Everyone loves colors. Colors just make everything look pleasant. Perhaps you like everything in colors as well. And now you are in the markete, looking for a colorful cat that is soft, fluffy, and cuddly. Then a Calico Maine Coon might just be the perfect cat for you.

Maine Coons are one of the large cat breeds found in the world. They have long furry coats, loving and affectionate nature, and they love to cuddle and snuggle with their loving owners. Maine Coons come in various colors (over 75). One of the most popular and rare Maine Coon is a White Maine Coon. That said, Calico Maine Coon cats are also a bit rare and quite popular among feline lovers.

But before you go and get yourself a calico Maine Coon, you should learn a few things about calico Maine Coon cats and familiarize yourself with the breed to make sure that a calico Maine Coon will make a good fit for you.

Before getting to know the calico Maine Coon, it is pertinent that we first learn what a calico cat is.

What is a Calico Cat?

A calico cat is not a breed. Rather, it is a coat color pattern that can be found in many different cat breeds. According to the CFA color prefix chart, there are 19 calico cat breeds. So there can be a calico Persian, calico Sphynx, calico Maine Coon, and many calico Ragdoll, etc. Actually, any cat having at least three colors (white, orange/red, and black) in her coat is classified as a calico cat. Calico cats are also known as tri-colored cats due to the three colors in their coats. So, if a kitten has the above-mentioned three colors in its coat, it would be considered a calico kitten.

Now that we know what a calico cat is, let’s discuss “what is a calico Maine Coon?” 

What is a Calico Maine Coon?

To be considered a calico Maine Coon, a Maine Coon cat has to have a tri-colored coat featuring distinctive white, black, and orange colors. While all calico Maine Coon cats would have these three colors, its pattern differs for every calico cat. Similarly, the density of these colors may also vary.

Breed Overview

Weight: 8 to 20 pounds

Lifespan: 12 to 15 years

Colors: Tricolor—white, orange, and black

Temperament: Loving, affectionate, and sociable, good with children and other pets

Suitable for: Multi-cat household, single working adults. Apartment dwellers

Shedding: Different Maine Coons shed differently—some shed more; some less; and others seasonally

Calico Maine Coon Color Patterns

Maine Coons come in over 75 color combinations and patterns, as mentioned previously. But as far as calico Maine Coon cats are concerned, there are eight different color patterns recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association

Calico Maine CoonDilute Calico Maine Coon
Shell Calico Maine CoonDilute Shell Calico Maine Coon
Shaded Calico Maine CoonShaded Dilute Calico Maine Coon
Calico Smoke Maine CoonDilute Calico Smoke Maine Coon

Calico Maine Coon

This is the most common calico coat pattern among the calico Maine Coons. When talking about a calico cat, people are generally referring to dense calico Maine Coon cats. These cats have a white coat with unbrindled black and orange patches. They will have around 75% white color and the rest black and orange patches. The white color is mostly located on their underparts—belly, legs, and front.

Dilute Calico Maine Coon

Dilute Calico Maine Coon Cats have the same coat color and pattern as the dense calico Maine Coon cat, with the only difference being the density of the colors. Dilute calicos have a bit of diluted black and orange patches. In dilute calico Maine Coons, red/orange may appear creamy, and black will appear as blue/grey.

Shell Calico Maine Coon

Shell calicos also have a white base with unbrindled patches of black and different shades of orange/red. The coat of shell calico Maine Coon cats is dipped with black and orange/red shades on the back, flanks, and tail. Slight tipping may also be present on their face and legs, while white predominates their underparts. Their stomach, chest, chin, ears may either be white or slightly tipped with shadings.

Dilute Shell Calico Maine Coon

Dilute shell calico Maine Coon cats are exactly the same as shell calico Maine Coon cats discussed above, except that the colors are a bit faded in the former. Due to dilution, black appears to be grey/blue, and shades of orange appear to be shades of cream.

Shaded Calico Maine Coon

Shaded calico Maine Coon cats have white coats with unbrindled patches of orange/red and black. They have orange shading on their side, tail, and face with a black mantle. Their face and legs may have a bit dense shadings.

That said, shaded calico Maine Coon cats appear to be darker in color than both the shell calico Maine Coons as well as standard calico Maine Coon cats. But white color also dominates their underparts—front of cat, belly, and legs.

