We’re always in love with our kittens, photographing them every time they stretch on our sofas, cuddle up close to us in beds, or when they climb all over us to sit on our shoulders. But what we don’t photograph is the trail of fluff they leave behind. We love our four-legged friends, but it’s no secret that grooming a cat is a hard job, especially when you can’t seem to find the right tools. Our furry little friends have us searching for just the right brushes and tools to get the job done. We know you’ve tried them all! You’ve experimented with brushes, cat combs, and even furminators. But nothing seemed to be the right fit, did it?

Well, fret not! We have combed through the internet (pun definitely intended!) and compiled for you a comprehensive guide to the best cat brush your feline friend needs.

1.Dematting Comb

Like many of us, this doggy mom has had her share of struggles with pet hair. After experimenting with various other brushes, she hesitantly picked up the Dematting Comb from Amazon. Now she swears by it! It works best for curly-haired pets with short hair that is easily tangled. It’s double-sided for your convenience, one side for dematting and the other for shedding—this handy little tool has proved itself in both departments. It’s the tool for easily tangled and matted fur! As if that wasn’t perfect enough, it’s light on your pocket as well.

What’s Best About ItFlaws But Not the Deal Breakers
Excellent qualityTedious process
Pet friendlyRequires adjustment time
Easy to use 
Makeshift De-shedder 

Check it out for yourself, and let us know if you love it as much as we do.

2.Cat Hair Brush

The soft bristles of this novelty birchwood handle brush are gentle on your shorthaired kitten but tough on tangles in her coat! It eases them out gently and is aesthetically pleasing with its old-fashioned outlook. It is the perfect steal for your allergy-prone kitten, the boar is nontoxic, and the gentle stroke of the bristles promises better blood flow and a healthier coat. This right here is a professional-level brush for your furry friends who deserve nothing but the best.

What’s Best About ItFlaws But Not the Deal Breakers
Excellent qualityRequires extra attention for bigger knots
Easy to clean 
Soft on skin 

Just don’t forget that this one is for our feline buddies only!

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3.Pet Steel Comb

The ultimate tool to rid your four-legged friend from strays, tangles, or furballs in her coat is this steel comb.  Believe it or not, some cats find combs soothing while brushes…they simply can’t stand. And this foolproof cat steel comb stimulates the hair follicles for better growth and neater-looking fur.

Reviewed by more than 8,500 users and getting an overall 4.8 stars, this comb is ideal for both felines and canines—and of all sizes. One happy UK-based user writes, “This comb is great. The combination of two sizes of tooth works well. I’ve a Samoyed and this is the comb I reach for on a daily basis for keeping matting at bay. It seems a good quality so far; sturdy and durable. Great product, thanks.”

What’s Best About ItFlaws But Not the Deal Breakers
LightweightSmall handle
Good for both dogs and cats 
Removes tangles and dirt 
Stimulates hair follicles 

Don’t just take our word for it; you can always try it out yourself!

4.Grooming Bath Brush

The one bath brush that we have picked out for you promises to remove 90% of stray fur. The wide-angle teeth of this silicone brush are gentle on your pet and excellent for a comforting hour of grooming. The CeleMoon Ultra-Soft Silicone Washable Cat Grooming Brush is easy on the pocket and the perfect, easily cleaned tool for your pet.

It’s easy to grip, easy to clean, and promises to make your pet experience hassle-free!

What’s Best About ItFlaws But Not the Deal Breakers
Easy to gripExtra care required for loose hair
Easy to clean 
Bath time made easy 
Efficient shedding 

5.Slicker Brushes

Best for long-haired cats, this slicker brush is the ideal tool for undercoat care. Its bristles retract pins to remove stray fur. The bristles are self-cleaning with the push of a button. The front plate is pushed forward, and the loose hairball is dislodged, providing you a trouble-free grooming experience for your feline, and might we say, a convenient opportunity to bond as well.

