It is a common belief that kittens become more affectionate as they age. So, cat-lovers are often found anxiously waiting for their kitten to grow into a friendly cat so they can snuggle with her and keep her in their laps. Cat lovers are often searching for an answer to questions, such as “how can I make my cat more cuddly? Is there any chance for my kitten to be more friendly and affectionate as she ages? Also, what about adopted cats? Do they learn to become affectionate as they grow older?” and so on.

These and many other questions related to your feline friend’s temperament may be what you are looking to find answers to. But fret not, we are here to help you get a better understanding of what you can do to raise a more affectionate cat. So, if you are a concerned pet parent and are thinking, “how can I make my cat more cuddly?” then read on to find some tried and tested tips to raise a cuddlier cat.

6 Ways to Bond Strongly with Your Cat

Almost every cat owner dreams of making their furball their ultimate snuggle buddy who follows them everywhere. But not many are lucky enough to own an affectionate feline friend and may end up with their cat showing them the “cattitude” that these felines are popular for.

So, are there any tips and tricks to make your furball happier around you? Fortunately, yes! There are some tried and tested tips that help your feline friend show more affection towards you and become cuddlier. Below, we have discussed 6 ways you can strengthen your bond with your cat.

1. Be Gentle and Patient

No matter how impatiently you may be waiting for your cat to become cuddly, you need to show a lot of patience and not rush the process. Additionally, you need to be very gentle with them and show them extra love and affection to make them get comfortable with you. When your cat feels safe around you and understands that you are not a threat, she will start getting closer to you.

It is also recommended to talk to them in a soft and gentle voice. Sudden movements or loud voices can startle and frighten your cat.

2. Massage and Groom Your Cat

It is a known fact that massage can make your release stress and feel calm. The same is the case with cats—they feel relaxed when they are given a massage. But you shouldn’t massage your cat with your fingertips. Instead, use your palms and, as discussed above, be patient and extra loving while doing so.

According to an article on the VCA Hospital’s website, “by learning how to perform certain massage techniques and interacting with your cat in this intimate and healing way, you can really expand your relationship with him. The kind of physical contact that is such a critical part of massage can help strengthen the bond with your cat.”

Thus, massaging and grooming your cat can help strengthen your bond with them, which can eventually make them cuddlier and snuggly towards you.

Photo by Yerlin Matu on Unsplash

3. Have a Daily Play Session

Another way to make your cat more loving towards you is to play with her daily. Having a specific time to play with your cat daily is a sure way to make her get comfortable with you.

You can play interactive games with them, such as fetching a ball, or you can also invest in some cat toys to keep them entertained in the evenings. Buying a colorful springy cat toy or a bird teaser can make your cat’s playtime more entertaining.

4. Be Affectionate While Feeding

Can I make my cat more cuddly by feeding her? Yes, you can. By being affectionate and warm while you feed your cat, you let her associate eating with a positive experience. So, whenever you prepare food for your cat, try to be extra gentle and talk softly. This will also help strengthen your bond with her.

Photo by Piotr Musioł on Unsplash

5. Reward Good Behavior with a Treat

Another way you can help your cat associate you with love and warmth is to try giving her a treat every time she lets you pet or cuddle her. It will help her understand that by being snuggly and affectionate towards you, she earns a treat.

But remember, cat treats should be fed in moderation as too much of these can make a cat develop unhealthy eating habits. Give her treats formulated and manufactured exclusively for cats, such as the one by Temptations given below.

6. Slow Blink Technique

Cats are known to communicate effectively with their eyes—but only if you understand their communication. So, if you find your cat looking at you with her eyes half-closed or blinking slowly, it means she likes you and thinks of you as her friend. Similarly, if you directly stare at your cat, you will make her nervous.

Thus, to affectionately communicate with your cat, you can use the slow-blink technique, which will show her that you are a friend and not a threat.

How to Deal with an Irritated Cat?

Now that you know how to make your cat cuddlier, it is time to learn a little about dealing with a grumpy cat.

To get more insights about cats and their affection towards their owners, you can read 97 Ways to Make a Cat Like You by Carol Kaufmann. This book includes some interesting tips and tricks and other fun facts about a feline’s affection.

Whether your cat is cuddly and affectionate or doesn’t like being held and petted, it is important to understand her temperament and not force her to do something she doesn’t like. You need to be loving towards your pets and respect their personal boundaries.   

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