These 15 Kitties Afraid of Shower Will Surely Melt Your Heart!

An orange kitten in a bathtub

We all know that cats are afraid of water—except Maine Coon, which is readily available for a shower. So getting them into the bathtub or under the shower is not as easy as we might like to think. It is as if the water is a weapon meant to erase their existence. Here are some […]

Golden Retriever Meets Baby Bunnies

Golden Retriever Meets Baby Bunnies

Bailey is a gentle and friendly Golden Retriever dog who loves to make friends. This time, Bailey meets some baby bunnies and his reaction is adorable. Bailey seems so happy to meet these cute little bunnies and they love him too. Bailey is not only a Golden Retriever but also has a heart of gold. […]

Watch This Bulldog’s Insane Reaction When She Sees the Actress in Trouble

Bulldog Incredible Reaction

Khaleesi is an adorable celebrity bulldog who likes to watch TV and movies. This time, Khaleesi is watching some classic scenes from the famous movie “King Kong” in which some Dinosaurs are trying to kill the actress. Her reaction to seeing the actress in trouble is something we all were stunned to see. You can […]

Taylor Swift Cats: Profiles of Taylor Swift’s Purr-Fect Companions

Taylor Swift Cats-keeping-cat

Everyone knows that Taylor Swift loves music. But if you are a true Tay-Tay fan, you’ll know that there is something she loves more than music. Cats! Yes, cats. Taylor Swift cats are closer to her heart than music. In her Time’s interview in 2019, she named three things that influence her the most, cats […]