Most Effective Ways of Getting Your Cats Used to Each Other

Most Effective Ways of Getting Your Cats Used to Each Other
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Do you struggle with getting your cats used to each other? You are trying your best but the cats won’t stop fighting?
This is a common problem faced by those cat guardians who keep more than one cat.

Mostly, cats have feline behavior problems such as aggressiveness, grumpiness, mood swings, etc. They take some time to adjust to each other, to be friends to each other. How can that happen?

That is what we explore in this brief guide. Below, we have gathered all the necessary tips to make your cats coexist with each other. Information in this article is based on the recommendations of cat behaviorists and the experience of various cat owners.

Understand the nature of both of your cats:

Why won’t your cats get along?

Getting your cats used to each other
  • Boredom

When your cats are not getting enough activity then this creates frustration in them. They find themselves trapped at a single place and this leads to increase in their bad temper. It becomes grumpy and aggressive. At times, it may attack another.

  • Lack of resources or shared resources

Cats are quite possessive in nature. They don’t like to share their food dishes, water bowls, or even their litter boxes. Cats feel really uncomfortable and can’t eat if there’s another cat with them. In such situations, one sees the other as her opponent.  

  • Owner Behavior

How does the owner behave with both the cats have a direct bearing on the behavior of the two. Are you biased towards one cat? If you’d snuggle and cuddle with one cat and ignore the other one, instinctively it generates a feeling of jealousy in the other one and it starts bullying and fighting with her. Inclusion of jealousy by the owner is considered to create a really negative and heart breaking impact and getting cats used to each other becomes a little tough.

  • Sickness and pain

Just like humans, when cats are sick or in pain, they start whining all the time and get really moody and agitated. At that moment, the presence of another cat sets her off and they’d start fighting. After fight, it takes some time for cats to be friends again.

  • Past of the Cat

Past of the cat may affect cats’ behavior as well. If a kitten is separated from its mother at a very young age then it may behave insolently towards its other friends. If your cat cannot tolerate the existence of other cats, t’s better to get it assessed from a cat behaviorist.

How to get your cats used to each other?

Getting your cats used to each other

To create an aura of love, harmony, and friendship between your cats, you’d have to be a little sensible and understanding. Don’t do those things or create such situations that irk your cats. Be nice, loving, and unbiased towards all of your cats and your babies won’t fight at all.

That said, here are some practical steps followed by cat owners to get their cats used to the other cat.

1. Get your cats fixed

When you bring cats to your home, the first thing you need to do is to get it fixed. This means that take them to the vets and see if there are any health issues with them.

If it’s a female cat, get her spayed. This would keep her safe from infections. Additionally, it would decrease things like marking territory with urine, howling, jealousy etc., and calm their behavior.

In the case of male cats, the treatment is called neutering. This saves them from developing prostate diseases along with decreasing their aggressiveness and mood swings.

Because of these treatments your cat won’t see the other as an intruder and this can help cats to get along.

These  steps are totally safe for your cat and are recommended by the cat orthologists globally.

2. Play with your cats daily

Cats don’t like to get bored at all. They need to spend time with their owner and look forward to it all day. Cats get tired really quick. Set a routine to see at which times of the day your cats enjoy playing and how much time is enough. If you and all your cats play together, this creates a shared bond among them. This way, you can make cats love each other.

3. Increase your cat’s agility

To create agility you’d have to buy some cat playing tools such as swings, short fences, stairs, and cat shelves etc. This would not only keep your cats busy but it would also make them happy. When cats play along, this increase their comfort level with each other and they eventually get along with each other.

4. Take them for outdoor walks

Staying at the same place all the time can increase the feeling of being trapped in cats which eventually leads them to be moody and aggressive. Keep taking them out for walks. When they move out together, they see each other as fun partners. Going out for a walk would freshen up their mind and they’d be mentally stimulated. This would also tire them out and when they’d reach home, they won’t have enough of a feeling of fighting with each other and help your cats getting used to each other.

These are some of the steps that would help you in getting your cats used to each other. Following the above tricks would not only get your cats to be friendlier to each other, but also create an environment of peace at home.

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