Owing to their avidity and gusto, dogs are by far the best running and cycling escorts. They give you company, protection, and add discipline to your routine. If you and your dog go on routine walks, he will help you keep up with the schedule.

Running, jogging, or cycling with your dog is an experience imbued with all the colors of the rainbow. Those moments of utter love and affection can fill your life with tranquility, health, and fitness.  

To utilize the benefits of exercising with a dog, you need to find out which breed best suits your requirements.

To help you find your perfect canine partner, below, we list the top 10 high energy dogs.   

Belgian Malinois

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With a running speed of 45 mph, Belgian Malinois tops the list of high energy dogs. Their energy levels are unmatchable, helping them run for hours. Jumping hurdles, running through the jungles, chasing hunts, and following the target are some of their favorite activities. Owing to their agility and athleticism, the military and police employ Malinois.

German Shorthaired Pointer

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The spot-patterned German Shorthaired pointers run at the speed of 43 mph. Their lean body and muscular hindquarters support them to run at the rate of a lightning bolt. They can easily manage a 3 to 4 mile run in one shift. With this speed, they can outrun cyclists, and if you have worked well on building their stamina, they can outrun cars as well.

Irish Setter

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Irish Setter breed was developed specifically for hunting. They are known for their dexterity, swiftness, and candescent mahogany coat. Irish Setter runs better without a leash—since they are even-tempered, unleashing them is not risky. Their alacrity and agility are the reasons they are considered as good running dogs. These canines respond well to praise and appreciations and need ample attention from their owners.


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Photo by Elisabettabellomi Pixabay

These canines have long legs and attractively well-shaped body that facilitates them to run faster and farther. Salukis have features similar to Afghan Hounds—but with considerably less hair. Salukis are one of the most active dogs and excels at multiple sports such as hunting, dock tracking, diving, rally, and fly-ball. Essentially a hunting dog breed with a running speed of 42mph, Salukis like to be part of the activities that involve both mental and physical workouts.


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Vizslas are the refined breed of agile red-dogs of Russian Magyar troops. Vizslas were trained under tough trainings by these troops to build up sheer agility, sturdiness, and speed. In the early 1950s, a U.S. State Department employee smuggled Vizslas out of Communist Hungary to the United States. Initially, this breed did not come under the limelight. But after 50 years, their popularity rose after winning 5 different championships, which garnered them the recognition and a permanent place in the list of high energy dogs.

American Foxhound

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Photo by Giovannistrapazzon Pixabay

25 inches in height, 70 pounds weight, and 38 mph running speed, American Foxhounds have all the features of an energetic and athletic dog. Thanks to their long sturdy legs, they can run several miles without getting tired. They need 2 to 3 hours of vigorous body workouts to keep up their fitness and stamina. These hounds would make a great companion for long walks, running, and cycling.


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Photo by SnottyBoggins Pixabay

If you have watched Disney’s Cruella, you must be familiar with Dalmos.

Dalmatians have exquisite black & white-dotted skin complemented by sparkling brown or deep blue eyes. Owing to their distinct appearance, they are pretty popular in the US.

Dalmations are smart, dignified, and outdoors dogs. They are active athletes with a speed of 37mph and possess great stamina, making them a wonderful henchman for runners and hikers.

Australian Shepherd

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Photo by Fotoshautnah Pixabay

Smartness, check; bewitching looks, check; strong stamina, check.

Australian Shepherds have it all.

They can accompany you for long-distance running and jogs. They also serve as protection dogs. Having an Australian Shepherd as a companion, you can run on tracks that are otherwise not safe without any fear.


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Photo by Jegabourg Pixabay

If you are looking for a dog that would help you build your agility and speed, running with Whippets can do that. Their ready-to-go attitude can make them a source of motivation for you. You would not need any alarms anymore; your Whippet will wake you up on time. Though they like playing often, in their free time, they love to be couch potatoes.

Doberman Pinscher

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Photo by Patstatic Pixabay

Doberman Pinscher is yet another choice for you as a running partner. Due to their running potential of 32 miles per hour, they belong to the category of high-energy dogs. You and Doberman can go running together or he can run along while you are cycling. Because of their dominant nature, Doberman would take the lead while you run behind them. Your Pinscher will clear out the way for you so you can have a smooth running experience.

Did you find a perfect fit in the high energy dogs listed above? We hope you did. Interested more? Visit our Dog Breeds section where we discuss everything regarding dog breeds.

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