How to Stop Male Budgie From Mating With the Female?

Two parakeets sitting on a tree branch, kissing

Owning a parakeet (aka budgie) does not only include regular feeding, care, and petting – when grown, it eventually becomes a lovebird, seeking a partner. But the males might become more aggressive in this quest, putting the life of the female budgies at risk. Other than that, bird owners might not want their female budgie […]

Why Are My Budgies Not Mating? Top 6 Reasons and Solutions

Blue budgie trying to woo green budgie

Budgies are monogamous: unlike most animals, they only have one mate for life. But even after being committed to single honey, your budgies might still not mate. What is wrong? Are they not interested in each other anymore? No – budgies do not cheat! Then why are my budgies not mating? Top 6 Reasons Why […]

Birds of Paradise: A Dive Into the 9 Species of Lovebirds

infographic showing different species of lovebirds

The name “Lovebird” came because of their inseparable monogamous bond with their partners. They are also called “Pocket Parrots” as they are so tiny that you can take them with you everywhere in your pocket. It would not be wrong if we say, Lovebirds are an energy bomb. The reason for being extremely popular in […]

How to Bathe a Parakeet: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to bathe a parakeet

Some pets don’t like water, or anything related to that, especially bathing, and sometimes it takes time and continuous effort to pick out the method their bird will enjoy and accept. But hygiene is important to a bird’s health, and even the reluctant ones should be conditioned to accept it. Bathing your parakeets is one […]

Parakeet Vision: Can Parakeets See in the Dark?

Can Parakeets See in the Dark

Parakeet parenting is always a pleasant and rewarding experience. Nonetheless, when you bring home a parakeet, you will feel worried, as you might have no idea about caring for a parakeet. For example, what do parakeets eat? How long can they survive without food and water?  How long do they live? And so on and […]

Can Parakeets Eat Tomatoes?

Can parakeets eat tomatoes

Being a responsible parakeet parent includes, among others, giving your birdie the right food. For this, you just need to know which foods are safe for your birdie and which are best avoided before adding any new item to its diet. Today, we are going to talk about tomatoes. Can parakeets eat tomatoes? If they […]

Do Parakeets Pee? An Insight into the Parakeets’ Excretory System


Parakeets are living beings, surviving on food and water. And like all living beings, they have to excrete what is extra. It is common to see their poop, but you may not have come across something like parakeet’s pee. This may make you wonder, do parakeets pee? We know they drink water. How, then, do […]

How Long Can Parakeets Go Without Food?

How long can parakeets go without food

As pet parents, we need to understand our pets, their dietary requirements, needs, health concerns, and preferences. In short, we must be aware of how to care for a parakeet. It also includes knowing how long can parakeets go without food. In that way, you will be completely ready for every situation. As for water […]

10 Best Pet Birds For Families

Best Pet Birds

Birds have been kept as pets for a long time. They make wonderful companions and are entertaining, loving, and easy to train. With their unique sounds, attractive colors, and smart tricks, they can bring joy to any home they are kept in. But the question is: Which bird makes a great family pet? What are […]

Should You Own A Parakeet? Pros and Cons of Parakeets as Pets

Pros and cons of parakeets as pets- A parakeet sitting on hand

Do you have concerns about getting a parakeet as a pet, even if you are about to parent one? It’s easy to see why parakeets are loved. They are beautiful, intelligent, and tiny little creatures, and they aren’t costly as some other pets are. But what are the pros and cons of owning a parakeet? […]

Can Parakeets Survive in the Wild?

Can parakeets survive in the wild

For those whose ears are accustomed to the melodious voices of parakeets, a house will not be a home without a parakeet. Parakeets, tiny chatterboxes, are one of the most popular pets around the globe. These feathered friends have been domesticated over the years, and most of them are bred in captivity. Sometimes, parakeet parents […]

Why Is my Parakeet Shaking? The Causes and Treatment

Parakeet shaking

Parakeet, a small species of parrots, is common pet and requires less space and less maintenance than larger birds. That makes them a wonderful pet for children, especially for people who are novice pet owners. They are adorable little creatures and fun to be around. Pet owners’ topmost priority is always the good health of […]