Vigor. Strength. Loyalty. Agility. These are the qualities of the best guard dogs.

If you are intending to bring a guard dog home, you have a classic personality and taste.

There could be several reasons, extra level safety being one of them, behind getting a guard dog. But without adequately understanding a dog breed, especially guard dogs, you can run into trouble.

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In this article, we have listed 10 best guard dogs, based on their size, weight, and mainly, the bite force. Read on and you will find your partner.

1. Kangal

Best guard dogs-Kangal-keeping-pets
Photo by Kangal Papasymeon flickr

Huge, aggressive, and powerful.

Due to their illustrious history, Kangal dogs are considered one the best guard dogs. Their formidable size and intimidating eyes terrify the onlookers. Should an intruder make a mistake, rest assured that Kangal will apprehend him or her in no time. If you want fool-proof safety, Kangal is the dog to go for.

Physical Features:

To reckon the strength of this bite force, contrast it with the average human bite force which is 126 PSI.

2. American Bandogge

Best guard dogs-2.	American Bandogge-keeping-pet
Photo by Johan Bauwens flickr

With a huge face, ripped muscles, and composed looks, American Bandogge has the power to scare off people from a large distance. Their shiny skin and face dripping with seriousness make their appearance visually appealing yet ferocious.

Physical Features:

If you intend to bring American Bandogge home, you should have the training to tackle him properly.

3. Cane Corso

Cane Corso
Photo by Bernard Luzurier flickr

Much like the American Bandogge, Cane Corsos possess almost the same physical features and the same dominant and serious looks on their faces. Their shiny black skin makes them attractive to dog aficionados. Even when they are happy, they still look aggressive from their gait.

Physical Features:

Training these guard dogs takes a lot of time and energy. Thus, we advise you to be mentally prepared should you bring a Cane Corso home.

4. Dogue De Bordeaux

Best guard dogs-4.	Dogue De Bordeaux-keeping-pet

Dogue De Bordeaux has kind of the same demeanor as the previous two. However, two things that make their appearance distinct from others are their facial expressions and eyes. The facial expressions are like a retired military officer, enquiring and serious, and the depth in their eyes makes them mystifying. Their size makes them look dominating and ferocious but their expressions are not that intimidating until they are barking.

Physical Features:

Their bite force may be lesser than the aforementioned guard dogs but don’t take them lightly. They won’t let any threat go unnoticed.

5. Tosa Inu (Japanese Mastiff)

Tosa Inu (Japanese Mastiff)-Best guard dogs-keeping-pet

In their usual moods, Tosa Inus look tired and lethargic, having grim expressions on their face. At the first look, you will feel like they are about to ask some serious questions and give you a piece of advice. But never misconstrue their “Oh so tired!” outlook. When they sense a threat, they turn their savage mode on.

Physical Features:

Although their attacking force is similar to the Bordeaux Dog, they are listed after them because they are a little slower in speed, thanks to their huge size. But worry not. These are smart guard dogs and intruders can’t run away from them at all.

6. English Mastiff

Best guard dogs-6	English Mastiff
Photo by Helmer Nielsen flickr

A giant pug!

But they only look like pugs, otherwise, they have a starkly different nature.

Anyone can mistake their cute puppy eyes, sad expressions, and all-time yawning. But when they get to work, their prowess will show you how much best guard dogs they are! Having them by your side will surely bolster your confidence. Though aggressive in nature, these guard dogs are really friendly towards owners and their families. Kids can literally take a ride over them and your pooch will be happy to oblige.

Following are the physical features of English Mastiff dogs.

Their bite force is similar to that of Bordeaux and Tosa Inu. But like Tosa Inus, their weight slows down their speed.

7. Dogo Canario

Dogo Canario-Best guard dogs-keeping-pet
Photo by Aleksi Mustonen flickr

Canarios derive their name from Canary Islands, where they were bred in the 15th century for work only. Owing to their fighting capabilities, Dogo Canarios are frequently employed as guard dogs. They have numerous facial expressions—sad, sleepy, lazy, as well as belligerent.

Their skin is very different from other guard dogs, and can easily camouflage themselves in grass. One of the reasons they are popular is that they shed less—a perfect choice for hypoallergenic dog lovers.

Physical Features:

8. Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino-Best guard dogs-keeping-pets

Small eyes, thick jaws, tight muscles, neat appearance, and ready-to-pounce looks. These are the features of Dogo Argentino. Dogo Argentinos are loyal, athletic, and highly intelligent dogs.  Their strong physical features, stern looks, and fast action make them one of the best guard dogs.

Physical Features:

9. Wolfdog

Wolfdog-Best guard dogs-keeping-pet

As the name indicates, this is a mixed breed of dogs and wolves, and that is what makes them super special. They have the features of both the species. Wolves are known for their aggression, dominating behavior, and intelligence whereas dogs are known for their loyalty and swiftness. Being a mixed breed makes them a little unpredictable but, by and large, they deserve to be on the list of best guard dogs.

Following are the physical features of Wolfdog dogs.

Be very careful while considering this guard dog. Their wolfish nature can be dangerous for humans as well. Bring these dogs only from authentic dog sellers, else you are putting yourself at significant risk.

10. Leonberger

Leonberger-Best guard dogs-keeping-pet
Photo by racystar flickr

Looking for a guard dog that is furry and cute but will not compromise on your safety? Leonberger is something you are looking for.

They have the looks of a German Shepherd with an extra layer of hair and gigantic sizes.  As compared to the previous breeds, they have low aggression levels. If you are new to parenting a dog, we recommend getting a Leonberger dog.

Physical Features:

Above are some of the best guard dogs. Guard dogs have high energy and aggression levels, thus their feeding requirements are also different from other dogs. Handling them could be tough, depending on your training and earlier experience with aggressive dogs. Keeping Pet strongly recommends you be cautious while adopting a guard dog!

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