Sometimes, we do not choose a cat – she chooses us. With it is their silent hugs or cute cuddles, they convey a thousand words that can revitalize even a dead heart. Perhaps this is why humanity is always into felines: they just make us feel awesome.

But is it just us into cats, or is vice versa also true? Do our cutest feline pals with mesmerizing blue eyes have similar emotions? Do Siamese cats like to cuddle?

Let us scratch the facts!

Do Siamese Cats Like to Cuddle?

Absolutely! Siamese cats love to cuddle. In fact, they are one of the most affectionate cat breeds and have even earned the status of being dog-like. They Love the attention of their owners and like to stay close to them. They tend to lie on the bed with their owners or curl up against their legs to constantly remind them that they love them.

Like most affectionate cat breeds, Siamese kitties are quite into being cuddly. If they find a suitable, favorite person (Seal Point Siamese are very human-centered!) to be around comfortably, they never mind being crazy for regular cuddling sessions. But this human-friendliness is not limited only to Seal Points; all Siamese cats – Flame Point, Lynx Point, Chocolate Point, or Blue Point –  are social and thrive on their owners’ attention.

In return, they also expect their pet parents to do the same. In fact, since counter-cuddling is a way of getting attention, they might get angry if they do not see a similar snuggling passion.

Why Do Siamese Cats Like to Cuddle?

Home Environment

A home’s surroundings make a huge impact on Siamese cat behavior. If your kitty feels secure and everybody around her is loving and caring, she is bound to respond, even with cuddles. But that is not all – being affectionate is in the Siamese DNA – even those in the roughest environment might turn out to be very cuddly!


If breeders get their Siamese kitties a good socialization platform at an early age, they grow very affectionate and cuddly. They must begin it by the age of four weeks. Again, the sense of security prevails in our Siamese pals, making them cuddly – having no qualms about interacting with other pets and different people makes them fearless.

Spaying or Neutering

Neutered and non-neutered cats are different: spaying eliminates heat cycles, making Siamese cats very affectionate and cuddly when the time nears. Instead of putting their focus on tomcats, they tend to give full attention to their owners. Experts advise spaying cats between eight to nine weeks of Siamese cats’ birth to get the best results.

Happy Past

Kitties that face trauma or had some kind of disturbing event in the past have a hard time fitting into their owners’ lives. But those with a jolly past easily feel secure at most and might become even cuddlier. However, it does not mean that a Siamese kitty facing trauma cannot be cuddly – she will, but it might require some time.

: A woman holds two Siamese kittens while exposing herself to sun rays coming from a window

How Do Siamese Cats Show Love Other Than Cuddling?

A 2011 research suggests that the more you show attention to your pet, the more it will return. But cuddling is just one form of requiting love – many more exist and are exhibited by our Siamese pals!

Following Around

When you are the center of your Siamese and her keeper, she will follow you wherever you go! Besides, due to the highly intelligent and curious nature of these cats, your kitty will always try to stick near you to know what you are up to. However, know that if this behavior is excessive, your cat might have some psychological issues.


Siamese cats are quite vocal and love to express their feelings through purring. Purring is one of them – your cat is signaling her satisfaction and contentment with you. It is simply the way how kitties communicate with their human beings. But note that purring does not always mean the same: stress and exhaustion can sometimes lead to it.

Cat Kisses

‘Slow blinking’ in other words, cat kisses refer to a cat looking at someone with her eyes half closed. If your Siamese kitty blinks slowly at you, it is a clear sign she is manifesting her love. Also, know that cats only make eye contact with the person they are into – feel lucky!

How Should You Respond to Your Siamese Cat’s Cuddles?

Calmly and passionately! Just keep saying, ‘hey there! Kitty, kitty…” and go ahead with showing your love. In addition, adhere to the following tips:

How to Invite Your Siamese Cat to Cuddle?

Yes, you can ask your Siamese pet to come and cuddle with you! Whether you are at some distance or near your cat, just point your index finger towards her nose, and she will respond by coming closer and bumping into the finger instead of taking it as an offense. After bumping and throwing a lot of cat kisses, she will become comfier and get into a suitable position to begin snuggling.

You can also make your cat cuddlier by applying these six techniques.

Conclusion: Do Siamese Cats Like to Cuddle?

Yes, Siamese cats are very affectionate and love to show their love with cuddles. Given that Siamese cats tend to stay close to their owners, they have earned the reputation of being dog-like. But some external factors such as the environment and the nature of the people around also play a major role in defining the exact level of their cuddly-friendly nature. Also, remember that your Siamese pal will expect similar input from you! So, never back down on responding well to her cute snuggles.

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