6 Cutest Flat Face Cat Breeds

6 Cutest Flat Face Cat Breeds

Persian Cat

What type of cats are flat face cat breeds? Primarily, they are the ones with flattened faces, shortened and broadened skulls. If you think that flat-faced cats are one of the most beautiful and friendly cats, then this blog is undoubtedly for you.

Do you observe their tiny worried faces? A person instantly falls in love with their squishy, little faces. They are absolutely adorable cats, though they’re prone to some health complications, especially respiratory problems.  

Whether you already know a little about these cute feline fellas or nothing, stay with as we are discussing the 6 cutest flat face cat breeds below.

Appearance and Morphology

Flat-faced cats are generally known as brachycephalic cats—a type of cats that have short heads and flat faces. It is completely a genetic mutation as skull morphology has a complex genetic basis. Their tissue structures are altered, and they comparatively have smaller face and nose bones than the normal cat breeds. They also have folds of skin near the inner corner of their eyes, making their face looks squishy and grumpy, but they are, needless to say, not grumpy as they appear. There are other flat face cat breeds, but Persian, Himalayan, and Burmese are the most widely known and recognized among brachycephalic cats.

Flat Face Cat Breeds

Below, we are going to talk about the type of different flat-faced cat breeds, their physical appearance, qualities, size, and nature.

Persian Cat

Photo by Bianca Vogt from Pexels

A Persian cat has a small, round, mushy, and endearing face with a short head, small round ears, and cute little chubby cheeks. They are the most elegant of all flat-faced breed cats. Their adorable and cute face and their friendliness will make your day—every day.

Persian cats are generally medium-sized cats, weighing between 7 to 12 pounds. They are high-maintenance cats as they have long coats of silky fur so, this furry feline fella requires daily grooming. These cats are quiet and calm in nature. They are highly lovable and sweet and love to play and cuddle with their owner. They are luxurious as they are a pure breed and generally cost between $500 to as high as $5000.

A noticeable point about white, blue-eyed Persian cats is that they are deaf but are still very cute and love to play.

Himalayan Cat

Image by Leeann Brew from Pixabay

These cats have shiny blue eyes with cream-colored bodies and a darker face than their whole body color. They are obedient and friendly with almost everyone. They are energetic and active and love to be surrounded by people with whom they can play. They are considered as good indoor cats.

As for as their temperament is concerned, Himalayan cats are not aggressive. Instead, they are calm cats, preferring to mind their own business. They are also friendly towards other pets.

Himalayans are long-haired, requiring daily grooming to keep their hair and fur tangle-free. They love to cuddle and can sit in their owner’s lap for hours, considering it a heaven on Earth. They are medium-sized cats and weigh in between 7 – 12 pounds.

Burmese Cat

Image by Laresa Perlman from Pixabay

Burmese cats have gorgeous golden-yellow and button-like eyes. This cat is very muscular, looks short but feels heavier than it looks. They have round ear tips. They love to play around and are very affectionate towards their owner. They don’t shed much, so they don’t require regular grooming, so once in a week would be good. It is better to keep her as an indoor cat as you won’t like your cat to catch diseases.

They are medium-sized cats and weigh between 8 – 13 pounds usually.

Munchkin Cat

Photo by Tran Mau Tri Tam on Unsplash

As the name suggests, the Munchkin cat is a tiny, little, and sweet bundle of joy. When you see this small and the cutest cat of them all, I am sure your heart melts down just like ours did. They are small but incredibly active and energetic and love to play. They can be trained easily and are good for kids who love to play with cats as they are short-legged and tiny in size.

They weigh between 6 – 9 pounds. There are both short-haired and long-haired munchkins. The former requires weekly grooming, and the latter requires daily grooming. How can one keep eyes away from a cutie pie as adorable as her, right?

Exotic Shorthair Cat

Photo by Cyrus Chew on Unsplash

Exotic Shorthairs are short-headed, flat, and broad-faced cats, having big round eyesand rolls of skin in the inner corner of their eyes. They are very friendly in nature, preferring tranquil and calm environments. Although they are short-haired, they require grooming every other day. They love to play and snuggle with their owners.

Exotic Shorthair cats are medium-sizedcats and weigh approximately 10 – 12 pounds. They have thick furry tails, so this cute little fella requires good care.

Bombay Cat

Photo by Alexander Raissis on Unsplash

Bombay cats have an endearing flat face with beautiful all-black fur coat all over their body and green or copper round eyes. They have a smooth and glossy fur texture. They shed a little and require only weekly grooming to keep their fur clean and shiny.

Bombay is a mixed breed, and at the same time, quite rare to find. They are exceptionally smart and intelligent, and cherry on top, they love to cuddle with their owner and loves attention.

They are medium-sized cats and generally weigh around 8 – 15 pounds.


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