The German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix is a hybrid of two different breeds, the German Shepherd and the Australian Shepherd. It is classified as a working shepherd dog. Though it looks very cute and lazy, it is a highly energetic and quite active dog.

The purpose of developing this breed was to get a dog with high working capabilities. Since the desired working capabilities were already found in the German and Australian Shepherd dogs, it seemed very suitable that both breeds be mated together to get the desired result.

History of the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix Breed

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There is not much research undertaken on the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix breed; therefore, the exact history of the breed in question is not fully known. However, it can be safely estimated that the breed is not more than a century old.

The history of mixed breeds is usually murky, as it is not always known when the first mix was born. When breeders cross different breeds, history is usually known. But sometimes, the breeds cross with each other by accident, resulting in mixed offspring—which is why it gets tough to narrow down the year the breed was first seen.

We, however, do know the history of the German Australian Shepherd’s parents. That we will briefly discuss here.

History of the German Shepherd Breed

The German Shepherd dogs are known to be among the most intelligent working dogs. Max von Stephanitz, a German dog breeder, is acknowledged for the development of German Shepherds. It was developed to serve as an intelligent herder. However, its role did not remain limited to the basic purpose, but it gradually expanded to other working dogs fields. For instance, they are being used as search and rescue dogs as well. Besides, they are excellent pet dogs. Not to mention that U.S. President Joe Biden also had two pet German Shepherds, Champ and Major. Champ recently passed away, but Major is still enjoying the company of the president.

History of the Australian Shepherd Breed

Though one might think that the Australian Shepherd breed would have originated in Australia (since German Shepherds originated in Germany), it was first noticed in the U.S. back in the 19th Century. It is believed that the breed is a descendent of a variety of different herding breeds. Just like the German Shepherds, the Australian Shepherds are also used as working dogs in various fields. Like their German counterparts, they are also popular pet dogs.

6 Reasons Why You Should Have a German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix?

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Having the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix breed is like having two dogs in one. Let us discuss some of the reasons why a German Australian Shepherd might be a perfect fit for you.

1. The German and Australian Shepherd Mix Is a Great Workout Companion

The breed is known to be highly energetic, always playful, and lively. You can take your Australian German Shepherd Mix with you for your outdoor workout activities, such as walking, jogging, and running. Owing to their energy levels, they will hardly get tired; also, their cuteness will never get bored.

2. They Are Good Guard Dogs

Since the breed is a descendent of two brave and intelligent breeds, it is all set to be a perfect guard dog. You can keep your German Australian Shepherd hybrid at your home not only to be your workout partner but also a guard of your personal belongings and property. In addition, they may require very little or no guarding training.

3. They Are Smart and Intelligent

The cross of German and Australian Shepherd is known to be very smart and intelligent. They are quick learners, which is why it is pretty easy to train them. They are always watchful and can easily discern what a threat is—and what not. Lastly, they will recognize people around them as soon as they spend a day or two at your home.

4. They Are Obedient

The Australian German Shepherd Mix is famous for being obedient to its owners. The benefits of having a smart and intelligent dog can only be cashed if your dog obeys your commands, use their intelligence and smartness to that end. And that is what this mix is best at!

5. They Are Good Family Dogs

Family dogs are good companions. They easily become a part of your family and benefit us in various ways. Your German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix will always try to protect his family from whatever potential danger he senses.

Second, your family will have a healthier lifestyle if they spend their time with a lively and active dog. Lastly, your dog will be a great fella for the small ones in your family as he will always be up for different playing activities.

6. The German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix Is a Good Cuddling Partner

Human beings not only enjoy cuddling, but they also have a sense of security by doing so. Fortunately, you can find a great cuddling partner in your German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix as they too are fond of cuddling and fondling.

Like their biological parents, German Shepherds and Australian Shepherds, they share the passion of snuggling with their human parents.

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Have a German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix?

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There are, undoubtedly, a lot of reasons why you should have a German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix; however, there are some downsides as well. You should be aware of them before you decide to have this breed.

