How important is your pet’s safety? 

In a park near my house, someone was walking a large dog early in the morning on a leash when a pug ran up and got in the other dog’s face. The leashed dog bit the pug, believing him to be an attacker. The owner of the pug tried to rescue the dog, though it didn’t go well. All this could’ve been indeed avoided if the pug’s owner had used a leash and martingale dog collar.

This is one of the many issues that happen at dog parks. Even if your dog is well-trained and comes back quickly on a recall, not leashing him is still dangerous for his life. He may come across an untrained or reactive dog, or may get afraid of people that he sees on the road. You can avoid such situations using dog safety items, not least a dog collar. Not only will your pooch stay safe, but it will also give him a sense of protection and confidence that, ‘yes, my mum/dad is with me.’

Dog wearing a collar equates to you wearing a seatbelt. Even if you’re a good driver, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear one. However, the primary concern of dog owners is a collar might choke and strangle or that the dog might slip out of the collar. Somehow these concerns are valid—only if you are not using the right collar.

Of course, for you, it will be difficult to search from thousands of collars available online.  So, we have compiled a list of the best martingale dog collars available online that are:

  1. Non-choking
  2. High quality thick
  3. Soft
  4. Durable
  5. Great for training, and so and so forth.

Let’s explore more about martingale dog collars and see which one is best for your dog.

What is a Martingale Dog Collar?

A martingale collar is a limited-slip or no-slip collar that is fitted with a D- or O-ring for attaching the leash. This type of collar is adjustable and won’t tighten beyond the dog’s neck width—if fitted properly. When the dog tries to move away from you and pulls the leash, the collar constricts, distributes the pressure, relieving the front of the dog’s throat and preventing choking. This way, not only can you provide them comfort but also safety and protection.

A martingale dog collar offers more support and control as compared to traditional chains and collars. If a vet has recommended using a martingale collar, it’s important to know how to properly use one.

Usually, a martingale dog collar is used for dog breeds that have a head narrower than its neck. That’s why they are popular among owners of Afghan Hounds, Whippets, Salukis, Greyhounds, and other sight-hound breeds. However, now the trends have changed, and because of the ease of these collars on a dog’s neck, they can be used for all dog breeds.

With that said, let’s explore the top 5 best martingale dog collars.

1. Max and Neo Stainless Steel Chain Martingale Collar

Dog rescues are in constant need of dog collars. How about you purchase a premium quality dog collar and get an opportunity to help rescue dogs too?


Max and Neo have the offer you are looking for!

The tagline of their product says, “Donate a Collar to a Dog Rescue for Every Collar Sold”—the company donates $1 for $1 for every purchase.

So, if you purchase one of their dog collars, not only will you receive a premium quality collar, but, because of you, a rescue dog will also get the best collar that won’t choke or strangle him.

Talking about the quality of Max and Neo Stainless Steel Chain Martingale Collars, they have got it all—high quality, well-finished, strong, and durable… you name it! Cherry on top, by wearing this, your dog will look like a hotshot.

Its shiny non-rusting stainless steel O-ring is built strong and can sustain the stress of a dog’s pull. And the sturdy nylon snap buckle with a lockable tab to give a quick release keep the dog safe.

What’s more? This collar has 2 wide reflective stitching bands that increase its visibility during night-time walks. Its reflection is so powerful that a driver can see it from a fair distance—when vehicle headlights shine on it.

Thousands of dog owners have rated this collar as 5 stars, one client writing that, “this is the Martingale dog collar you want!”

2. Country Brook Petz – Black Martingale Heavy Duty Nylon Dog Collar

If you are concerned that your dog’s neck may slip from an O-ring collar, the D-ring collar is what you need!

Most martingale dog collars have a bayonet clip or buckle, and for working dogs that have boundless energy, it won’t do much and will break with a single strong tug. To prevent that, Country Brook Petz makes heavy-duty buckle-less martingale dog collars with one endless loop with solid stitching. It won’t loosen by itself when your buddy tries to pull it, and won’t tear or stretch even if your dog hikes all day. Though heavy duty, this soft-feel collar provides a strong grip. Besides, it’s not going to rash your dog’s neck.  

3. haapaw Martingale Dog Collar with Quick Release Buckle Reflective Dog Training Collars

While purchasing a dog collar, keep in mind that collars are made per the pulling strength of dogs, and these collars for low energy small- and medium-sized dogs. These martingale dog collars have a quick-release plastic buckle, perfect for non-working dogs but not well for giant dogs—plastic buckles can’t withstand strong tugs. 

However, it works perfectly fine for dogs with the low pulling force who are Houdini at slipping out of collars. The more your dog tries pull out, the tighter the collar gets, but don’t worry, it doesn’t choke your baby as the collar doesn’t exert pressure on the throat.

In addition, this martingale dog collar

  1. Prevents dog from accidental release
  2. Is easy to put on and take off
  3. Has a reflective switch
  4. Is durable

Wait! There’s more.

On purchasing this martingale collar, you’ll get a matching leash. And, if you are not satisfied with the product, hapaaw offers you a 100% money-back guarantee.

4. Blueberry Pet Essentials Colors Safety Training Martingale Dog Collars, Personalized Martingale Dog Collars

A traditional martingale dog collar with a colorful twist.

Why limit your dog to a generic collar every other dog is wearing? Class it up with this customizable stylish collar. These collars are trending because of their funky colors and usefulness—your dog’s name and phone number will be embroidered on it, so if your dog is lost, it can be returned to you.

Per customer reviews, it is a great, affordable, and attractive collar. The logo is on the inside so it is not visible while the dog is wearing it. The materials are of good quality and last long, even with heavy outdoor use. The colors are bright and do not bleed onto the dog’s fur or fade after washing—a problem that is common with colored collars.

5. Hyhug Premium Heavy Duty Nylon Anti-Escape Martingale Small Boy and Girl Dog Collar Safe and Comfort – Walking Training Daily Use

Though its reinforced stitching is strong and durable, this martingale dog collar can be used only for small dogs and puppies, meaning you can’t use it on a giant dog and expect it not to break.

Small dogs and puppies are plucky strong pullers and using a chain will hurt them. This one however is light on them. Considering the delicacy of tiny dogs, all the sewing joints are folded over, making them smooth and allowing more comfort to your furry friend. As soon as the dog starts to get ahead of the owner, it tightens just enough to be a reminder. When the dog returns, the chain immediately loosens, so he gets that instant reward and learns not to pull.

Other than small-sized dogs, these martingale dog collars work particularly well for dogs with narrow heads that are prone to slipping.

Martingale Dog Collars

For your convenience, here is a table that will provide you with generalized info about all the above products.

FeaturesMax and NeoCountry Brook PetzhaapawBlueberry PetHyhug
Value for money4.
Lock Feature4.  

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