Are you looking for a white cat—a large fluffy white cat? White Maine Coon cat should be on the top of your list. A white Maine Coon cat is the perfect white, large, and cuddly cat breed that one can find out there. In addition to their elegant white coats, white Maine Coons are also blessed with brains and muscles.

You should note that White Maine Coon is not a separate cat breed but rather an official coat color of the Maine Coon standard breed. Due to their fluffy coat, large size, and loving nature, white Maine Coons never fail to win the hearts of feline lovers at the very first sight. Maine Coons, especially male Maine Coons, are really good with strangers—they often walk up to strangers, and when strangers walk towards them, they lap up their attention. Experiencing how affectionate a Maine Coon is, many people start looking for one for themselves.

Perhaps, a white Maine Coon cat has won your heart as well, and now you are looking for one. Stop yourself right there and take a moment to think it through. Before getting yourself a White Maine Coon cat, you should make sure that it would be a good fit for you. Keeping cats is a huge responsibility. And keeping a large cat breed like a White Maine Coon means bigger responsibility. Before getting any cat, let alone a White Maine Coon, you should first make sure that you are ready for it.

As far as White Maine Coon is concerned, we have got you covered as we are going to discuss all about White Maine Coons, their personality, coat color, and much more below.

White Maine Coon

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White Maine Coon, like other Maine Coons, is a true all-American cat breed, as it originated in New England—Maine, to be specific. The cat breed is older than America, but it earned the championship status by the Cat Fanciers’ Association only in the 1950s.  It has also officially been listed as the State Cat of Maine.

Weighing up to 8 to 20 pounds, White Maine Coon are placed with the large cat breeds. They have an average lifespan of around 12 to 15 years.

Want to know more about White Maine Coon cats? Take a quick look at the breed overview before we discuss White Maine Coon cats in detail.

Key Features

Breed Overview Weight: 8 to 20 pounds

Lifespan: 12 to 15 years

Colors: White

Shedding: Different Maine Coons shed differently—some shed more; some less; and others seasonally

Temperament: Loving, affectionate, and sociable good with children and other pets

Suitable for: Multi-cat household, single working adults, and apartment-dwellers

White Maine Coon Personality and Temperament

White Maine Coon cats are super affectionate and mellow. They often show their affection to their loving owners by meowing, lying on top of you, and head rubbing.

Most cats hate water, but Maine Coons are not like most cats—they love water. They would love to accompany you on pool swims and would not hesitate to join you in the shower. Given that Main Coons don’t hate water, cat baths are not a headache for their owners.

Maine Coons are neither highly energetic nor lazy; instead, they are balanced cats—they do not like to waste their energy. At times—mostly dawn and dusk—they will be most active, and for the rest of the day, they like to laze around in their cat window perch, stalking birds.

That said, Maine Coons love to accompany their owners on morning walks, and some even go hiking with their owners. But for that, you will have to first train your cat how to walk on a leash. Given that Maine Coons are highly intelligent cats, you can easily train them using a clicker.

White Maine Con cats make a perfect family pet—they are not only good with children but also get along well with strangers and other pets. They won’t mind being left alone in the house, given that they have a comfy cat bed to lounge in and some interactive cat toys to keep themselves busy when you are gone.

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However, you should not leave an adult white Maine Coon cat alone for over 12 hours and a white Maine Coon kitten for over 8 hours. Given that Maine Coon cats can be left alone for a considerable time, they also make a perfect fit for single working parents as their Maine Coon cats won’t mind them leaving for work every day. But when you are back home and on the weekends, you will make up for all the missed snuggles and cuddles.

White Maine Coon Coat Color

Mane Coon cats come in a wide range of colors. According to Maine Coon Central, they come in over 75 different coat colors and patterns. You can have a Calico Maine Coon, gray and white Maine Coon, orange and white Maine Coon, black and white Maine Coon any many more color combinations.

Can Maine Coons be White?

Yes, Maine Coons can be white.

For a Maine Coon to be classified as a White Maine Coon, it should have a pure glistening white-colored coat, and its nose and paws should be pink-colored, according to the Cat Fanciers’ Association.

That said, it should be made clear that white is actually a non-color. The genes that give a white Maine Coon its color are masking genes. There is the color underneath the apparent white coat of Maine Coons. When a cat possesses the masking gene as a heterozygous pair, a recessive masking gene coupled with a dominant masking gene, a solid white Maine Coon kitten is born.

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For a white Maine Coon kitten to happen, at least one of the parents must be a pure white Maine Coon. On the birth of a white Maine Coon kitten, you can see a colored spot on its head, revealing which color or pattern is being masked by the white coat. As the Maine Coon kitten grows older, the colored spot is eventually lost in the snow-white coat of Maine Coons.

Are White Maine Coons Rare?

Yes, white Maine Coons are rare. Let alone white Maine Coon, the white coat is rare among the overall cat population. White cats make only 5% of the total cat population across the world. So yes, finding a pure solid white Maine Coon is pretty hard to find.

Are All White Maine Coons Deaf?

Generally, Maine Coons are known for their chatty nature. They just love to interact with their loving parents. But did you just notice that your white Maine Coon has been ignoring your verbal calls? You must be wondering, is my White Maine Coon with blue eyes deaf?

Well, unfortunately, white cats, including white Maine Coons are at a greater risk of being deaf. The incidence of deafness is further increased if the white Maine Coon happens to have blue eyes. The chance of deafness in white cats is around 17 to 22 percent, but if the white cat has blue eyes, the chances of deafness shoot up to 40 percent. And when both eyes of a white-colored coat are blue, the probability of deafness surges to 85 percent, according to research.

How Much Does a White Maine Coon Cost?

Maine Coons have become increasingly popular in recent decades, so getting a Maine Coon kitten could be a bit costly. Since white Maine Coon kittens are rare among the Maine Coon world and are more popular, getting a white Maine Coon Kitten can break your bank. Getting a white Maine Coon Kitten from a reputable breeder could cost you, on average, around $1200 to $2000. Nevertheless, you can get an adult or senior white Maine Coon cat at a bit lower price.

To get a better price, you can also try to find out a white Maine Coon on craigslist or maybe check out local cat shelters to see if there is any white Maine Coon kitten or cat up for adoption. If not a white Maine Coon, maybe you are able to get your hands on a Calico Maine Coon. They are equally cuddly and affectionate.

Are White Maine Coons Hypoallergenic?

No, Maine Coons are not hypoallergenic. But they produce a lesser amount of allergy-causing substances in their bodies. So, they could be comparatively a better choice for people with allergies.

Do White Maine Coons Shed?

Yes, White Maine Coons shed like the rest of the Maine Coons. However, different Maine Coons shed differently. While some shed less, others shed more than others. Yet others shed seasonally—their shedding is influenced by their surrounding environment.

To control the shedding in your white Maine Coon, you can try brushing their furry coat at least 2 to 3 times a week. You should use a soft brush or a slicker wire brush. These grooming sessions will not only keep a check on shedding in your white Maine Coon but will also strengthen your bond with your cat.  

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