Despite the vain attempts to divide people into cat people and dog people, they just have the capacity to love many kinds of pets. But certainly, they do have preferences when it comes to what their pet should look like. Tall cat breeds, for instance, have a fandom of their own, with people going after their large-built and exquisite silhouettes.

Going further into this fascination, many pet parents also have a fondness for certain looks and personality traits. There are those besotted with exotic cat breeds and others with an un-relinquishing admiration for cats of a specific color, such as brown cat breeds.

Yet some would love to have a tall fur baby in their home. Dive in to learn some interesting bits about some of the tallest cats in the world.

Tall Cat Breeds

1. Chausie

Chausie Cat Breed Overview

Weight: 08 – 16 lbs.

Height: 14 – 18 Inches

Mark: Ticked Tabby

Coat Color: Black and Brown

Life Expectancy: 12 – 16 Yrs

Tying closely with the Maine Coon for the titular largest breed, Chausie is indeed one of the tallest. A magnificent breed with the awe-inspiring Egyptian Jungle Cat among its ancestors, it was developed to resemble the Jungle Cat.

Chausie cat breed standing on a patch of grass with one leg raised
Wilczakrew, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Recognized for its distinctly wild looks, this breed boasts of the breathtaking looks of a wild breed while displaying the docility of a domesticated one. Befitting the descendent of the breed in whose image the Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet was carved, the Chausie has a regal tall, slender and statuesque body.

With their lithe, athletic bodies, it is no wonder that these curious cats love to play. Royal feline blood or not, these cats are very loving and loyal; therefore, their attempts to rehome are not taken very well by them.

2. Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat Breed Overview

Weight Male: 09 – 15 lbs.

Weight Female: 06 – 12 lbs.

Height: 13 – 16 Inches

Mark: Point, Tabby, Mink, Marble, Spotted

Coat Color: Seal, Charcoal, Brown, Silver

Life Expectancy: 12 – 20 Yrs

The spectacular Bengal is a tall, lean regal cat packaged into leopard skin. An exotic cat, the Bengal is the only domestic breed that sports a distinctively wild cat rosette or marbling pattern, observed otherwise among the big cats. Born out of a deep fascination for a wild cat, in this case, the Asian Leopard Cat, it has been meticulously developed to display the persona of a domestic breed.

A Bengal cat standing on a wooden table poised to pounce on its prey

Nonetheless, it is an athletic, energetic, and highly curious cat; very much interested in climbing, playing the detective, and having fun with water. Adorable and willing to climb in your lap at their discretion, the lovely felines could be made a part of the family provided you offer proper introductions and ice-breaking sessions.

That said, these cats do face legal complications in certain states though G5 generations tend to be accepted everywhere. 

3. Maine Coon

Maine Coon Breed Overview

Weight Male: 12 – 15 lbs.

Weight Female: 09 – 12 lbs.

Height: 10 – 16 Inches

Mark: Tabby, Bi-Color, Smoke, Tortoiseshell, Calico

Coat Color: Cream, White, Red, Blue

Life Expectancy: 12 – 15 Yrs

Besides being titled one of the largest cat breeds, the mighty Maine Coon also happens to be among the tallest cat breeds. A native of Maine, this cat is a sight to behold. A solidly built huge cat, covered by a rich lustrous mane and quite a fluffy tail to go with it. But it is not all about looks; it has got a wonderful personality too. The cherry on top, they come in the calico pattern too.

Fawn Maine Coon cat standing on a wooden floor in a room
Photo by Kanashi on Unsplash

People who take a likeness to bigger breeds would be completely bowled over by their sweet temperament and affectionate ways. Who would not like an adorable cat who is eager to make friends with other pets as well?

Beware of all the maintenance you have to keep up with, as the Main Coon double coat demands careful time-to-time maintenance to keep it at its finest.

4. Highlander

Highlander Cat Breed Overview

Weight Male: 15 – 20 lbs.

Weight Female: 10 – 16 lbs.

Height: 10 – 15 Inches

Mark: Tabby, Point

Coat Color: Gray, White, Red, Black, More

Life Expectancy: 10 – 15 Yrs

A stunning breed, Highlander mirrors the elegance and beauty of the big cats with the affection and devotion of a common domestic cat. Best recognized for its tabby coat pattern and the distinctively curled ears topped with tufts of hair, it is a tall, muscular feline with a solid presence.

Tabby Highlander cat lying on a bed with a printed lilac bed sheet
TAnthony, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The solidly built muscular cat has a strong thirst for adventure, and all her energy needs to be dissipated via thoughtful games and plenty of exercise.

