Baby’s got blue eyes like a deep blue sea / On a blue, blue day.” Out of my attachment with the Siamese cat breed, I cannot help but remember this classic 1982 Grammy-nominated song by Elton John whenever they come to my mind. Siamese cats look stunning with blue peepers. Also, considering the fact that blue eyes are a sign of trustworthiness and innocence, who can have enough of these felines?

But are all Siamese cats similar in this regard? Do all Siamese cats have blue eyes?

Let us jump into all ins and outs.

Do All Siamese Cats Have Blue Eyes?

Yes, all Siamese cats have their eyes hued in an attractive blue, thanks to their genetics. We mentioned ‘all Siamese’ because Siamese cats come in many coat colors and patterns. The most popular of them are Chocolate Point Siamese, Lynx Point Siamese, Flame Point Siamese, Blue Point Siamese, Lilac Point Siamese, and Seal Point Siamese.

Being a part of point-colored cat breeds, the Siamese eyes have a recessive white (albino, to be precise) spectrum of colors. However, the color varies slightly within the breed, depending upon the further types. For instance, the Seal Point Siamese has the deepest blue shade, while the Lilac ones are more inclined towards lighter shades.

Why Do All Siamese Cats Have Blue Eyes?

Though these kitties are not albinos, they have a special genetic allele related to albinism that is also responsible for the sky-like appearance of eyes besides inhibiting fur pigmentation.

The albinism gene does not let color pigmentation appear in the two layers of the iris in the eyes of the Siamese cats, the Stroma and Epithelium. Upon the reflection of light on these ‘blank’ eyes, the blue color is scattered the most because it has the shortest wavelength. Therefore, just like the colorless sky appears blue to us, the Siamese cat eyes also form a similar image.

Siamese Blue Eyes Persist!

Siamese cats are not the same as they used to be before their introduction to the West. Today, they are much slimmer, and some abnormalities have also gone. However, they have retained their blue eye color to date.
A cute Siamese cat in the basket, looking at the camera

Do Siamese Cats Change Eye Color?

Yes, since their eyes appear blue based on the same principle as why the sky does so, the change in light intensity can affect the color. However, note that the color does not change entirely. Instead, only different shades of blue color show up depending upon the amount of light falling on them.

Here is how it works: the sky changes color slightly in each part of the day. The sky is vivid blue when the day is at its peak (most light rays from the sun are making their way into the atmosphere) and the sky is clear, while it is darker during the dawn and the dusk.

It happens because of the scattering of light, and the same formula applies to the Siamese cat eyes. When the incident light happens to be brighter, the color will be deeper.

Can Siamese Cats Have Odd Eyes (Heterochromia Iridium)?

Yes, Siamese cats are among the breeds which have common occurrences of odd eyes – other famous cats with odd eyes are the British Shorthair and Devon Rex.

It is prevalent in cats with white coats, and Siamese cats are no exception. It happens because of the melanin that forms the coat and eye colors. While one eye remains blue, the other might turn yellow. However, note that heterochromia iridium is not always behind odd eyes in cats – several conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma can also lead to it.

Cute little Siamese kitten sitting in a basket with lily flowers on the grass

Can Siamese Cats See in the Dark?

Unfortunately, due to genetic flaws (lack of eye pigmentation), Siamese cats do not have good vision in the dark. Consequently, they cannot distinguish many details in a dark environment and also refrain from moving around often during the night.

According to research, Siamese kitties do not have a good lateral geniculate body. Moreover, the fibers in the retinal structure are also not favorable for good vision. Such issues agglomerate to cause bad nighttime visibility.

However, note that, unlike the common perception, Siamese cats can easily see all colors, provided that ample light exists.

Siamese Cat Eyes Receive Less Light!

Siamese cats do not have tapetum lucidum, a layer in the eyes that stimulates a large array of lights into the retina. The absence results in below-average vision due to less light entering the eyes.

Are Siamese Cats Prone to Deafness?

Most feline pals with blue eyes are born deaf due to developmental disorders. However, this is not the case with the Siamese breed – there is no correlation between the blue-colored eyes and the deafness in the breed. The other breed known to not affect the ears due to blue eye color is the Burmese – both breeds being neighbors if their places of origin are concerned.

Also, note that it does not mean either that the Siamese is immune to deafness. If their auditory health is impacted negatively due to any reason, their hearing sense does get affected. If the ears have some medical condition due to trauma or some bad chemical has made its way into them, deafness might occur that requires a pro’s assistance.

But unfortunately, the well-being of Siamese furry pals can be impacted in several other ways. They are prone to some serious problems, such as OCD, hyperesthesia, mouth and gum diseases, and mammary tumors.

What Else Does the Genetic Flaw Do to the Siamese Eyes?

Due to genetics, Siamese kitties develop crossed eyes. The condition develops naturally. Although not all Siamese cats are affected, most of them still have to cross their eyes to get perfect vision. Moreover, fortunately, modern breeders are somewhat successful in correcting this issue.

Conclusion: Do All Siamese Cats Have Blue Eyes?

Affirmative – all Siamese cats have blue eyes. This appealing feature is the result of the albino gene. In addition to making the eyes crossed and developing point coloring on the fur, this genetic trait eliminates any sort of pigmentation in the iris, which makes the blue wavelength reflect the most, making the eyes appear sky-like.

Do not get bothered by the nighttime vision problem if you are considering buying a Siamese furry pal! You can avoid accidents your pet might face in the dark with proper care.

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