More the smarter, more the trainable!

Loyalty, playfulness, and protectiveness are not the only features that define a canine. Rather, the list of most distinguishing features of dogs also includes smartness, intelligence, and understandability.

If you want to bring in a new dog, you’d definitely want her to have high cognitive capabilities for getting trained quickly.  According to Dr. Stanley Coren, a popular dog psychologist, trainability is the feature that makes a dog smart.

Based on the features mentioned above, we have prepared a list of the top 10 smartest dog breeds in the US.

1. Border Collie


Border Collies top the list of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. Their quick-wittiness, swiftness, and agility make them stand out in the pack. The reason behind their sheer popularity is their eagerness to learn things, workaholic disposition, and quick adaptation to different situations. The smartness of Border Collie compliments their beauty making them a perfect dog for you.

2. Poodle


One thing to know about Poodles is that they are not just pretty faces. They are way smarter than what is expected from them. Poodles are good at learning different games, obeying commands, and tracking objects. Apart from intelligence, they also have a strong sense of smell. They are good swimmers and can be taught to retrieve things from water. 

If you are looking for a dog that is a complete package, poodle is the one for you.

3. German Shepherd


The entire world is familiar with the intelligence of German Shepherds —and so are you!

German Shepherds are generally regarded as military or police dogs. They are agile, quick learners, protective, and have a strong sense of smell. Their eyes glisten with the yearn to learn more. These canines are a sweet combination of ferocity, brilliance, and goofiness. You will be lucky to have one at your home, as it never disappoints—provided that it is trained well.

4. Golden Retriever


If you are looking for a medium-sized dog imbued with beauty and brain, look no further! Golden Retriever is what you are actually looking for.

With long lustrous hair, lips curled in a grin, and eyes sparkling with acumen, Golden Retrievers give you everything you need. They can protect you, obey your commands, and learn as many tricks as you want to teach them. All these features have landed them on the list of most intelligent dog breeds in the United States.

5. Doberman Pinscher


Vigilant, alert, and savvy, Doberman Pinschers have all the qualities required to be on the list of most intelligent dog breeds. Their sleek physique and ready-to-go attitude make them exceptional. Pinschers have a strong mental faculty with a remarkable memory, helping them retain their training for a long time. Owing to their exceptional brain and high energy levels they are employed in the military and police as well. These foxlike clever canines are well-mannered as well. If you are seeking a dog with less hair and more fun, Doberman Pinscher is the one!

6. Shetland Sheepdog

smartest dog breeds shetland sheepdog

One trait of Shetland Sheepdogs is that people are deceived by their looks. Their beautiful multicolored hair and cute expressions wouldn’t give you any sign of the depth of their cleverness! Standing in the frontline of the world’s most intelligent dog breeds, these canines truly deserve their recognition. Their ability to learn different commands and games further their charm and allure.

7. Labrador Retriever


America’s most popular dog is one of the smartest dogs too!

Labrador Retrievers are long-haired, charming, and adorable as well as brainy and astute. They can learn a variety of tricks such as play-fetch, roll-over, shake-a-paw, walk through the maze of bottles, and much more. Their ability to learn different tricks is one of the reasons they are the most popular dog breed in the US.

8. Papillon


Such an innocent face, such puppy eyes, but ranking in the top 10 smartest dog breeds?

Yes, you heard it right.

A Papillon is a very intelligent dog. It quickly understands different tricks and adapts to different situations easily. These dogs have high energy levels and agility. Teaching them to play will be a fun thing for you. Besides, they are mouthy, so play-fetch on the ground or in water is their favorite sport.

9. Rottweiler


Rottweilers are highly athletic and energetic German dogs. Mostly used for protection, these dogs don’t let their intruders get away. Having a smart sense to understand what is a threat, these canines move quickly to curb it. They are also very good at retaining memory and sensing smell, making them a perfect choice for tracking objects. Rottweilers have a sleek outlook, ripped muscles, high trainability, and great cognition level. Thus, one of the smartest dog breeds.

10. Australian Cattle Dog


Australian Cattle Dogs (ACD) were mainly developed for protecting cattle. They are smart, quick, and brainy which makes them highly intelligent. They have the ability to learn different tricks in a very short period. ACDs can easily comprehend different situations and have high adaptability to diverse environments. Because of these qualities, Australian Cattle Dogs are included in the list of most intelligent dogs in the US.

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