What’s Best About ItFlaws But Not the Deal Breakers
Easy to cleanWipes away hair after retracting bristles
Easy to use 
Steel bristles release knots seamlessly 

6.Pet Grooming Glove Brush

If you prefer a more hands-on approach to cat grooming, we’ve got you covered! The Mr. Peanut’s Pet Grooming Glove Brush comes in a pair of mesh and rubber gloves in a universal adult size. With these bad boys, you can get into the nitty-gritty of your cat’s fur. The rubber tips allow a smooth effect while you comb out, massage, or just shower your precious little feline. It ensures that you pick out loose hair and are able to provide your cat bath time with utmost care.

What’s Best About ItFlaws But Not the Deal Breakers
Suitable for all fur types and lengthsCould be too big for smaller hands
Soft tips are gentle on animal skin 
Adjustable straps 
Can be used to collect stray hair around the house 
Easy to use 

Every shopping spree, our cat owners come home with yet another comb that promises to be the solution to all our problems. Yet after the third session, we know we’re getting a replacement. It’s a staple on our list at this point! We’re hoping the list provided can help put a stop to that. We don’t want to jinx things, but maybe, it would also help stop all our black clothes from turning white too!

Now that you know which is the right tool and which works, you need to understand why you’re facing the problem at hand. Let us walk you through the process.

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Cats Shed

Cats shed their feline fur almost twice every year. This time period is in respect to cats that have outdoor access. They shed off their winter coat in spring and their summer coat in anticipation of winter. However, their shedding cycles are interconnected with the amount of sunlight a cat is exposed to.

Domesticated cats that are kept indoors all day long with air conditioning and heating tend to shed all year long. This is because their biological systems are confused and unable to keep up with the constantly changing temperatures or the stabilized temperature of the indoor home. Thus, instead of shedding their coats twice a year, their bodies respond by shedding constantly.

According to Lynn Paolillo, a certified feline master groomer of National Cat Groomers Institute, “cats who have access to the outdoors typically shed twice a year: in spring to lose the heavy winter undercoat and in fall to prepare for the ‘grow-in’ of the next winter’s undercoat.”

Best Cat Brush
Image by K L from Pixabay

Thus, under normal circumstances, you need not worry about your feline leaving behind a trail. As all cat parents are well aware that cats are efficient groomers. Anytime they are not napping or giving you the side-eye that you can’t quite decipher, they’re maintaining their fur and their cleanliness. It’s one of their redeeming qualities.

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However, this is where the need for a brush factors in. You see, when cats lick themselves clean, there is a high chance that they ingest some of the micro hair or hairballs present in their coat. That is not healthy for your cat and could cause respiratory and health issues to your otherwise perfect pet.

A regular upkeep in which you groom your feline is essential. It helps in detangling their coat and removal of any excess hairballs hidden in your pet’s fur that could cause health issues. A regular grooming session also guarantees lower shedding. It improves the circulation of blood throughout the body and allows all dead hair to filter out with each swipe.

When to Worry?

Not to alarm any pet parents out there, but there could be a chance that your feline friend is shedding due to an underlying cause. A number of factors could be causing that spurge in hair fall in your cats. Ringworm, allergies, skin inflammation, fleas, even sunburn, or a lacking diet could cause excessive shedding. Be sure to check for evidence of scratching or bite marks, a balanced meal for your pet, and if you think something doesn’t sit right.

A regular check and balance of the texture, appearance, and existence of bald spots would aid you in staying on top of any pet-related emergency. A healthy, shiny coat is a sign of good health for your feline.

Similarly, dietary supplements can also help in your cat’s shedding issue. A diet in high animal protein would ensure healthy fur and no deficiencies. Cats’ hair is essentially made of protein and has a life cycle of growth, repair, and death. Thus, routine shedding is normal and generally not a cause for alarm.

However, when in doubt, always be ready for a trip to the vet for confirmation.

Otherwise, now you’re aware of all the best cat brushes out there and need to look no further. Here’s to shinier fur and cleaner homes!

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