Welfare Concerns: Should I Quarantine My Cat with Tapeworms?

Should I Quarantine My Cat with Tapeworms

Your dear, most beloved cat is going through a tapeworm infestation, and you do not know how to care for it. Our sympathies are with you. It can be hard for pet parents to see their bundles of joy in pain. When you are confused about balancing care for and limiting the infection, things get […]

When Do Kittens Start Drinking Water?

When do kittens start drinking water

When do kittens start drinking water? Kittens usually start drinking water as their weaning begins, i.e., at four weeks of age. They may risk health issues otherwise.

When Do Kittens Lose Their Baby Fur? All You Need to Know!

When do kittens lose their baby fur

Felines have their way of growing up: they wean off their mother’s milk, start walking, and eventually become independent. But their bodies also have unique ways of developing. Shedding is one of them. As they grow up, they keep losing their older fur intermittently. But when does it occur? When do kittens lose their baby […]

How Long Does a Cat Hold a Grudge? (Do Cats Hold Grudges?)

A Scottish Fold cat looking angrily at the camera

You yelled at your cat for jumping over the kitchen sink and knocking down a couple of plates. You are now calm, but your cat is still furious – she is mad at you. It is mealtime for your kitty, but she is in a mood and not eating the meal that you have served. […]

How Many Lives Do Cats Have? Do Cats Have 9 Lives?

An adorable domestic cat is looking at the camera

Why do they always emerge safe and sound from conceivably death-dealing situations? Do cats really have 9 lives? Either you are amazed, or you just want your cat to have these qualities, but – sorry to disappoint – that cannot be exactly the case. Still, the question needs further discussion since the legends and myths […]

7 Practical Tips on How to Keep Cats Out of the Fireplace

An orange tabby cat is sleeping near a fireplace on a sofa

Cats are curious creatures. When curiosity takes over, they might even have difficulty differentiating between hazardous and safe materials. Sitting by the fire, the colorful flying embers and the bright sun-like flames can entice them to have a share of the forbidden items. Eventually, they might end up hurting themselves, sometimes fatally, which no kitty […]

9 Practical Tips on How to Make Cat Hair Grow Back Faster?

A vute Persian cat is sitting on a green grass field, and looking something

No doubt, some feline enthusiasts love hairless Sphynx cats, but many are fond of the longhair coats of their fluffy cats. The fluffy cat enthusiasts are crazy about the furry coats of their feline friends. Thus, when their cats experience bald spots or are shaved due to some medical necessity, their parent starts wondering when […]

Can Dogs Eat Plantains? Advantages, Cautions, and Recommendations

four plantains being grilled

Originating from South East Asia, plantains belong to the banana family and are slightly larger, tougher, and different in flavor. As plantains are to their decent taste and nutrition, you might be wondering if your dog can also have some. But can dogs eat plantains in the first place? What are the attached pros and […]

5 Best Senior Cat Foods and Considerations for Choosing Them

Beautiful Grey and White Cat Looks Away As it Sits Beside Its Food and Water Bowls

Cats age, and as responsible pet parents, it is our job to make the later phase of their lives as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. A critical part of such efforts involves providing appropriate feed for this stage of their life. Naturally, parents of an aging pet would want to know about the best senior […]

Can Cats Drink Cashew Milk? Exploring the Pros and Cons of Cashew Milk for Cats

Cute Grey Kitten observes a bottle of Milk on Top of a White Table

People have started to take their health more seriously. They now find alternatives to foods they could previously not enjoy due to allergies. They also wish their families, including their pets, to tag along. So, if you are lactose intolerant and have discovered cashew milk, you share it with your cat, right? But wait, can […]

Can Cats Eat Duck Bones?

Baked duck wings with teriyaki sauce on a wooden table

Cats love to eat. They are always excited to try new things, be it commercial cat food or some bug, like cricket, on the lawn. But due to their sharp teeth and hunting nature, they are especially fond of having bones. That is why you might have noticed your kitty pal does not spare anything […]

Cats Eating Bugs: Can Cats Eat Katydids?

cat stalking a katydid sitting nearby

With more than 6,000 types, katydids are a family related to grasshoppers and crickets that you might be able to spot on your lawn. Our curious cats are fascinated by these small, moving insects. They love to stalk them, chase them around, and paw them down. Cats are natural hunters, after all. After successfully catching […]