Shepadoodle, a perfect cross designer breed that offers the best of both worlds. By having the two finest breeds as its parents, Shepadoodle makes a perfect hybrid that anyone can fall for. As it is pretty obvious by the name, Shepadoodles are a cross between Standard Poodle and German Shepherd.

Both the breeds, being highly intelligent, pass on their finest attributes to Shepadoodles making them intelligent, bright, and friendly dogs who are eager to please anyone.

They are very easy-going dogs which makes them highly trainable. Shepadoodles can be perfect family dogs and are great with children. They are known for being extremely loyal and loveable dogs.

Shepadoodles are terrific guard dogs who are prone to obesity and require plenty of exercise. So, have you fallen for Shepadoodle yet? If not, this article will help you decide whether you want a Shepadoodle in your home or not.

Shepadoodle Appearance

Happy-go-lucky Shepadoodles are medium to large-sized dogs as both their parents share the same size. Their appearance depends on how much they have inherited from each of their parents as they can be either a very shaggy-haired version of a German Shepherd, or look exactly like a Poodle. With floppy ears, they have a long tail and brown eyes. These cute pups come in a variety of colors, textures, and lengths.

Because they have Poodle as one of their parents, their poodle-like fur sheds very less which makes them low-shedding dogs and are good for people prone to allergies. If you are looking for a family dog that is extremely loyal, equally energetic, tremendously loving, and well-mannered, you should opt for a Shepadoodle as there won’t be any other better option for you. These dogs are highly family-oriented, quick adapters, and can be easily trained. What else would anyone want in a dog?

Are Shepadoodles Hypoallergenic?

Having Poodle as one of its parents, Shepadoodles are hypoallergenic dogs that shed very little. They are a great choice for people prone to allergies. With a Shepadoodle in your house, you will not have to hold a vacuum all the time as you wouldn’t have to worry about your Shepadoodle shedding all around the house. In simpler words, it means less cleaning and more playing. Isn’t that great?

Shepadoodles Intelligence

Because they come from a mix of two intelligent breeds, Shepadoodles are very intelligent dogs. They would do anything to please their owners and would complete their tasks with full dedication. They will look forward to spending time with you and will equally enjoy their training sessions.  They have a great memory and are capable of retaining all information well. From basic puppy commands to complicated tricks, your Shepadoodles can do all.

Shepadoodles Agility

Shepadoodles are extremely active and energetic. This makes them a perfect choice for people with an active routine. From running to relaxing, your Shepadoodle will be right by your side. At the same time, they would love to spend family time with you. Just like humans, they too have their lazy days but Shepadoodles would equally enjoy their days that are full of energy.

While it is a good thing, it can be a problem for some dog owners too because Shepadoodles would demand you to go to the house sufficiently. If not, they will develop negative behaviors. It is because they are highly energetic and would want to exert all that energy. If this factor is not taken into consideration, they might become aggressive, behave negatively or begin to chew your stuff.

Shepadoodles Temperament

Shepadoodles have a fantastic temperament. They will remain wholly devoted to you and will give you the best of themselves. With that, Shepadoodles are also capable of reading people’s minds and are very courageous dogs. They are very confident and super playful. Shepadoodles enjoy being around their family.

Shepadoodles Size

Shepadoodles are medium to large-sized dogs. They weigh from 50 – 90 pounds. Their sizes may vary as there are minimized Shepadoodles too who weigh around 30 – 340 pounds. Even their medium to large-sized breed is great with children. Preferably, a medium to large-sized Shepadoodle will do great in houses with small yards.

Shepadoodles Are Guard Dogs

Naturally, Shepadoodles are guard dogs that have protective instincts. They will do anything to protect you and your home but are required to be trained. They are genetically watchful and loyal so this makes them great defenders of their owners. They can also be great police and military dogs.

Shepadoodles’ Lifespan

Shepadoodles live for about 12 – 14 years which is longer than most large to medium-sized dog breeds. With love and care, you can even make them live longer. In fact, age is just a number for Shepadoodles as they make very healthy and active senior dogs.

Shepadoodles Are Common Dogs

Shepadoodles are common dogs in the USA. That means that even the vets are well trained for a Shepadoodle. This makes them super economical to pet or get.

Shepadoodles Can Develop Separation Anxiety

Shepadoodles are a  kind of dogs that love being around people. They enjoy being pampered and appreciated. At the same time, they equally enjoy being around their families. If a Shepadoodle is not given much attention or left alone for a longer period, he may develop separation anxiety. This may also lead to bad behaviors like chewing things and not being obedient.

Shepadoodle’s Grooming

Like Poodles, Shepadoodles also need to have proper grooming to maintain their coats. They are low shedding dogs but that does not mean that you can leave their coats tangled. You need to take out time every day to untangle their fur and brush them as required. You may also have to invest in different grooming supplies for your Shepadoodle. With that, you need to take your Shepadoodle for professional grooming after every 6 – 12 weeks to keep them well maintained and clean.

Are Shepadoodles Mature? 

Yes, Shepadoodles mature even faster than Doodles. Because of their intelligence and active minds, they mature fast and calm quick. They will set their timetables quickly and do things according to their timetable. It means that they will play when they know that it is their playtime and rest when they know it’s time to rest. This makes them super obedient and respectful towards their owners.

Shepadoodles Need Good Training

Shepadoodles require an adequate amount of training. They don’t have behavioral issues but they need to be trained about what’s right and what’s not. They need enrichment to keep their mind sharp. Their intelligence should always be put into different kinds of activities that will help them stay healthy and prevent them from developing emotional distress. That way, they will always remain well-mannered companions.

Because of this training element, Shepadoodles are not good for people who have never owned a dog before because they require proper advanced training to be well-mannered dogs. They also demand and expect a lot from their owners. Like they would want their owner to take them to exercises, give them 30 mins of training, etc. in short, they would want a dedicated time of their owners which is only for them and not for anyone else.

Shepadoodles Are Great for Families

Shepadoodles are extremely friendly dogs who are great with children and will never do anything to harm them. This makes them a perfect family dog. They will protect you, your family, and your children at any cost. Secondly, they can be a great judge of what you want and need at the moment. They will be playful and close to you when you want and will leave you alone when you are simply not in the mood.

Shepadoodles Need Large Space

If you live in an apartment then Shepadoodles are not the right option for you as they need more space to live in. You need to have enough space in your house to make them feel comfortable and not too congested. Even taking them on walks won’t help here because they need space to roam free in order to avoid claustrophobia.

Shepadoodles Need a Lot of Socialization

They are social dogs and love to be around people. To have them well behaved and well mannered, you need to do proper socialization at an early stage so your pup can be comfortable around people. Socialization and training are equally important.

Shepadoodle’s Health

Shepadoodles are prone to some health conditions like eye diseases, joint, and hip dysplasia, blood clotting, and other skin diseases. To avoid this, you need to get your pup regularly checked by a vet to make sure they are healthy and doing just fine.

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