Shaded Dilute Calico Maine Coon

Shaded dilute calico Maine Coon cats have similar color combinations and patterns as shaded calico Maine Coon, except that they have faded colors. In shaded dilute calico Maine Coon cats, black appears to be blue, and orange/red is turned into shades of cream color. Despite their diluted colors, they still appear darker than dilute shell calico Maine Coons.

Calico Smoke Maine Coon

At first glance, calico smoke Maine Coon may appear to be just like standard calico Maine Coon, but if you look carefully, you will notice that underneath their black and orange patches, they have white undercoats.

Dilute Calico Smoke Maine Coon

Dilute calico smoke Maine Coon cats are similar to the dilute calico cats. The only difference between the two is that they have a white undercoat underneath their blue/grey and cream patches.

Calico Maine Coon Personality

Given that calico Maine Coon is not a separate cat breed but just a color pattern that Maine Coon can sometimes naturally have, their personality traits are the same as that of Maine Coons with other coat colors and combinations. That said, it is widely believed that calico Maine Coon cats—and calicos of other cats breed—tend to have a distinctive personality often referred to as “tortitude.” If you are a calico Maine Coon owner, you might concur that calicos are a bit feistier, sassy, independent, and strong-willed.

Perhaps, the tortitude is caused by nurturing and not nature, as color genes cannot influence personality traits. Actually, calico Maine Coon kittens are a bit rare and hard to find. So, when cat lovers get their hands on calico Maine Coon kittens, they fawn over and spoil them by always allowing them to get their way. This brought up develop calico Maine Coon kittens into feisty, sassy, and strong-willed adults.

Calico Maine Coon

Maine Coons often love to climb on trees, bookshelves, and cupboards. Doing so, they might knock over and break a few things. If you do not want your calico Maine Coon to treat your home like a jungle, you should get them a window perch, and some cat tree just so they could have some designated platforms to climb up.

Maine Coons are quite heavy cats, so while getting them a window perch or a cat bed, you should double-check if the products can support their weight.

Are Calico Maine Coon Cats Hypoallergenic?

No, Calico Maine Coon cats are not hypoallergenic. But they produce very little allergy-causing substances, so they make a better option for allergy sufferers than many other cat breeds.

Calico Maine Coon Grooming

Do Calico Maine Coon Cats Shed?

Yes, calico Maine Coons cats shed a lot like other Maine Coon with other coat colors and patterns. So, to help your calico Maine Coon cat maintain a healthy coat, you should brush her coat every day. If you cannot make time for daily brushing, you should at least brush their coat twice or thrice a week. Maine Coon experts advise using a soft brush or a slicker wire brush for smooth and comforting brushing sessions.

If calico Maine Coon kittens do not have regular grooming sessions, their fur becomes tangled and matted. Brushing will help your cat maintain a healthy coat and strengthen your bond with your cat.

Bathing Calico Maine Coon

In addition to brushing their coat, you will also be required to give your calico Maine Coon cat regular baths. Bathing a Maine Coon might sound like a daunting task but believe us, it is not.

Unlike most cats who hate water, Maine Coons love water. They do not even hesitate to join their loving owners in the shower.

Are Calico Maine Coon Cats Rare?

Yes, calico Maine Coons are comparatively a bit rare to find. Their rarity is due to the fact that they cannot be selectively bred to produce a calico Maine Coon kitten. Calico Maine Coon kittens only occur naturally by a happy coincidence.

Why All Calico Maine Coons Are Female?

Not all, but 99.9 percent of the calico Maine Coon cats are female, and the 0.1 percent male calico Maine Coons that do occur are sterile. This is because the genes that impart the orange and black colors are X chromosome genes. As males are XY, they can only exhibit either orange or black coat color.

How Much Does a Calico Maine Coon Kitten Cost?

Given that calico Maine Coon cats are rare and extremely sought after, they can be costly. A calico Maine Coon kitten can cost you from $1200 to $2000. The price may vary depending on several factors, including purebred status, and age, etc.

You can also try to pay a visit to local cat shelters to check if there is any calico Maine Coon cat up for adoption. If it’s your lucky day, you may come home with a calico Maine Coon cat just by paying for the adoption paperwork.

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