Let us discuss these downsides in detail.

1. The German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix Is Reticent in Front of Unfamiliar People

Your German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix will be quite open and friendly with your family members, but he may turn his back on the people he is not familiar with, or at worse, bark at them. They might be your friends, cousins, or colleagues, and you would surely want to avoid such an experience.

However, working on their socialization skills will gradually improve their behavior.

2. The German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix Requires a Large Place

The German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix is a lively and playful dog breed. Due to their higher energy levels, it becomes very difficult for them to spend time in places with limited space. Not being able to exert their energy will negatively impact their health, both mental and physical.

Dogs tend to develop different behavioral problems if they do not perform enough physical activities. Hence, if you decide to own this breed, you will have to make sure that he gets enough space for his plenty of fun-loving activities.

3. They Have a Strong Inclination Towards Herding

As already described, the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix, although friendly, is a herding dog by nature. It always tends to behave aggressively with some animals, which may cause them injury. Make no mistake, the German Shepherd, its biological parent, ranks in the top five most damaging dog bites, according to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

The Australian Shepherds, its other biological parents, also possess biting instincts. If you are planning to own a German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd Mix, you need to make sure that he gets enough training to avoid any biting incident.

4. They Are Physically Very Active

A physically active dog gets along with an owner who is also physically active. If you are planning to have a German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix, you must be willing to spend a significant chunk of your time and energy with your dog daily. As already discussed, depriving your dog of physical activities is a bad idea. Fixing a daily routine for your dog’s exercise and training is the way forward. In addition, it can also be a blessing in disguise for you as you will get to have physical activities as well, which can be positive for your health.

Still, if you are a dog lover who happens to have a busy schedule, you may consider adopting one from the lazy dog breeds.

5. They Shed Their Fur

It is natural for dogs to shed their fur. Some shed less and are termed hypoallergenic dogs.  The German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix has a double coat; thus they shed almost round the year.

Although it is not unusual as many dogs shed. But it must be a problem for those who are prone to dog allergies. Besides, regular cleaning of floors and furniture to get rid of dog hair is indeed an onerous job.

If you are allergic to dog’s fur but at the same time love to own a mixed breed dog, here is a list of the top 10 hypoallergenic dog mixes.

The Appearance of the German and Australian Shepherd Mix

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The German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix resembles a lot to its biological parents. It is a perfect blend of the German Shepherd and the Australian Shepherd breeds, which highlights each major bodily characteristic of the two.

They have a muscular body type, almond-shaped eyes, triangle-shaped ears, a double coat fur, and may come in a variety of colors.

The difference occurs when it comes to the size they have. They are 19 to 26 inches in height that may be smaller than or equal to the German and the Australian Shepherd dogs, which are 24 to 26 inches and 25 to 32 inches high, respectively.

Comparison of the Characteristics of the German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, and Their Cross

CharacteristicThe German Australian Shepherd MixThe German ShepherdThe Australian Shepherd
Height (inches)19 to 2624 to 2625 to 32
Weight (pounds)45 to 8066 to 8555 to 70
ColorsWhite, Black, Tan, Silver, Merle, Blue, and GreyBlack, Tan, Red, Silver, Sable, and GreyMerle, Black, and Red
Lifespan years12 to 159 to 1313 to 15

Exercise Requirement for the German and Australian Shepherd Mix

Regular exercise, just like for humans, is equally important for animals, especially working dogs like the Shepherd breed. In fact, Animal Academy Hospital suggests a dog should have about two hours of exercise on a day day to day basis. In the case of German Shepherds, the People’s Dispensary of Sick Animals also suggests the same. Based on this information, a German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix should undergo exercise for about two hours every day.

However, it should be noted that this prescribed time may vary according to the age group of dogs.

Owing to their intelligent, agile, and high-spirited nature, some of the exercises which can be beneficial to German Australian Shepherd Mixes are:

  1. Running: It has benefits for the whole body. In addition, a dog may lose excess weight.
  2. Fetching: It keeps the body fit as well as sharpens the mind of a dog.
  3. Swimming: It is a great alternative to running if the day is hot.
  4. Hide-and-Seek: It is a great brain trainer for intelligent dogs.

