Can dogs eat human food?

Yes—and no!

Maybe you forgot to buy dog food, and now your buddy is waiting for you to give it something to munch on. Most probably, the very first thing that crosses your mind is to give your dog some of your food. After all, in old times, dogs have survived on human leftovers, so why not try this now?

Well, the good news is, you can give your dog human food.

But there are some things you need to be cautious about.

This article is all about that. Let’s dive into the details.

1. Can Dogs Eat Human Foods?

According to the American Kennel Club, dogs can eat human foods—but with some conditions attached.  

Everything that you eat and sit well with you is not necessarily right for your dog too.

Under the Association of American Feed Control Officials guidelines, adult dog foods should contain 18% protein and 8.5% fat.

Feeding dogs things that exceed their nutrient requirements can create health problems for them.

This is the only thing that you should be careful about.

Dogs and cats have indeed lived on eating human food for decades, but previously, our foods weren’t loaded with a lot of fats and junk. You can feed him your food only if you can ensure that it is organic and its nutritional value doesn’t exceed the limits prescribed by AAFCO.

That said, there are still some fruits and veggies that are very dangerous for dogs’ health. In sections 3 and 4, we have given a list of all the human foods which are healthy and toxic for dogs. Before that, you should know whether your dog even likes human food or not.

2. Do Dogs Like Human Foods?

Yes, they do.

Dogs like everything to eat. From eating dirt and grass to eating cat foods and human foods, there is nothing that is off their eating list.

Here are some reasons why your dog likes human food.

The consumption of human food is not necessarily detrimental to dog health but is not always encouraged. Some human foods are actually good for dogs to eat; yet, there are others that have excessive proteins, carbs, and fat content, which can create serious health issues for dogs.

Since a sizable number of people don’t know which human food is good or harmful for dogs, vets recommend not giving human food to dogs.

3. How Can Human Food Affect a Dog’s Health?

You might be wondering what health concerns could occur if a dog eats human food. Below is a list of illnesses that your dog can get after eating human food.

4. List of Human Foods Healthy For Dogs

chihuahua dog licking boy eating apple sitting on a bed

This section contains a list of those vegetables, fruits, and other human foods that dogs can eat. They are commonly present at our homes and can be readily used to fill the tummy of your pooch.

a. Vegetables That Dogs Can Eat

b. Fruits That Dogs Can Eat

Remember to peel off fruits and remove seeds, if any, before feeding them to your dog.

c. Meats That Dog Can Eat

Feeding your dogs with uncooked meat could be dangerous. Cook it before feeding them to your dog.

d. Other Food Items That Dogs Can Eat

5. List Of Human Foods Toxic For Dogs

a. List Of Vegetables That Are Toxic For Dogs

b. List Of Fruits That Are Toxic For Dogs

c. List Of Food Items That Are Toxic For Dogs

6. What To Do if Your Dog Consume Toxic Human Food?

If your dog has consumed toxic food and is vomiting or showing symptoms of any of the sicknesses mentioned above, contact your vet immediately. We do not recommend applying any home-based remedies if your dog feels sick after consuming human food. Lastly, the above lists are general. Keeping Pet recommends soliciting the answers of a pet doctor or dietician about whether your dog can eat human food. 

Can a dog eat human food? We hope you now know the answer.  

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