The Dalmatian German Shepherd Mix is an appealing medium-sized dog known for alluring personality traits. Just like other Dalmatian-Shepherd mixes, such as the Dalmatian Aussie, these canines inherit the best traits of both of their parents – Dalmatian and German Shepherd.

In this article, we will discuss all the ins and outs of this hybrid—by the end, you will have a fair idea about this adorable breed.

So let us begin!

Dalmatian German Shepherd Mix Overview

Dalmatian German Shepherd Mix Overview

Other Names: German Shepmatian, Germatian

Size (inches): Up to 26 inches

Weight (pounds): Up to 90 pounds

Hypoallergenic: No

Personality: Energetic, alert, loyal, and intelligent

Colors: Tan, brown, black, and white

Lifespan: 13 years

Dalmatian German Shepherd Mix Scorecard

Good With Families:

Good for Beginners:

Energy Levels:


Good With Strangers:

Entertaining Needs:


Giving an accurate physical description of Dalmatian German Shepherd Mix puppies is quite difficult as it remains indecisive which parent breed’s qualities will be dominant in the offspring.

Nevertheless, no matter which parent a Dalmatian German Shepherd Mix puppy takes after, one thing is for sure: he grows up to become a medium- to large-sized dog. However, he might be either leaner or stockier. As for colors, these dogs exhibit several of those, but without any dark spots like their Dalmatian parents. The cross also has darker legs and liver-colored spots all over the chest. The coat is also known for shedding more than average.


The Dalmatian German Shepherd Mix has a unique persona. Coupled with their unrivaled intelligence, they are also physically strong, alert, and lively. This mix loves running or swimming beside its owner. But when not properly exercised, they may also engage in detrimental behaviors like digging up the yard to expend the pent-up energy.

The Dalmatian German Shepherd cross is one of the most exciting dog crosses, as they like to play and learn new things throughout their lives. Since they are intelligent and sturdy, they can be trained to serve as watchdogs. The blend is ideal for any circle of relatives. They are wise, love playing with children and different puppies, and are very patient.

That said, you will have to teach your kids how to socialize properly with your dog.

One downside, however: if left on their own for a long time, Dalmatian German Shepherd Mix becomes problematic. So, make sure you always have time to give him lots of cuddles when needed. Moreover, they thrive best in surroundings where they can sense safety from strangers.


Not much is known about the history and origin of the Dalmatian German Shepherd Mix dogs. However, various sources claim that these canines were first bred in 1984 in California. Some sources also claim that the mix is no older than just a decade.

Dalmatian German Shepherd Mix Care


Due to high energy needs, Dalmatian German Shepherd Mix dogs should eat at least 20 percent proteins and 10 percent fats. Moreover, these canines should get about three cups of high-quality dog food divided into two meals. However, note that if your dog is old and inactive, he should not have more than 2.5 cups daily.

Furthermore, for a wholesome diet plan for your lovely mixed-breed dog, stick to the following tips:


German Shepherd Dalmatian Mix dogs are fluffy dogs, shedding regularly. They are not a desirable option for people with allergies.

As these dogs are heavy shedder, they require more frequent grooming sessions to keep their coat in tip-top condition. You should brush your Germatian pup at least once a day. A smooth-tooth comb enables taking off all damaged hair and saves tangles from forming on the sensitive skin of these dogs.

Besides brushing, bathing your dog every other month could help maintain coat health and limit the amount of shedding. You should keep in mind that more frequent bathing could rob your pup of its natural bodily oils, which are crucial for the skin and coat health.

Also, note that you must avoid using human shampoo on your dog’s coat as it might lead to irritation owing to skin sensitivity problems. Moreover, whatever shampoo brand you opt for, make sure it is vet approved. Consider using benzoyl peroxide shampoos if your dog’s skin becomes very itchy.


Dalmatian German Shepherd Mix are high-energy dogs and thus need about two hours of exercise every day.

Ensure a nice place in your yard for the dog to walk around frequently. The space should be enough for him to play fetch and other retrieving games easily. By these needs and descriptions, one thing is clear: these dogs are not for apartment dwellers.

Since these dogs get intelligence and watchful instincts from their parents, it is vital to keep honing their brainy skills from time to time. Get your dog suitable toys or puzzles to do the job.

Nina Ottosson Brick Puzzle Game is an awesome toy to keep your dog alert. With variable difficulty levels, let your dog find the hidden treats.


Dalmatian German Shepherd Mix dogs are eager to please their owners. Thanks to this attitude, their training sessions go smoothly. Besides, they love to learn new tricks and commands.

Despite these plus points, you should never forget proper socialization. Expose your pup right after you bring him home to various sounds and experiences. This will make him adjust well in your home, especially with your family and other pets. Then jump on to teaching him basic commands like come, sit, and stand. If possible, enrolling your puppy in training classes will give some added benefits.


Dalmatian German Shepherd Mix dogs are overall healthy, but they inherit some diseases from both parents. These diseases can be avoided with proper care and maintaining the exercise and diet plan.

Note that these problems are more likely to occur in dogs bought from non-reputable breeders. Also, some of these issues can lead to fatal outcomes. So, staying careful about your pet’s health is the key.

Why Should You Or Should Not Get a Dalmatian German Shepherd Mix?


  • The mix is incredibly versatile, with the traits of both Dalmatian and German Shepherds.
  • Easy to train, thanks to their eagerness to please their owners.
  • Very intelligent, alert, and lively, making them perfect guard dogs.


  • Not purebred and hard to find.
  • Prone to the diseases inherited.
  • Needs early and proper socialization.
  • Not for apartment dwellers.
  • They are heavy shedders.

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