If you hope to find a statement negating any impressions of an aloof cat playing hard to get, you are up for a pleasant surprise. Because the Highlander goes a few steps ahead of being cordial, acting all silly to keep its family not just entertained but glued to itself.

5. Savannah

Savannah Cat Breed Overview

Weight: 12 – 25 lbs.

Height: 13 – 15 Inches

Mark: Tabby, Smoke

Coat Color: Brown, Black, Silver

Life Expectancy: 12 – 20 Yrs


Alluring as they are, the Savannah breed’s rather recent development by crossing the African native cats to the domestic breeds creates behavioral concerns and legal complications. Nonetheless, it is spectacular to look at, pretty much like a miniature version of a Cheetah itself, complete with the dark round marks. 

Savanna cat standing beside an old window, looking keenly at something
Savannah Clark, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Blessed with a tall, lithe, athletic body, the looks of a wild cat breed, and its outstanding talent for jumping higher, this cat breed has all the skills to keep you on your toes. Note that Savannah does demand attention and would throw ‘cat tantrums’ if not accorded the attention it demands.

Regardless of each state’s legal position on whether or not you could keep one, the later generation Savannah cats are very fond of their families. Smart, curious, and with a thirst for adventure, this cat is not everybody’s cup of tea. Prepare to engage closely with it and offer plenty of mental stimulation if you plan to bring one home.

6. Persian

Persian Cat Breed Overview

Weight: 07 – 12 lbs.

Height: 10 – 15 Inches

Mark: Tabby, Parti-color, Bi-color, Point, Smoke, Shaded

Coat Color: Cream, White, Chocolate, Blue, Blue, Black, Red

Life Expectancy: 15 – 20 Yrs

Did you know the all-time popular, one of the most loved of the cat breeds, the Persian also proudly holds the title of a tall cat. An absolute joy to look at and a favorite lap cat, it is a well-built, sturdy feline and an excellent companion.

Silver-grey White Tabby Persian cat sitting next to flowers potted in an earthen pot
Gambar oleh Th G dari Pixabay

Laidback and relatively quiet, it is an expressive breed that communicates in adorable voices and sweet expressions. Not very athletically inclined, these stocky felines would rather enjoy lying gloriously in their favorite spot or curl up in their human’s lap.

Soft to the touch, their luxurious silky coats make them a high-maintenance breed in need of regular baths and grooming sessions. Not to mention the strict cleaning regimens pet parents have to enforce to keep their homes neat and clean. But their affection and calm presence more than makeup for the effort.

7. British Shorthair

British Shorthair Breed Overview

Weight: 12 – 25 lbs.

Height: 12 – 14 Inches.

Mark: Tabby, Colorpoint, Bi-color, Shaded

Coat Color: British Blue, White, Cream, Black, Blue, Fawn, Cinnamon, Red

Life Expectancy: 12 – 16 Yrs

Probably one of the most loved of the British feline varieties, the British Shorthair is best recognized in its British Blue coat color and round copper eyes. The enormous cat not only has a significant place among the large domestic cat breeds but a firm position among the tall varieties as well.

British Shorthair cat perched on top of a dining table covered by an ivory table cloth
Photo by form PxHere

Their British blood dictates a certain decorum and etiquette, making them good-natured, charming kitties who enjoy their human keepers’ companionship and well-mannered attention. While it is hard not to marvel at their soft plush coats, readers would be thrilled to learn that it is not a very high-maintenance or demanding breed.

But they deserve all the love, attention, and care – especially their exercise requirements to keep their weight under check if owners wish to keep their bemused look intact.

8. Norwegian Forest cat

Norwegian Forest Cat Breed Overview

Weight Male: 12 – 18 lbs.

Weight Female: 08 – 12 lbs.

Height: 09 – 12 Inches

Mark: Tabby, Colorpoint, Bi-color, Shaded

Coat Color: Amber, Silver, Brown, Black, Blue, Red

Life Expectancy: 13+ Yrs

Going lower on the height scale, the brawny Norwegian Forest cat is a large breed with long legs and a relatively taller height. Adored for its gentle demeanor and plush, uniquely water-resistant outer coat, the cat is a joy to have in your family.

Norwegian Forest cat with white background

Despite the large size and its origin as a farm cat, the Norwegian Black Forest cat is a mildly active breed. It loves to sprawl over comfy surfaces around its human family and experiences energy spurts in between. Excellent climbers, these cats will explore all the higher surfaces and therefore need cat-proofing in the outdoors for their safety.  

Not very keen on climbing into your lap, it is an affectionate breed with a calm temperament and sweet vocals to communicate its concerns.

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