Summer is around the corner, and since cats are notorious for drinking less and not keeping themselves hydrated well, cat parents thus need to pay extra attention to their furballs to ensure that their bodies’ water levels do not succumb to the sweltering heat of summer.

Choosing a liquid-rich diet is an ideal way of keeping your kitty hydrated in summer, and hence the best way to do so is to offer her wet food. Besides giving your cat moisture, such items also prove beneficial for cats with urinary tract problems.

Also, apart from wet cat food, you should try to give your cat hydrating treats like watermelon, but in moderation. If your cat is not drinking water, you can try getting a cat water fountain to make it interesting for your cat.

To help you out, we have compiled a list of the best cat food for summer. Choose what suits your feline friend based on the ingredients and flavor. Enjoy the summer!

Best Cat Food for Summer

Cats don’t drink instinctively as they get their fluid content to stay hydrated for their prey in the wild, but in domestication, if the cat is being offered only dry cat food, she will be at risk of dehydration on hot summer days. Therefore, it is crucial that we switch to wet cat food to increase our cats’ water intake.

1. Royal Canin Health Nutrition Thin Slices in Gravy Canned Cat Food

Key Features

Flavor: Chicken

Grain-Free? No

Main Ingredients: Chicken and port with by-products, salmon, wheat, minerals, and vitamins

Consisting of thin chunks of sliced meat splattered in gravy, Royal Canin offers a water-sufficient canned wet food for cats. It is specially designed to meet all the nutritional requirements of cats, including the need for fluids to stay well hydrated during the summer. In addition, the ideal ratio of proteins and carbs in it helps to maintain a healthy weight in felines besides satisfying their cravings.


    A balanced blend of vitamin and minerals maintain optimal health

    Promotes healthy digestion

    Can be served with dry cat food

    Good for picky eating cats

    Cons, But Not the Deal Breakers

    Formulated for cats no more than seven years of age

    Some cat owners find it a bit expensive

2. Friskies Savory Gravy Canned Cat Food With Salmon

Key Features

Flavor: Salmon

Grain-Free? Yes

Main Ingredients: Meat by-products, salmon, chicken, artificial and natural flavors, minerals, and vitamins

Purina’s Friskies Savory Gravy Canned Cat Food With Salmon will not only meet the nutritional requirements of your feline pal but would also increase your cat’s interest in food, with its kitty-approved flavor, on hot summer days. Packed with extra gravy, it keeps the water levels in your furry pal’s body in check besides making her meals swimmingly delicious and refreshing! Furthermore, it is packed with healthy proteins, antioxidants, and omegas that kitties need to stay healthy and fit.


    High protein diet for feline health

    Full of vitamins supporting heart and vision health

    Simple and hassle-free to handle

    Comes in a variety of flavors and textures to accommodate finicky eaters

    Cons, But Not the Deal Breakers

    It contains added color and artificial flavors

    It contains added color and artificial flavors

    You may have to try different flavors to find the one your cat likes

3. Fancy Feast Classic Seafood Feast Canned Cat Food

Key Features

Flavor: Salmon, cod, or tuna

Grain-Free? Yes

Main Ingredients: Meat by-products, cod, shrimps, salmon, tuna, artificial and natural flavors, minerals, and vitamins

Fancy Feast by Purina provides a moistened and savory combination of your feline’s favorite seafood flavors. The product comes in three flavors: salmon; cod, sole, and shrimps; and whitefish and tuna. Regardless of the flavor, all types are finely ground and have smooth pate texture – giving a joyful experience to kitties. With Fancy Feast wet cat food, you can make every meal not only nutritious but also delicious.


    Comes in three different flavors

    Rich in proteins and essential vitamins and minerals

    High-quality recipe

    Can be added to dry food to enhance its moisture content


    Cons, But Not the Deal Breakers

    Added color and artificial flavors may not be preferable to some people

    The pack contains 12 0r 24 cans and needs to be purchased together

4. Merrick Backcountry Morsels in Gravy Cat Food

Key Features

Flavor: Duck, chicken, or turkey

Grain-Free? Yes

Main Ingredients: Duck, chicken, turkey, egg whites, starch, minerals, and vitamins

Merrick Backcountry Morsels in Gravy lets your cat have water and protein-rich meal. Coming in three different and tasty flavor varieties, namely, real chicken, real duck, and real turkey, the product gives her a savory experience that she would crave even more! If your cat’s food consumption is decreasing with the rising temperature on hot summer days, switching to this savory wet cat food would be a great idea to make meals interesting for your cat. Additionally, the food contains deboned meat, offering healthy muscles and energy levels.


    No added flavor or preservatives

    Offers three mouthwatering flavors

    Packed with omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids

    Free of wheat, corn, grains, and gluten

    Cons, But Not the Deal Breakers

    Comes in heavy plastic pouches, which may not be good for the environment

    Meaty chunks might be too large for smaller cats

5. Earthborn Holistic Harbor Harvest Natural Canned Cat Food

Key Features

Flavor: Salmon and whitefish

Grain-Free? Yes

Main Ingredients: Tuna, salmon, whitefish, vegetables, minerals, and vitamins

As the name describes, Earthborn Holistic Canned Food provides holistic nutrition and water content to kitties. Its inspired formula gives enough protein to run the adventure and sports. Overall, the food is nutritious and loaded with gravy, making it somewhat irresistible to felines. Besides meat, the product also contains carrots and peas, making it even more palatable and nutritious for cats.


