Have you ever thought of a cat with an amazing pet personality and wild but cute looks – combined with great hunting skills? American Keuda (pronounced with a long ‘u’ and a silent ‘e’) breed is exactly what we are talking about! They are adorable and unique in their mental and physical traits, besides having a strong prey drive rooted in their ancestry. Based on these features, American Keudas certainly make a great choice for most feline lovers.

What more to expect from them? Let us find out!

Did You Know?

American Keudas derive their name from KEUDA, an acronym for the Kitten Evaluation Under Direct Assessment program that ran in the southern parts of the United States and was meant for investigating the cat types that survived as barn cats.

American Keuda Overview

Key Features

Size: Eight to 10 inches

Weight: Six to 12 pounds

Colors: Black, brown, tabby, piebald, and white

Temperament: Attentive, interactive, inquisitive, smart, soft-voiced, outgoing, and lively

Suitable For: Families, children, and other pets

Lifespan: 10 to 15 years

Place of Origin: The United States

American Keuda Scorecard







American Keudas look quite similar to Egyptian Maus. Their notable traits include a slender body, somewhat exotic, moderately-long ears on top of a wedge-shaped head, excess skin at elbows and belly, and long but tapering nails.

Their bone structure is balanced, placed under a well-muscled body covered with silky soft fur on the coat with short to medium length, which comes in almost all patterns and colors. There is no difference between the male and female American Keudas.

Their less notable features include a teacup muzzle and almond-shaped eyes.

American Keudas’ Appearance Makes Them Faster!

Thanks to the extra flap on their bellies, American Keudas can stretch themselves farther, making them faster. Combine this feature with their high prey drive, and they can effectively keep farm and barnyard pests at bay.

Personality and Temperament

Owing to their curious and interactive nature, instead of wandering here and there like most felines, American Keudas prefer spending their time exploring their environment and interacting with the people around them. Likewise, due to their intelligence, these kitties love playing with toys during their free time. They also like being cuddly with their friendly human beings. Perhaps, the best part of their personality is their adaptability – they can easily fit into almost any situation and environment.

These cats usually welcome the company of children. Nevertheless, since they do not like being teased in any way, it is advisable to either monitor the interaction between children and American Keudas or, to be on the safer side, never let such an interaction take place until the children become mature enough to handle pets properly. Similarly, these cats have a great attitude towards other pets. In fact, they can form a strong bond even with family dogs, but only in case, they are raised together. Besides, they are also somewhat territorial and, hence, might often seek personal space away from other animals.

The only downsides one might find in American Keudas are their stubbornness and a high prey drive, but these issues are fortunately manageable through proper exercise and training.

American Keudas Are Obsessed With Water!

American Keuda cat breed is very much into the water – do not be surprised if your kitty joins you in the shower or lends you a hand while doing dishes! Therefore, it is recommended to keep the fishbowls at home covered and safe when your curious Keuda pal is around.


American Keuda history is obscure to some extent. However, it is largely believed that these felines are the descendants of the cats brought by Spaniards to the Americas back in the 16th and 17th centuries. Aboard the Spanish ships, these cats were assigned tasks to keep the food and stores safe from rodents. The job was executed successfully, and these kitties also learned to work in groups this way.

Nonetheless, their services were no longer required when the Spanish arrived at their destination on the American continent. Thus, these cats were set free only to be noted by the barn owners there since they had problems with mice. Over time, American Keudas survived, and in the late 20th century, researchers tried to find out what had made these kitties so good at barns. Today, they are still under development and are carefully bred to keep their strength, belly flap, and intelligence intact.

To this day, American Keudas are not recognized by any well-known cat association. However, a regulating body called the American Keuda Cat Association (AKCA) does exist and is responsible for the preservation and quality control of these felines.

