Akita German Shepherd Mix: A Rare Intelligent Hybrid

Akita German Shepherd Mix: A Rare Intelligent Hybrid

Akita German Shepherd Mix

Have you ever wondered why designer dogs are highly popular and demandable these days? In the past, people preferred to domesticate purebred dogs like German Shepherds and Poodles for their elegance, delicacy, and appearance. However, choices among dog lovers have certainly evolved as people are moving from purebred dogs to hybrid designer dogs that offer them the best of both worlds.

Akita German Shepherd mix is one of the many successful designer breeds people opt for nowadays. If you’re also planning to get an Akita German Shepherd mix, this article will help you understand what you can expect from the designer breed and if it is a perfect fit for you and your family.

Akita German Shepherd mix combines two famous breeds with similar backgrounds, appearance, and personality traits. They offer loyalty, guarding, and intelligence. Let’s have an in-depth look at this mix.

About Akita German Shepherd Mix

Akita German Shepherd mix, also known as Shepkita or Akita Shepherd, is a mix between two popular breeds—German Shepherd and Akita. This breed is an ideal choice for people who prefer guard dogs that are highly responsible and loving at the same time. You’d often see them in a serious mood when they are on watch, but they will be equally playful in their fun time.

This designer breed is strong and intelligent and is always eager to impress its owners. They will need extra effort from their owners as both their parents are pretty active and athletic. They are intrigue work dogs and devoted family companions too. Petting a Shepkita is a full-time job, so make sure you make the right choice.

Akita German Shepherd Mix Physical Appearance

Akita Shepherd is a wonderful dog breed. Generally, Akita Shepherds have a short and narrow muzzle with a black nose. Their eyes are usually brown and have a small-sized head (like a German Shepherd) with pointed ears. They are strong, muscular dogs that have a broad chest with large-sized paws. Their tail is slightly curved and has a thick coat like its parents–German Shepherd and Akita. Their bodies are robust and well-balanced.

Akita German Shepherd Mix Size

Like its parents, Akita Shepherd is a large-sized dog but slightly smaller than Akita.  The weight and size of this breed may vary from dog to dog. In general, male Shepkita grows 23 – 25 inches tall, whereas female Shepkita grows about 22 – 24 inches tall.

The weight of a fully grown male Shepkita is around 65 – 85 lbs, whereas a fully grown female Shepkita is around 60 – 80 lbs.

Akita German Shepherd Mix Coat

As previously mentioned, Akita Shepherds have thick double coats that shed moderately. Therefore, this dog is not a suitable choice for people susceptible to pet allergies. Their coat is of medium length and requires frequent grooming.

The color of the Akita Shepherd’s coat can only be predicted if the coat color of its parents is known. Just like their appearance, there is variation in their colors, but the most common coat colors in this breed are black, stable, tan, golden brown, white, spotted, and stippled.

Akita German Shepherd Mix Grooming

As Akita Shepherds are non-hypoallergenic dogs, they require daily brushing. Their coats are prone to blowing and shedding, so you will have to maintain them well. Grooming an Akita Shepherd is a full-time job and will require a lot more of your time than other dogs. You will have to brush their coat several times to get a nice sleek look. You can bathe them whenever you feel they are dirty; otherwise, they are good to go but make sure you brush their teeth daily and clean their ears weekly. Their double-coated hair needs a moderate amount of brushing to remove all the dirt from their fur. In short, the Akita Shepherd is a high-maintenance dog in terms of grooming.

Akita German Shepherd Mix Temperament

Like German Shepherds and Akita, Akita Shepherds are highly intelligent. Besides, their intelligence is the reason why this cross was designed in the first place. Akita Shepherds are quick learners, which makes them highly trainable. They love to learn new things. But keep in mind, Akita Shepherds can be very stubborn at times. Therefore, to make them obedient, you need to earn their respect. They are serious and reserved during their watch time and playful and goofy during their playtime. They are also very loyal dogs who would do anything to guard at protect you and your family. At the same time, you will see aggression in them when they observe any threat. Akita Shepherd is known for its loyalty and sincerity. They develop a strong bond with their owners and can be overprotective at times.

Akita German Shepherd Mix Exercise Requirements

Being large-sized dogs, Akita Shepherds require a lot of exercise and activities to keep themselves busy. They have to exert their energy productively, or they will end up chewing your furniture and turn into a problematic dog. You need to give them a vigorous amount of activity for at least half an hour every day. Physical exhaustion is not the only concern when it comes to Akita Shepherds.

You need to get them mentally relaxed and active as well by introducing them to different toys that require lots of mental activity. When offering physical exercises, make sure to avoid rigorous high-impact activities as Akita Shepherds are prone to back injury.

Because of its large size and high energy levels, the Akita Shepherd is a more suitable choice for those with large yards and big homes.

Akita German Shepherd Mix Training

It is very important to train an Akita Shepherd so we can enjoy its angelic version. And training isn’t simply possible with socialization. Because these dogs have natural guarding instincts, proper socialization is required to keep their protectiveness and aggression in hand. These dogs are super intelligent, which makes their training easier, fortunately.

They are smart and love to learn. They can make great herding and watchdogs who love challenges, so provide them with relevant activities. These dogs are not good for first-time dog owners as they demand a lot of time and professional training to become obedient.

Akita German Shepherd Mix Health Problems

As with other hybrid breeds, Shepkitas are healthier than their purebred parents but certainly do have different health problems that need to be dealt with. They are prone to different health conditions inherited by their parents. Akita and German Shepherds have a lot of health conditions in common. Some of the health conditions that Shepkitas are prone to are mentioned below

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is very common in large-sized dogs. It is the condition where the ball and socket of the hip joint do not fit or develop properly. This condition causes the ball and socket of the hip joint to rub and grind against each other instead of sliding effortlessly. It leads to complete loss of function and paralysis.


Bloating is another common disease amongst large-sized canine dogs. It is also known as gastric dilatation-volvulus complex. This disease can be fatal if not treated on time. In this condition, the dog’s stomach gets filled with air, building pressure and cutting off the blood between the heart, legs, and abdomen. It ends up making a blood pool that can send your dog into a shock that can affect the heart.

Von Willebrand’s Disease

This is an inherited blood condition. In this disease, there is blood clotting when protein is deficient in the body. This deficiency causes a blood clot when the skin is cut, or the blood vessel is damaged. It can also turn into a fatal disease.

Autoimmune Thyroiditis

Autoimmune thyroiditis is an inherited disease from Akita dog. The thyroid is a common manifestation of this disease.

How long Do Akita German Shepherd Mix Live?

Akita Shepherds share their lifespan with their parents. Both its parents have a similar lifespan—10 to 13 years. Akita Shepherds live for about 10 – 13 years; however, some exceptions live for as long as 15 years.


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