Australian Shepherds are known for their striking blue eyes and mottled coats of various colors. On the other hand, Corgis are adored by many for their miniature features and goofy nature. What happens when these two are crossed? You will get an Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix—an adorable dog that will surely turn the heads of every passer-by!

Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix Overview

Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix Overview

Other Names: Auggie and Aussie Corgi

Size (inches): 10 to 13 inches

Weight (pounds): 20 to 30 pounds

Personality: Friendly, energetic, and playful

Coat Colors: White, brown, black, merle, and brindle

Hypoallergenic? No

Lifespan: 15 years

Place of Origin: United States of America


The perfect summarization of an Auggie appearance would be an Australian Shepherd coat over a Corgi body. However, the mix resembles both parents a lot. Besides, with the cheeky smile of Corgis, the mix looks slightly mischievous!

These dogs are a bit shorter than Australian Shepherds but larger than Corgis and are mostly found in tricolored patterns, but double or even single-colored Auggies also exist. Moreover, the coat is double, as in the case of both parent breeds, and the lovely fur falls all over the body and the legs.

Front to back, Australian Shepherd Corgi mix dogs have pointed ears that might be stiff or fallen. The face is round with a cute tapered muzzle on the front. The eyes’ shape can either take after the Aussie parent, i.e., round, or the Corgis, i.e., almond. On the back, they have a somewhat special feature: they can have either a long tail, a medium-sized one, or no tail at all.

Personality and Temperament

Australian Shepherd Corgi mix dogs are friendly, laidback, energetic, and intelligent to their core. Add their playful and excited attitude, and they can be very social and welcoming to all.

The most dominant factor in their personality is their herding nature. They love to work hard and are super energetic about it. Thanks to this nature, they are blessed with the ability to be highly watchful and dynamic, making them a perfect watchdog. However, this orientation has a drawback, too: they might be prone to excessive barking whenever they see a potential threat to their owners (especially if they see you as a pack leader!).

Overall, they are always happy, cheerful, and excited to see the people they love. They fit well with families not just because of their chilly demeanor but also their high intelligence and loyalty. They love spending time with their owners; however, they tend to be stubborn and might not be that good if not socialized early.


Australian Shepherd Corgi mix dogs were first bred during the 19th century in the western United States. Farmers started crossbreeding Australian Shepherds with other stock dogs to get a dog that excels in herding and livestock management. Fruitful, the Auggies as we know them today emerged.

However, owing to the designer breed nature, the American Kennel Club (AKC) does not recognize these dogs. But several other well-known organizations, such as the Designer Dog Kennel Club (DDKC), the Dog Registry of America (DRA), and the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR), recognize them.

Age (months)Weight (pounds)
32 to 8
65 to 10
98 to 15
1215 to 20
1820 to 25

Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix Care


The key rule in maintaining a good Auggie diet is to take care of the size and activity levels. Though these canines are not as big as an Australian Shepherd, they are still physically active and need excessive energy reserves.

The diet should be rich in fat and protein. An adult Australian Shepherd Corgi mix requires about a half to a full cup of high-quality dog food every day – divided into two meals at least. To avoid any digestive complications such as bloating, it is better to raise the figure to four. Besides, whether you switch to natural dog food or a DIY recipe, you should consider adding supplements from time to time.

Healthy Breeds Omega Dog Supplement contains essential fatty acids that your dog might miss when consuming regular food. Full of several benefits, it also adds taste to your pup’s bowl!


Various sources recommend that Australian Shepherd Corgi mix dogs exercise for at least one full hour daily. The well-known reason is their energy levels, but the most important one is that these canines tend to become unhappy if they do not stay active.

But one thing is for sure: you will never have a hard time exercising your Auggie! The only problem you might have is managing your time. Being a herder at heart with their affectionate and friendly demeanor, your Auggie can begin rocking your exercise sessions in no time! But you need to divide the activities into two to three different sessions to avoid several issues, such as overheating.


Australian Shepherd Corgi mix training is centered on timely socialization and behavioral management. Doing so is the simplest way to raise a well-behaved puppy.

Introduce your Auggie to different people and other pets at an early age. This will help in two ways: reducing the herding instincts and taming down from being overly protective. It may not seem a big deal, but it is vital since these dogs tend to nip at the heels of running children.

For behavioral and discipline training, note down what motivates your Auggie the most – surely, it would be the treats! Use positive rewards, and your dog will respond to you.


Besides training your Auggie, it is also essential to teach your children not to be rough with him. Since these dogs are prone to spinal fractures, mischievous children can risk their well-being.


Brush your Australian Shepherd Corgi mix daily, clean the ears, and clip the nails monthly.

Since these dogs have long coats that shed heavily twice a year, regularly brushing them can decrease the risks of dander spreading and consecutive allergies. And if your dog is fond of staying outdoors, never forget to bathe him every two weeks to get rid of dirt.

Getting your Aussie rid of ear wax as soon as it builds up is good for his health. It flushes out mites, ticks, and other various harmful insects. Since these dogs love walking and running, keep their paw nails neat and clean to avoid pain.

Health Issues

Unfortunately, the cross inherits some of the worst diseases found in both parents. Always be watchful of these conditions, and do not hesitate to contact a vet if any of their symptoms show up.

Why You Should or Should Not Get an Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix?


  • You will get a high-energy dog to satisfy your physical movement needs.
  • Your family, children, and other pets will have a good time with it.
  • Your dog will impersonate the cute looks of both parents.
  • Your dog will have the ideal personality.


  • They are prone to diseases found in their parents.
  • You will have to become very active to live with this dog if you are lazy.
  • Without proper grooming, you might risk allergies in your home.
  • Bad socialization will spoil your dog’s personality.

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