The Australian Shepherd, a working dog breed, and the Dalmatian, used for multiple purposes, combine to form a great family hybrid – the Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix. Without a doubt, this mix brings forward the enchanting charm and nobility of both of its parents, scoring a place in the hearts of many dog lovers.

In this blog, we are going to discuss all the Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix. While given the hybrid nature of this Dalmatian Aussie Mix, it would be a bit difficult to dig deeper, by the end of the blog, you will have a fair idea if this hybrid dog breed is a good fit for you or not.

Let us jump into it!

Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix Overview

Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix Overview

Other Names: Dalshep, Dalmatian Aussie, Aussiedal, Dalmatian Shepherd

Size: Up to 20 inches

Weight: Up to 60 pounds

Lifespan: 11 to 15

Hypoallergenic? No

Colors: Variety of colors but always have some freckles or spots on white background

Suitable For: Families with older children


Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix dogs have short coats because their Dalmatian parents mostly have a short, coarse coat, and a puppy must get the long coat genes from both of the parents to get a longhaired coat. Moreover, the color can vary widely, but spots and patches always exist on the white background.

As for the size and weight, a good estimate is that these pooches grow not much above 20 inches in height and around 60 pounds in weight.

Personality and Temperament

It is always difficult to predict the personality and temperament of hybrids, especially in the case of the Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix because of its parents’ entirely different personalities. A good estimate can, thus, be achieved by looking at the individual personality of each parent. However, before we dig into those, remember that both Australian Shepherd and Dalmatian ix dogs have a strong herding background and hence must be supervised when they interact with small children.

Australian Shepherd Personality and Temperament

Australian Shepherds are highly intelligent working dogs that are also very active. They make good family pets and get along with the children well. Overall, they are very loyal and loving.

Dalmatian Personality and Temperament

Like Australian Shepherds, Dalmatians are also high-energy dogs and love physical activities a lot. However, though they make good family pets, they might become territorial and protective owing to their strong guarding instincts. In addition, they have strong work ethics.


It is tough to get a good history read on mixed dog breeds; not much is known about the history of Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix either. However, it is a well-known fact that producing such dogs was a common trend during the last century, and it is also quite possible that this hybrid might be a consequence of accidental breeding. Let us see what the history of each parent has to say.

Australian Shepherd History

Although the name gives off an impression that the Australian Shepherd breed hails from Australia, these dogs have a birthplace in the European continent. These canines evolved from the Pyrenean Shepherd breed, named after the Pyrenees Mountains range.

The indigenous tribe of the Basque people was the keeper of Pyrenean Shepherd dogs. When these people relocated to Australia, they took their dogs with them, which were later bred with collies and other working dogs in the new land. Gradually, a new breed called Australian Shepherd was developed. Afterward, the breed became very popular in farms, shows, and rescue missions. It was eventually recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1993. These dogs have become quite popular and are mixed with other breeds to create interesting mixes like the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix.

Sacred Dogs!

As per a legend, the native Americans referred to Australian Shepherds as “ghost eyes” and considered them sacred. The ‘ghostly’ pale blue eye color is quite common among Australian Shepherds.

Dalmatian History

The earliest illustration of Dalmatians was found in Croatia back in the 17th century. During that time, these canines were mostly used as war dogs and to help in hunting. Till today, this breed retains high guarding instincts. They were recruited for the firefighting squad and later escorted the famous Budweiser Clydesdale horses. And, of course, who can deny their appearance in 101 Dalmatians! The breed was recognized by the AKC in 1888. Today they are one of the most popular black and white dog breeds.

Did You Know?

Being a passionate dog lover, George Washington, the founder of the United States, owned a Dalmatian.

Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix Care


To herd up the best food for your Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix, understand that the basic canine food must include protein (at least 22%), fat (at least 8%), minerals, and vitamins for the dogs to stay healthy and fit overall.

Since Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix dogs have a wolf background, it is better to feed them raw food, which must be high in quality, have enough fat content, digestible carbs, and wholesome nutrition.

It is a grain-free option that satisfies your pup’s tummy with protein-packed nutrition. It also contains fruits and vegetables.


The Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix are high-energy dogs with high exercise requirements. If these dogs don’t get ample daily exercise, they will develop behavioral issues, and the pent-up energy might be directed towards destructive behaviors. Therefore, you must try taking your pet for a long walk every day to keep his energy levels under control. Besides walks, you can have small interactive play sessions with your dog on a daily basis. Overall, your dog should get around an hour-long of physical activity.

The exact energy levels cannot be predicted; however, it is obvious that they are not a dog breed for first-time owners. Besides, due to the presence of Dalmatian blood, these furballs may take no time to become destructive when they are deprived of ample exercise. That is why you should offer your dog toys and games to keep them busy and ward off such issues.

It keeps your dog’s mind occupied by providing mental and physical stimulation. Every time he plays with it, tasty morsels will be dropped, the number of which can be limited.


Due to shepherd ancestry, do not be surprised if your Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix starts herding you or other animals during outdoor exercise sessions. To avoid any mishap, always keep him leashed.


Thanks to their high intelligence, Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix dogs are very easy to train. Moreover, they perform great in physical challenges due to their pleasing nature. The only problem you may encounter while training your dog is his stubbornness: they are good at taking advantage of weak handlers and, on the contrary, get their training potential utilized to their fullest when the trainer is firm.

To make the training process further easy, always go for the positive reinforcements. A handful of treats can help you keep your pooch focused on commands – but do not overfeed your pooch.

Both Australian Shepherds and Dalmatians require early and continuous socialization training to get rid of herding and territorial instincts, and their progeny is no different. An extra effort is required to socialize these dogs in a non-working family setup. In this regard, obedience training and show competitions are helpful.

If done well and early, socialization can help ensure that your dog grows up to become a well-behaved canine citizen.


Grooming an Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix depends much upon the spectrum of physical traits he has inherited from the parent breeds. However, despite this, you should brush your dog’s teeth regularly, using vet-approved dog toothpaste to keep the dental issues at bay. You should also check your doggo’s ear every other week to look for signs of an ear infection.

Since both of the Dalmatian Aussie mix dogs’ parents are heavy shedders, owners must be ready to tackle the shedding problem. Unlike other common mixes of the Australian Shepherd dogs, such as the Aussiedoodles, the combo with Dalmatians is not a hypoallergenic dog mix.

Despite having a short coat, regular grooming might be required. This will keep their coat dust free and prevent flea and ticks while keeping the carpets and furniture in your home neat and clean.


Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix dogs can inherit a variety of health problems suffered by both of their parent breeds. The most common among these is white fur deafness. It is a congenital hearing loss and is associated with certain coat colors; however, white coats are at the highest risk. Avoiding puppies with white patches over the ears can minimize this likelihood.

Did You Know?

Not all white dog breeds are deaf. Nevertheless, 85 different dogs are reported to carry the traits leading to congenital deafness. In addition, research tells that about 30% of Dalmatians have some degree of deafness.

There is, unfortunately, no way to tell which parent breed an Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix may take after when it comes to health issues. Therefore, the only reliable guess can be made by looking at the medical conditions found commonly in each breed. Besides, approaching only reputable breeders can limit the possibilities of any inherited disease.

Australian Shepherd Health Problems

Despite being healthy and having a healthy lifespan, the Australian Shepherd breed is known for having several medical conditions. Some of them having major concerns include:

Dalmatian Health Problems

The most commonly prevailing health disorder in Dalmatians is loss of hearing. Others include:

Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix Price

If you look in local dog shelters, you might be able to find an Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix puppy, which you can adopt just by paying for the adoption paper money. However, if you intend to buy it from a reputed breeder, get ready to spend up to USD 1,000.

Regardless of whichever source you buy from, always do some research and only go for reputable sources. Furthermore, early screening for common congenital health issues is recommended.

Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix Suitability

It is no hidden truth that Australian Shepherd Dalmatian Mix dogs are incredibly smart and highly trainable. That is why they need a dedicated and energetic human partner. Furthermore, they are a great addition to families with older children – thanks to their affectionate and loving nature.

Due to their strong herding instincts, they are not suitable for younger children. Likewise, they might need proper medical attention due to the prevalence of diseases in the parent breeds. If you can cater to these needs, you are good to welcome this furry being into your home!

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