Doberman German Shepherd Mix, also known as Dober Shepherd, is a strong dog famous for being an excellent guard dog. If you are an energetic human being, Dober Shepherd can be a perfect companion for you. If you are considering owning a Dober Shepherd, here’s what you need to know about the mixed breed beforehand.

About Doberman German Shepherd Mix

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Doberman German Shepherd Mix is a highly loyal and fascinating crossbreed. These large-sized dogs were first seen in the 1990s. It is no hidden fact that Dober Shepherd inherits the most exquisite traits from its parents—Doberman and German Shepherd. These dogs are very easy to train by experienced owners but can be problematic for novice owners. You will find them to be very intimidating yet affectionate and observant. Having both parents as working dogs, Doberman Shepherd also enjoys getting engaged in different activities.

Appearance of Doberman German Shepherd Mix

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Doberman Shepherd is a large-sized muscular dog that has a body like the Doberman. Their bodies are compact and have a long muzzle with dark eyes. Doberman Shepherds have upright ears like Doberman, and their forehead is dimed like a German Shepherd.    

Coat of Doberman German Shepherd Mix

The coat of the Doberman Shepherd is short and silky. These dogs come in different colors like black, tan, or dark brown. Sometimes, you may also see red Dober Shepherd puppies. They are low to moderate shedders. The texture of their coat depends upon how much they have inherited from each of their parents. Like Doberman, it can be glossy and short, or in contrast like the German Shepherd, it can be fluffy, wiry, and long. If they inherit more from the German Shepherds, they are more likely to shed.

Grooming of Doberman German Shepherd Mix

Doberman Shepherds are low-maintenance dogs. This means that they require little grooming, and because of their short and silky hair, grooming a Doberman Shepherd is a piece of cake. Because they are moderate shedders, they require very little brushing. You may only want to brush your Doberman Shepherd once or twice a week to remove all the dirt and dander from its coat.

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This will help you keep the coat of your dog healthy. Bath your Doberman Shepherd when required but avoid bathing them frequently as they can lose all the natural oils from their coats that keep their fur healthy. Clean the ears with a damp cloth to prevent infections and trim their nails from time to time to prevent injuries. Make sure their teeth are clean to avoid dental diseases that can be a problem in old age.

Is Doberman German Shepherd Mix Hypoallergenic?

As mentioned earlier, Doberman Shepherds are low shedders. But are they hypoallergenic?  Well, where most hybrid breeds are hypoallergenic, the answer to this question depends upon the genes of your Doberman Shepherd. If your Doberman Shepherd has inherited more from Doberman, it will shed very little. Whereas, if it inherits more from a German Shepherd, it will shed a good amount of fur.

Size of Doberman German Shepherd Mix

Generally, a Doberman Shepherd weighs around 90 – 110 pounds and is 22 – 26 inches tall. The females are shorter and slimmer than males—weighing around 10 pounds less and 2 – 3 inches shorter from them. The puppies of this breed are quite large, too, weighing around 25 – 30 pounds at the age of three months. A Doberman Shepherd will reach its maximum size once it is fully grown, and that is when it reaches the age of 24 – 30 months.

Is Doberman German Shepherd Mix Good for Apartments?

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The answer is, unfortunately, no. You simply cannot cage this large breed in an apartment. These dogs are highly energetic and require large spaces to exert their energy.  They are made for large spacious homes where they can roam around freely and have plenty of space to play in.

Exercise Requirements of Doberman German Shepherd Mix

Because of the Doberman Shepherd’s extremely exciting and energetic nature, many exercise and activities are required to keep this furry busy and happy. Rather, they also need this exercise to stay healthy and obedient. You need to plan at least 90 – 120 minutes of extensive exercise per day. A 2-hour activity at a time may exhaust you and your dog; in that case, split it into two sessions of 45 – 60 minutes each. If you love cycling, then a Doberman Shepherd can prove to be a great partner in your cycling routine—he will run beside you while you are on the move.

Health Problems Of Doberman German Shepherd Mix

The good news is that Doberman Shepherd is an extremely healthy dog that has little to no health conditions. But their genes can play quite a role in this. They can still be prone to different health conditions like their parents and may have some genetic issues. Some of these health problems are discussed below:

Hip Dysplasia

Being a large-sized dog, a Doberman Shepherd can be prone to hip dysplasia that is a genetic illness. Obesity can also play quite a role in this. In this condition, the hip joint of the Doberman Shepherd deteriorates slowly resulting in skeletal malformation.


This condition is also known as an “enlarged heart.” As the name suggests, this disease affects the heart and other organs of the body, resulting in heart or lung failure. This is a very rare health condition.

Separation Anxiety

This is a mental health condition and is very common in overly attached and sensitive dogs. Doberman Shepherd is prone to separation anxiety that develops when the dog is not given much time, attachment, and loyalty.

Lifespan Of Doberman German Shepherd Mix:

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The life expectancy of Doberman German Shepherd mix is around 10 – 13 years. However, exceptions may exist. To let your dog live for long, you need to take proper care of it and make sure your dog is having a healthy and nutritious diet. Regular vet checkups are also very important to ensure your Doberman Shepherd’s healthy life.

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