Training a German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix

Training is an important aspect of keeping a dog that cannot be ignored, but the good news is that the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mixes are obedient dogs. The cherry on top, they are quick learners, which makes it very easy for their owners to train them. All you need to do is to train your dog regularly with patience.

You can start with training them for the basic commands and gradually move to leash walking and other forms of training. It will be a benefit if your dog is properly trained for all the basic commands. Not sure how to leash train your dog? Here is how to leash train a dog with love.

It is recommended that the training be assertive and strict as German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix dogs can easily get distracted; however, you should always reward your dog after a good training session. 

Grooming a German and Australian Shepherd Mix

Just like other dogs with a double coat, the basic grooming for the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix is divided into three parts: brushing, bathing, and trimming.

Regular brushing keeps the coat healthy and helps the dog get rid of fallen hair and fleas if any. Furthermore, you can know if there is any skin disease or unusual bumps in the dog when brushing is done regularly. Brushing your German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix twice a week is recommended.

Bathing does not only groom your dog but also maintains his good hygiene. It removes the dirt, if any, to make it look cleaner. Furthermore, washing your dog with proper bath shampoo may soften the coat of your dog. Bathing your German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix at least once a month is recommended.

Trimming is beneficial not just for the neat look of the nails of your German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix but also for the sake of safety. As already described, this breed is inclined towards prey hunting. In this quest, your dog might try to use his nail along with his teeth.

Other important grooming techniques may include ear and nose cleaning, and teeth brushing.

Health Issues of the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix

Some common health issues in the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix dogs are:

  1. Elbow and Hip Dysplasia: It is the growth of abnormal cells in any organ or tissue. It may grow into cancer.
  2. Cataracts: It is the clouding of the eye lens. Dogs can fall prey to this abnormality with age.
  3. Bloat: Bloat occurs when the stomach is filled with gas. It may or may not be an emergency.
  4. Hemophilia: Hemophilia occurs when there is an aberration in blood clotting. Hemophilia A is the most common type of disease in dogs.
  5. Collie Eye Anomaly/Eye Issues: Collie is an eye disease that has the potential to make a dog blind.

You should consult your vet immediately if you observe the symptoms of any of the above diseases in your dog. Some diseases are not obvious to the naked eye, which is why we recommend taking your dog for regular checkups to rule out any fatal disease.

Food Requirements for the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix Breed

The food requirements for the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix are no different than those of its parent breeds. All you have to do is to feed your dog the same meals, but always be sure of the daily calories intake demand. After all, your dog is very active physically, which can burden the calories stock he has in his body.

The rule of thumb is that active dogs need a lot of calories, and 10% of these calories should be obtained from proteins.

Your dog should have calories depending upon his weight. The table for weight and the respective amount of calories required is given below:

Weight (pounds)Calories Per Day
10200 to 275
20325 to 400
50700 to 900
70900 to 1050
901100 to 1350

The Personality and Temperament of the German Australian Shepherd Mix

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Their personality and temperament can be categorized into the following five points:

  1. Energetic and Hardworking: Being energetic and hardworking makes this breed happy but aggressive as well.
  2. Obedient and Loyal: They are obedient and can control their emotions better. Like other dogs, they are loyal to their owners.
  3. Friendly Around Children: Being friendly with children makes them safe for the small ones to play with.
  4. Easily Bored: This personality trait may lead to mental problems. It may also cause him to bark excessively. Try to engage them in games or with dog toys.
  5. Reticent in Front of Strangers: This trait makes this dog more reserved and unfriendly around unfamiliar people.


To pan out, the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix is a great breed for any dog lover to have as a pet. It is adorable, cute, and friendly. Although the breed has some cons, they are not unmanageable. Besides, their pros outnumber their cons. If you are a caninophile who wants to give this distinct and relatively new dog type a try, we suggest you go ahead!

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