    Easily digestible

    Guaranteed level of vitamins and minerals

    Free of artificial ingredients

    Cons, But Not the Deal Breakers

    Has a distinct smell

    Meat chunks are large for small cat brees

6. Tiny Tiger Chunks Extra Gravy Seafood Canned Cat Food

Key Features

Flavor: Seafood mix, tuna, or salmon

Grain-Free? Yes

Main Ingredients: Meat by-products, fish, chicken, egg, starch, minerals, and vitamins

Packed with protein and water, Tiny Tiger Chunks with Extra Gravy offers healthy nutrition to kitties during the summertime. It is delicious and full of beneficial ingredients, making your furry friend crave even more! The variety pack contains three different flavors, and each of them ensures a balanced diet. It also contains amino acids like taurine.


    Full of high-quality animal protein

    No added corn, wheat, soy, or carrageenan

    Extra gravy enhances taste and moisture

    Does not contain artificial products

    Cons, But Not the Deal Breakers

    Meat chunks might be big for some cats

    Kitties might leave some of the food uneaten

7. American Journey Landmark Broths Seafood Wet Cat Food

Key Features

Flavor: Tuna, shrimp, or salmon

Grain-Free? Yes

Main Ingredients: Tuna, salmon, whitefish, starch, and sunflower oil

Indulge your cat in seafood protein and a lot of moisture content with American Journey Landmark Broths. The product can be served either as a tasty food topping or as a treat. The recipes included in it are craving for kitties and very pleasing for their palate. Satisfying and rich in moisture besides having a silky texture – the food is a thumbs up for pampering felines’ guts with what they need.


    Make a great hydrating treat for cats in the summer

    You can pour it on top of your cat food to encourage her to eat food

    No added corn, wheat, or soy

    Does not have by-products

    Includes a variety of seafood such as anchovies and shrimps

    Packed in pouches and thus easy to serve

    Cons, But Not the Deal Breakers

    It is not a meal substitute and can only be fed as a treat

    Suitable for adult cats only

8. Wellness Complete Health Kitten Formula Canned Cat Food

Key Features

Flavor: Tuna and whitefish

Grain-Free? Yes

Main Ingredients: Chicken, whitefish, tuna, oils, vegetables, minerals, and vitamins

Nourish your kitty with water and healthy nutrients with Wellness Complete Health Kitten Formula Food from head to tail. It contains healthy omegas from fish oils and flaxseeds and a lot of other beneficial ingredients you can feel free to feed your kitty to maintain her overall health while fueling her adventure needs. Having no filler, it is 100% safe for feline consumption. It is specifically made for young kittens, so if you have a young kitten nursing on her mother’s milk and it is time to wean off the kitten, this kitten food would make a great choice.

If you do not know how much you should be feeding your kitten, you can take help from our Kitten Feeding Chart. To see if your cat is developing just fine, check out our Kitten Growth Chart.


    100% grain-free

    Features tuna and whitefish as the top two ingredients

    Supports muscle growth

    Good for coat, stomach, eyes, teeth, gums, and immunity

    Contains cranberries that are rich in antioxidants

    Cons, But Not the Deal Breakers

    Only suitable for kittens

    Only comes in chicken flavor

9. Sheba Perfect Portions Gravy Cat Food

Key Features

Flavor: Chicken, turkey, or salmon

Grain-Free? Yes

Main Ingredients: Chicken, turkey, salmon, fish oil, minerals, and vitamins

Sheba Perfect Portions is packed with enough gravy and excitement to keep your kitty interested in food, even during hot summer days when most cats seem disinterested in food. By eating Sheba Perfect Gravy Cat Food, your cat will stay overall healthy without any risk of dehydrating on hot summer days. All flavors are rich in tender and meaty morsels for your feline to let her feel the best. Furthermore, the packaging is convenient enough and has only the right amount so that no food is left once your kitty starts eating. Let her have the best flavor, and let you keep your home mess-free!


    Carefully portioned – let you feed your kitty fresh and perfectly sized portions for each meal

    Made of fresh meat

    Free of grain, wheat, corn, soy, and artificial additives

    Cons, But Not the Deal Breakers

    Some cats might not like its smell, leaving the leftover part of it

    Portions are too small for some cats

    Some find packaging too hard to open without making a mess

10. Rachael Ray Nutrish Chicken Lover Wet Cat Food

Key Features

Flavor: Chicken liver, chicken burrata, and ocean fish

Grain-Free? Yes

Main Ingredients: Chicken, chicken liver, fish, vegetable oil, minerals, and vitamins

Rachel Ray Nutrish Chicken Lover is a variety pack of delicious and water-rich food made of real chicken and fish with added sauces. Having no grain and added filler, it is a tasty and nutritious recipe your kitty is bound to love. While satisfying her taste cravings, the product also meets the protein demand for your kitty’s body.


    Contains added vitamins, minerals, and taurine

    Does not contain by-products, fillers, or artificial ingredients

    Does not contain any corn, wheat, soy, and other grains, so helps keep allergies at bay

    Cons, But Not the Deal Breakers

    Some owners find it stinky

    May contain fishbones

Tips for Making Your Cat Eat in Summer

Naturally, cats tend to eat less in summer, especially if it is really hot. Though it is not a big problem, it may become troublesome if your cat seems to be disinterested in water as well or is on a prescription diet to help cope with a medical problem.

In such conditions, encouraging your pet to eat can be an uphill task. Nonetheless, you can manage it in the following ways:

Did You Know?

Cats eat about 15% less in the summer season due to the decreased level of activity.

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