We all know that cats are not silent creatures. They communicate through so many mediums. It could be meowing, chirping, chattering, hissing, growling, and purring. However, we know very little about why cats purr. Most often, cats purr because they are in a good mood—but it is not always the case. Cats also purr to connect other emotions and needs as well.

Therefore, to interpret what our furry companions may be feeling while making delicate, constant, oscillatory sounds of purring is essential. It is better to understand the reasons behind cat purring that will help us communicate with our cat better.

Your Cat Purrs Because She Could Be Happy

What if you hold your beloved cat, and she starts purring? Does purring mean my cat is happy? Well, purring is one of the most common vocalizations done by cats. Cats purr when they are cheerful and in a calm environment. They send signals of calmness through purring. At times, your cat also purrs while you pet or stroke her. When this happens, it means your cat is content & feels sociable as well as happy.

Have you ever come back home, and your cat is just all wrapped up or rubbing against your leg? It is because your cat is happy to greet you. Therefore, cats purr to communicate their happiness.

Cats Also Purr Due to Hunger

Well, you may have witnessed your cats purring around dinnertime particularly. It happens because there is a high chance that your cat is hungry. Besides, you know cats sound a bit different when they are hungry. Your cat is more likely to make an unpleasant cry or meow sound—similar to a human baby’s cry. Usually, any human can distinguish between regular purring or the hungry cat purring sound. You don’t have to be a cat owner or an expert to understand the difference.

They Might Want Something from You

Your cats won’t always make purring sounds due to hunger. Sometimes, Cats tend to make purring sounds due to several other reasons. They purr when they want something from you. Now, it could be your attention, or your cat wants you to cuddle with them; maybe they want a piece of what you are eating, or they could be feeling thirsty. You need to figure out the situation present at hand and act accordingly.

Purring Could Also Mean a Sign of Distress

Cats also purr when they like to cuddle or when they might be craving your undivided attention. Cats also purr when they feel afraid or when they feel unprotected in their surroundings. For instance, cats purr mostly during a veterinary visit. Therefore, it concludes they might be afraid, not happy, or might need some help.

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Purring Could Also Be a Sign of Healing

Have you ever noticed that when a cat is injured or sick, they purr more frequently? The sounds they make are almost like a series of vibrations that take a lot of energy. But why is that so?

It is because they are trying to heal, or it could be a sign of relief—the cat is trying to soothe itself. It is almost similar to a reflex action when cats purr during an injury or sickness.

It helps them to:

Whatever may be the reason for Cats purring, it is always a sign of any emotion.

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