American Keuda Care

American Keudas are not difficult to take care of – all you need to do is food, toys, attention, and a lot of love, and you are good to go. Let us get a bit specific:


Since American Keudas are carnivorous like all other kitties, their food should primarily consist of animal protein necessary for healthy bones, heart, and living an overall happy life. However, though these cats savor commercial food a lot, keep in mind that they should not be offered food with fruits and vegetables because such additives might lead to less protein intake. Besides, the food should also be free of artificial colors, flavors, and fillers. Likewise, these cats must be kept hydrated and offered wet cat food during summer.

Purina Fancy Feasts is an all-in-one pack – it fulfills the protein requirements in American Keudas with yummy chicken, beef, and turkey flavors besides maintaining proper health with added nutrients. In addition, body water levels are also kept in check due to the food’s wet nature.


American Keudas need about half an hour of daily exercise to stay healthy and avoid gaining weight. Due to their physically active nature, American Keudas must have the freedom to do any kind of workout at any time. Similarly, combining this activity level with the inquisitive nature, the best you can do for your American Keudas is to get them a cat tree, preferably with a scratching post. Since they enjoy jumping around and moving in all directions, you must clearly delineate beyond which cats cannot go, for instance, kitchen.

You should not leave the mental exercise unattended in your American Keuda, especially because these kitties usually tend to become bored very quickly. Hence, you should try getting your feline pal some interactive puzzles to hone her intelligence further.

Petstages Rainy Day Puzzle is such an item. It is an especially designed treat-dispensing toy for curious cats. Besides, it is easy to play with and made of 100% safe material.


American Keudas are easy to train. Thanks to their smartness, they can easily learn to follow you on command, stop or start meowing when ordered, and fetch different items. However, their stubbornness can be a hurdle, and you can only get rid of it through patience, treats, and positive reinforcements. Also, note that American Keudasare harder to potty train, especially if they are neutered. In such cases, effective litter training might help.


American Keudas are very grooming conscious and take care of most of such needs themselves. Cat parents should only comb and brush their coats, especially during the summer season, to keep shedding at a minimum. Likewise, the ears should be checked and cleaned with a damp cotton cloth regularly to avoid infection and dirt buildup. The nails should also be clipped every month using the best nail clippers to avoid getting your precious furniture ruined, or you can also seek help on how to keep cats off furniture.


American Keudas are quite healthy by nature, and there is no known specific feline disease associated with this breed. But it does not mean that these cats are immune; common feline diseases such as ear infection, eye infection, and fleas can be expected in American Keudas too. Therefore, regular vet visits are advisable.


Due to an extremely thin undercoat, it is nearly impossible for American Keudas to tolerate cold weather. Therefore, they must not be taken into low temperatures.

4 Reasons You Should Get an American Keuda

Apart from being jolly and affectionate, some other powerful reasons make an American Keuda the best furry fellow to bring home. Below, we have listed 4 reasons why you should get yourself this feline. So, let’s check out.

4 Reasons to Not Get an American Keuda

Although this breed is liked by many, a few things associated with these cats is disliked by some. For this reason, we have also added some of the characteristics of this breed that make them less popular among people.

Let’s take a look at what these characteristics are.

Things to Consider Before You Own an American Keuda Kitten

It is essential to be clear about certain things before bringing home a Keuda cat. Although looking after a Keuda cat is not very different from taking care of any other cat, certain things should be prioritized.

For instance, these cats crave their humans’ attention and want to play with them. Leaving them alone for longer times and not giving them time can be detrimental to their emotional wellbeing. Another important thing to be careful about is their diet. They should be fed food loaded with proteins from animals such as chicken, turkey, beef, or seafood.

You can also feed them commercially available cat food that is specifically designed for cats. Also, their bodies don’t need fruits or vegetables, so there is no need to feed them these. Apart from the food, they should have access to clean and fresh water.

How Long do American Keuda Cats Live?

As these cats are overall healthy and active, if given proper food and care, they can live for 12 – 15 years.

American Keuda Price

American Keuda is a popular breed, but there is no specific price range for them. However, depending upon the breeder, lineage, and the type of care they have received, a fair estimate can be made to be up to a thousand dollars.

Also, note that to make the best possible deal, thoroughly visit the breeder’s facility and make sure that it is clean and that the breeder has nothing to hide.

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