How to Tell If a Cat Is Spayed? Signs and Tests to Go For

Cats are absolutely amazing bundles of joy. To ensure that your kitty remains healthy and the experience just as wonderful, experts suggest spaying them in their kittenhood. But we adopt kittens at varying ages, and sometimes, we may not be sure if it is spayed or not. So how to tell if a cat is […]

Can Cats Survive in the Cold? How Do Outdoor Cats Survive Cold

How do outdoor cats survive cold winter

Lucy: Oh my gosh, Leo! Look at those poor cats outside. Leo: Jeez, Lucy! It is freaking cold outside, it is snowing. Are not they feeling it? Lucy: I do not know. Thank God we are pets! We have a warm home and a caring human! Leo: But what about our stray fellas? It is […]

How Much Does Cat Teeth Cleaning Cost? A 2022 Guide

How much does cat teeth cleaning cost

According to Cornell University, 85% of cats face periodontal diseases when they reach the age of six years. When dental hygiene is left unattended, plaque buildup may ensue in cats which hardens to form tartar, leading to tooth decay and making them a part of the dentally affected majority. At worst, if the plaque is […]

Cat Twitching: Why Does It Happen and What Should You Do?

Cat Twitching

We love our pets and enjoy the affection, warmth, and joy they bring in our lives. Naturally, when they show signs of discomfort or anomaly in their regular behavior, it upsets us gravely. Cat twitching is one such thing that worries pet parents, making them wonder if all is well with their little fluffy friend. […]

Kittens In a Litter: How Many Kittens Can a Cat Have?

How Many Kittens Can a Cat Have

We all love kittens. A newborn kitten is cute, and multiple kittens in the litter are the cutest. But caring for a litter of kittens could be an arduous task. Therefore, as soon as the cat parents learn that their feline friend is expecting, they start asking questions, such as how many kittens can a […]

Spaying a Pregnant Cat: Can You Spay a Pregnant Cat?

Can You Spay a Pregnant Cat

Spaying a pregnant cat is a controversial issue that often pops up in shelters that are overwhelmed by resident cats. Many cat owners often have to grapple with the issue when they have an unplanned cat pregnancy coming up. Where some cat lovers are disturbed by the mere thought of euthanizing the kittens (embryos) developing […]

Cat Gestation Period: How Long Are Cats Pregnant?

How Long Are Cats Pregnant

Cats are prolific breeders. Cats go into heat every two to three weeks, for around 6 days, until they get pregnant. And on average, a free-roaming cat gets pregnant 1.4 times each year and gives birth to three kittens per litter, according to a study conducted by the American Veterinary Medical Association. The average reproductive […]

What If My Cat Ate a Rubber Band? Will She Become Sick?

What if my cat ate a rubber band

Cats are inherently curious folks. They are inquisitive and like to explore their surroundings. This habit makes them vulnerable to unknowingly harming themselves. People who own cats need to be vigilant and keep a close eye on their feline fellow to protect them from harming themselves. As cats are kept inside a house where they […]

Cat Grooming and Care: Can You Use Dog Shampoo on Cats?

Can You Use Dog Shampoo on Cats?

Cats spend a good time of their day grooming and cleaning their bodies with their tongues. But there are times when they may get themselves soiled and need a good scrub. Bathing a cat should be a quick affair as most cat breeds are aversive to water. There are several shampoos in the market specifically […]

Labor in Cats: Pre-Labor Signs in Cats and Cat Labor Stages

Labor in Cats

Taking care of a pregnant cat throughout the cat pregnancy stages is a laborious task. But waiting for your pregnant cat to give birth to a litter of adorable kittens could be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Caring for newborn kittens—a bunch of them—could be a hectic task. But your urgent worry is […]

What to Do if Your Cat Eats Silica Gel?

What to do if your cat eats silica gel

Cats are curious creatures and are often seeking out things they shouldn’t have. At times, their eagerness may get them into trouble. You may find your cat toying or exploring your new shoebox, your purse, or just a suitcase lying around. The danger that lies here is that these packages may contain silica gel, and […]

Go to Guide: Are Orchids Poisonous to Cats?

Are orchids poisonous to cats

Are orchids poisonous to cats? The question has been hotly debated for many years. There are tons of articles and research done on the topic but are orchids really poisonous? The answer is no. There are two different types of orchids—one is safe for cats and the other is toxic—true blue orchids and cat-tail orchids. […]