How Many Cat Breeds Are There? (2022)

How many cat breeds are there

Though 95% of their DNA is similar to that of tigers, cats are comparatively cool-tempered lovely creatures with desirable personalities – generally sociable, friendly, and outgoing. Nonetheless, our feline pals are divided into various breeds, just like other groups of animals, and each breed differs from another based on appearance, temperament,  or traits. But how […]

A Brief Introduction to 18 Exotic House Cats (With Pictures)

Exotic House Cats

The world of pets is changing. While keeping domestic cat breeds is a popular choice for many pet parents, many want to experience the exotic side of pets. For the same reason, you may see someone spending millions on keeping wild animals, such as tigers and lions. We at Keeping Pet discourage keeping large wild […]

Short Hair Maine Coon: Can a Maine Coon Have Short Hair?

Can a Maine coon have short hair

There is something unique about all cat breeds. While some cat breeds are known for their flat faces, many are known for their fluffy coats. Maine Coons fall into the category of fluffy cat breeds. Known for their majestic manes, bushy tails, and large stature, Maine Coons are one of the largest domestic cat breeds. […]

Tabby Cats: 10 Interesting Black Tabby Cat Facts

Black tabby cat facts

A black tabby is a coat color type in cats. It consists of black stripes, swirls, or spots against a lighter ground color. Existing since the beginning of feline domestication, black tabbies continue to flourish even today – thanks to the love and admiration they get due to their beautiful patterns and ideal temperament. To […]

The American Keuda: Appearance, Personality, History, Care, and More!

America Keudal

Have you ever thought of a cat with an amazing pet personality and wild but cute looks – combined with great hunting skills? American Keuda (pronounced with a long ‘u’ and a silent ‘e’) breed is exactly what we are talking about! They are adorable and unique in their mental and physical traits, besides having […]

Brown Cat Names: 456 Awesome Names for Your Furry Companion

Close up of a brown cat

Brown felines are somewhat rare compared to black, orange, or white, and only a few breeds can be seen in this color head to toe, such as the Havana Brown, the York Chocolate, and the Burmese. However, it is almost the opposite when it comes to naming them. There are, fortunately, a plethora of suitable […]

Russian Blue Cats Hypoallergenic Status and Coping Methods

Close Up of a Russian Blue cat

The feline with a distinctive “smiling” face, plush fur, and a bright blue coat rendered in an elegant sheen, the Russian Blue is any feline lover’s dream. They are elegant, sweet, and friendly, and there is no reason why would anyone not want one. Except, as fate would have it, you suffer from pet allergies. […]

7 Abyssinian Cat Colors: All You Need to Know (With Pictures)

Abyssinian cat colors

An adorable part of Egyptian cat breeds, Abyssinians are a type of tabby cat distinguished by big ears and beautiful ticking color patterns. Thanks to their lovely personality and striking physical features, they rank among the top 5 most popular breeds. But like other felines, Abys also exist in different colors – seven to be […]

Sphynx Cat Color Chart, Learning About Her Colors & Patterns

Sphynx Cat Color Chart

Noted most for her trademark hairlessness and unique skin texture, the Sphynx is an interesting cat. Evolved through a genetic mutation first noticed in Canada, it is surprising the trait did not appear in a desert as a heat management mechanism. Considering the loyal fan following she has garnered, the number of people interested in […]

Tricolor Cats: 19 Calico Cat Breeds with Pictures

Calico cat breeds

Coming across a tricolor cat—calico cat—you may wonder what breed they are. Surprisingly, like tabby cats, calico is also not a breed but a color pattern that is present in many different cat breeds. A calico cat is any cat whose coat has at least three colors—orange, black, and white. Around 99.9% of the calico […]

25 White Cat Breeds and Their Quirky Features

White Cat

White cat breeds are popular for their stunning appearance and beautiful eyes. Numerous cat breeds have a white coat, but the reason why you don’t see a white cat that often is because of their genetic makeup. A white cat has a special gene that masks other coat colors.   If you have set your […]

Large Domestic Cat Breeds for Ardent Feline Admirers

Large Domestic Cat Breeds

Cat people love their kitties in varying shapes, sizes, and colors. Ask their owners, and you will end up with enough information to create your version of an encyclopedia on why people like cats. Each of these people will have their set of preferences for their ideal pet. As far as the going trends are […]