gene to get together and show up in a cat’s physical composition. Regarding their life span, if the Flame Point Siamese are being taken care of and are fed a healthy diet, these cats can live up to 15 – 20 years. Regular vet visits are essential to keep their health in check and also to catch diseases in their early stages.

5 Lesser-Known Facts about Flame Point Siamese

We hope you have enjoyed reading our comprehensive article about the Flame Point Siamese. These rare cat breeds will certainly make great pets. With their hyperactive nature, clever minds, and doting nature, they get along well with people of all ages. Their unique physical characteristics, striking blue eyes, and white coat can make anyone fall instantly in love with them. They have all the admirable characteristics of their breed parents and thus are very popular among cat owners. If you are planning to get a Flame Point Siamese, ensure to give them plenty of your time, love, and attention. Leaving them alone for a long time or not giving them enough attention can cause depression and anxiety.

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