The Charming Buckskin Horse: All You Need to Know

Buckskin horse

The buckskin horse is about the color type, not a breed. These equines have a golden-tannish coat, almost similar to the darker version of a deer’s hide. Other typical characteristics include solid black mane, tail, and legs, while the eyes are usually brown. Are these features not eye-catching enough? Let us dig deeper into their […]

278 Inspiring Native American Horse Names

Native American horse names

Finding befitting Native American horse names for your equine can be a bit challenging, given that you have to sift through a diverse and vibrant culture to get one. Here are some of them to ease your search! We hope that you will title your horse with a deserving name. Native American Horse Names: Our […]

Horse Eponychium: What Are Foal Slippers ?

What Are Foal Slippers

Have you ever wondered why your newbie foal has white feet? Well, those are not white—those merely have a temporary whitish covering called foal slippers. Strange they may look, but they serve some special, vital purposes without which equine survival would be jeopardized. Interested to know further? Scroll down. What Are Foal Slippers? Foal slippers […]

I Miss My Dead Horse: A Journey From Grieving to Healing

Young girl caring and petting her horse

“When I bestride him, I soar, I am a hawk: he trots the air; the earth sings when he touches it; the basest horn of his hoof is more musical than the pipe of Hermes.” Shakespeare has given words to the thoughts of many horse lovers. That is why it is next to impossible to […]

Do Horses Abandon Their Own Babies?

A foal walking behind his mother

Do horses abandon their own babies? This question might cross your head when your pregnant mare has finally given birth to some handsome foals for which you have been waiting for at least 11 months. But when the day arrives, your mare turns out to be somewhat cruel – she ignores the babies and even […]

Can Horses Eat Spiders?

Close-up of spider on a plant

Unlike cats and dogs, horses are not known to hunt prey owing to their herbivorous nature – plants and grains are what horses eat the most. But despite their non-hunting behavior, some prey might make their way into your horse’s diet, such as several kinds of insects. If you live in temperate or tropical climate […]

Can Horses Vomit? 3 Reasons Why Can’t Horses Vomit?

Why cant horses vomit

Have you ever witnessed your equine friend throwing up? Probably, never. So, as you might be thinking right now, can a horse vomit? No. But why can’t horses vomit? Well, even though vomiting is an essential survival mechanism in most animals, horses are anatomically unable to throw up, which is good for them. Continue reading […]

Can Horses Eat Pineapples? Benefits and Cautions!

Can Horses Eat Pineapples

A tropical delicacy, pineapple is a delicious fruit popular for its sweet, tangy flavor and refreshing juice. A popular choice for salads and desserts, it is eaten fresh, preserved in jams, and even cooked. As their use peaks in the summer, many wonder if it is okay to share it with their four-legged friends. Questions […]

How Many Round Bales per Acre Can Be Produced?

How many round bales per acre

Millions of tons of hay are grown around the world each year. Not just equines, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other cattle such as cows, sheep, and goats also feed on it. That’s a lot of hay we need to grow to fulfill the requirements of our four-legged friends. If you are a hay producer, […]

Best Calming Paste for Horses: Products, Guidelines, and FAQs

Best calming paste for horses

Despite some breeds having a war background, out of the “fight or flight” mentality, equines lie on the latter end – when scared, horses panic, lose their calm and run away. Though the exact reason can be a lot more than fear, stressful horses are jumpy, hard to handle, and can even make a kick […]

Tips for Choosing the Best Ranch Saddles and Our Top Picks

Best Ranch Saddles

Ranch saddles, as the name indicates, are saddles designed to perform the day-to-day activities on a ranch. Contrary to the versions cut out for various sports, these are versatile pieces of tack built to withstand the long hours of mounting required to maintain a ranch. Choosing the best ranch saddles can be tricky unless you […]

My Horse Is Not Eating His Hay: Causes, Solutions, & FAQs

My horse is not eating his hay

We love our steeds. We provide them with all things best. We do not compromise on the horse’s diet or health. To make sure that your steed has access to the good quality hay, you grow your pasture of hay for your steed, using the best fertilizer and after discussing with experts how much fertilizer […]