There are several perks of owning a feline pet, but it seems like the most regrettable decision when they shed, especially when you are prone to allergies. While it’s impossible to ignore your cat’s adorable face and soft cuddles, it is equally important to consider the trouble we can face due to her hair sticking around. Also, if you’re susceptible to pet allergies mainly caused by fur, you must look out for those cat breeds that don’t shed. The good news is, some cats don’t shed as much as others.

If you’re planning to own a cat and want to be safe from all the risk of fatal pet allergies, opting for a hypoallergenic cat can save you from the hassle. A hypoallergenic cat will keep your clothes, sofas, and everything else in the house fur-free. We have jotted down a list of non-shedding cat breeds for you to opt from.

Are There Cat breeds That Don’t Shed?

You’ll be surprised to know that there are no completely hypoallergenic cat breeds. All cats have submandibular salivary glands and sebaceous glands in the skin that produce saliva. The saliva of canines contains Fel d1 and Fel d4 that are two allergenic proteins. Veterinarians believe that these proteins get deposited on a cat’s hair, and thus the real culprit is the saliva, not the hair. So, even if you buy a hairless cat, it will have those proteins produced by the glands in the skin and the saliva.

Even the smallest amounts of these proteins can cause allergies to people prone to it. However, this is true that if a cat sheds less, it will spread minimum allergenic protein as compared to that cat that sheds more. If you have a history of allergic reactions and you wish to avoid the triggers, you must look at the following popular cat breeds that don’t shed.

Popular Cat Breeds That Don’t Shed

By now, you have understood that it’s easy to blame the cat’s hair for allergies, but the real thing at fault is the saliva. In this article, we have reviewed the least hypoallergenic cats known to produce fewer allergens than those who are not hypoallergenic. Following are the cats that require minimal maintenance, shed very light, and are adorable too.


Sphynx-Cat breeds that don’t shed

Breed Overview

Height: 8 – 10 inches

Weight: 6 – 14 pounds

Lifespan: 9 – 15 years

Temperament: Bold and social

Colors: Fawn, silver, gray, brown, white, cinnamon, black

The Sphynx cat is hairless, and that’s why she is number one on our list. She looks completely hairless but has a thin fine layer of fur that looks negligible. A bit of fur can be seen on her nose, but overall, there is a very thin fuzz close to the skin that allows you to easily see the cat’s skin. It must be noted that even hairless cats need grooming and maintenance because their skin is exposed to dirt, sunlight, and temperature changes.


Siamese- Cat breeds that don’t shed

Breed Overview

Height: 8 – 10 inches

Weight: 6 – 14 pounds

Lifespan: 15 – 20 years

Temperament: Affectionate and playful

Colors: Chocolate, brown, lavender, gray, black, cream, beige, white

Siamese is a popular cat breed and is recognized for its unique markings and sharp blue eyes. She is a low-shed cat and is known for her friendly nature. Siamese sheds very little—especially if you brush her regularly and remove the dead hair. She is a playful feline that needs a lot of attention from her owner and is quite vocal too. If you aren’t giving her the required love and attention, she’ll make sure that you know about it.


Breed Overview

Height: 10 – 12 inches

Weight: 12 – 15 pounds

Lifespan: 8 – 10 years

Temperament: Bold and social

Colors: Orange, white, black, brown, cream, ebony, red

Siberian has a thick coat, but still, it sheds less hair as compared to other cat breeds. She grows into a large and fluffy feline, and looking at her, people might think that it sheds a lot. However, since the fur doesn’t build up that much, she doesn’t shed much despite having a long fur coat. Her fur is water-resistant and triple-layered, and her body is strong and muscular. You need to frequently groom her to keep her in good health and shape at all times.

Exotic Shorthair

Exotic-Shorthair-Cat breeds that don’t shed

Breed Overview

Height: 10 – 12 inches

Weight: 10 – 12 pounds

Lifespan: 8 – 15 years

Temperament: Calm and quiet

Colors: White, black, brown, fawn, orange, cream

The Exotic Shorthair cat is also known as a ‘short-haired Persian.’ Though her coat is dense, the shedding is minimal, and that’s why she made it onto our list of cats breeds that don’t shed. This is a calm and relaxed cat who loves to laze around most of the time. She has a squishy look and a super cute mustachioed face. Good thing, this cat easily adapts to the environment, so if you’re a new cat owner, you can consider her as a pet.

Japanese Bobtail

Breed Overview

Height: 8 – 9 inches

Weight: 6 – 10 pounds

Lifespan: 9 – 15 years

Temperament: Bold and social

Colors: Black, white, brown, orange, grey, beige

Japanese Bobtail cat doesn’t shed much because she has a single coat. You’ll just need a fine-tooth comb to clean her hair and keep her groomed. This cat also loves to groom herself, which is quite helpful for owners as it saves time. The breed originated from Japan and is known for its sweet and affectionate nature. Also, some people believe she is a lucky cat, and her owners might prosper because of her.


Lykoi-Cat breeds that don’t shed

Breed Overview

Height: 8 – 10 inches

Weight: 6 – 12 pounds

Lifespan: 12 – 15 years

Temperament: Friendly and affectionate

Colors: Ebony/ black

The name ‘Lykoi’ is derived from a Greek word that describes ‘wolves.’ Lykoi is a partially hairless cat. She resembles werewolves because of her dark black and grey hair. She sheds very little because she doesn’t have an undercoat. That’s why Lykoi is a good option for people looking for a hypoallergenic cat breed. Her hair is lighter and shorter around her eyes, nose, and mouth.

Burmese Cat

Burmese-Cat-Cat breeds that don’t shed

Breed Overview

Height: 9 – 13 inches

Weight: 8 – 15 pounds

Lifespan: 10 – 17 years

Temperament: Affectionate and social

Colors: Gray, silver, brown, chocolate, beige

The Burmese cat is short with a fine soft coat that doesn’t shed much. She is an athletic and playful cat who loves jumping and leaping from one sofa to another. The Burmese cat needs occasional brushing and always appears well-groomed. The best thing about these cats is that they need very little grooming, making them ideal for new cat owners.


Peterbald-Cat breeds that don’t shed

Breed Overview

Height: 8 – 12 inches

Weight: 7 – 14 pounds

Lifespan: 12 – 15 years

Temperament: Active and loving

Colors: Grey, tabby, silver

While some of the Peterbald cats have short hair, most of them have no hair at all. Peterbald cats are very low-shedding and are almost hypoallergenic. However, it has an unusual look which makes her different from other cat breeds. It has large pointy ears, hairless gray skin and has a unique look overall. However, don’t let the looks deceive you because she is very affectionate and loving. The cat was created from experimental breeding and has been around since 1994.


If you or your family is prone to pet allergies, it is best to avoid having cats at your place because all cats have fur, whether it’s light or thick. However, some cats shed more than others, so if you’re willing to have a feline pet that doesn’t shed much, fret not because we’ve got you covered.

If you want to own one of the cat breeds that don’t shed, you must look out for sphynx, Siamese, Serbian, Lykoi, Exotic shorthair, Japanese bobtail, Peterbald, and Burmese breeds of cats. Furthermore, you can also prevent your furry friend from shedding by grooming her regularly and taking care of her diet and overall health.

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