The question “can my dog eat raw chicken” is not a question that has a literal meaning. Because if you ask different dog owners, they will say yes your dog definitely can eat raw chicken. Rather it can eat any food you want it to eat. But the real question is if I feed my dog raw chicken, will he be able to digest it? Will raw chicken make my dog sick? And a million similar questions lie underneath the question “can my dog eat raw chicken?”. If you are one of those dog owners who have this question in mind, you are at the right place because we are here to answer all these questions based on facts and pieces of evidence.

Before we move further, we want you to remember that a lot depends on your dog’s digestive system. Every dog has different health conditions therefore the functionality of its digestive system may vary.

We human beings and our dogs have different metabolism. This means that where we have many foods that are safe for us to eat, they can be toxic or super harmful for our dogs. Similarly, there are food that we human beings eat on a daily basis that are safe for dogs as occasional treats. While your dog may look all hardy, rough, and tough but they still need proper care. You need to keep your guards on for what you feed them and what you don’t. So, let’s have an in-depth look at whether your dog can have raw chicken or not, what are the side effects and what happens when your dog eats raw chicken.

Can Dogs Really Eat Raw Chicken?

Well, the answer to this question is a Maybe. It is because every dog is different. While some dogs have great digestive systems, others may have a hard time digesting something like a piece of raw chicken. You can feed your dog raw chicken, but not all the time and you need to make sure that the chicken is nicely washed and cleaned.  Vets believe that raw chicken can increase the risk of bacterial contamination which is unsafe for your dog. At the same time, dogs’ stomachs are more acidic than human beings which makes it a less friendly place for bacteria to survive in. if you feed your dog with raw chicken, you are taking a risk. We would suggest that you choose cooked chicken for your dog rather than the raw one. If you really want to feed your dog raw chicken, make sure it is not expired and is rinsed properly.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken—According to Vets

Vets believe that feeding your dog  raw chicken is directly proportional to its age. Just like babies can’t have a harsh diet when they are months old, raw chicken for puppies is a red flag as well.

Research shows that feeding your dog raw chicken can be very dangerous because it may have a link with APN known as Polyradiculoneuritis. APN, an autoimmune disease can be a result of exposure to the bacteria found in raw chicken. Studies also show that raw chicken can lead to dog paralysis. Raw chicken can also cause a “Salmonella”.

But at the same time, you need to make sure you are providing all the sufficient nutrition to your dog as a poor diet can have a negative impact on your dog’s health. Vets suggest that raw chicken should not be fed to those vulnerable dogs who have comparatively a fussy digestive system as it may lead to exposure to harmful bacteria that can make things worse.

Dog’s Digestive System

To understand how a dog digests food, you need to have a look at your dog’s digestive system. Dogs have smaller digestive systems than human beings. There are no long winding digestive tracts or extra stomachs (rumen). Their digestive part is short and works quickly. You may notice that you feed your dog with a good amount of food and 10 minutes later, they’d want to poop. They have a short digestive system that does not gives bugs and other nasties a lot of time to settle in.

What Happens If a Dog Eats Raw Chicken?

As we mentioned earlier, it completely depends from dog to dog. While some dogs with stronger stomachs can easily digest raw chicken, others with a comparatively weak stomach may have a hard time. At the same time, some dogs can easily deal with the bacteria that comes with raw chicken while some may go through a bit of trouble.

Remember, our cute pups are the descendants of wild dogs and wolves which makes them crazy chicken lovers. Their ancestry could even hunt for a chicken and eat it alive. This means that our modern pups have these instincts too as your dog demands chicken at some point. Raw chicken can certainly be good for your pups if given under certain precautions. Different chicken bones can cause choking hazards. Natural Vets Australia explains how chicken necks are super dangerous for your dogs as they can easily get stuck in the throat. This goes for both cooked and uncooked chicken meals.

While you may be considering feeding your pup raw chicken, you need to keep in mind that not all dogs can have raw chicken. Smaller breeds are allergic to poultry and some dogs can get sick when you spontaneously introduce raw chicken in their diet. We would suggest that when you introduce new diets to your dog, make sure you do it in small quantities to see how your dog would react to it. It would be best if you take the consultation of your Vet.

Why Is Chicken an Important Ingredient in Dogs Diet?

Chicken is the most common ingredient used in dog foods because it is an excellent source of protein that keeps your dog healthy. Cooked chicken is super healthy and safe for most of the dogs to eat, provided they are not allergic. However, make sure to remove the bones of the cooked chicken as they become also easier to break and can cause choking hazards.

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