Do you have a cuddly cat that loves to jump and hang out in your lap? Does your cat love to lay on your chest? Does your cat love to snuggle in bed with you? Do you ever wonder why your cat chooses to sleep on top of you, in your lap, or in your bed?

You might be thinking that your cat loves you, and that’s why she loves to sleep with you.

Well, that could be the case, but there is another angle—it probably is the cuddly, comforting sensation of your lap that your cat craves for.

Have you been looking for a way to satiate your cat’s craving for a cuddling sensation? Cat hammock is the answer to all your questions. Cat hammock provides the same sensation and feeling to cats as being in the lap of their favorite person’s laps.

Why Do Cats Climb up in High Places?

Cats are known to have a penchant—and prowess—for climbing. Now domesticated, our feline friends used to roam around in the wild forests, where they were predators as well as prey. When being chased by a predator, they often used to climb up high for their safety. According to the feline behavior experts, cats love to perch up high and hang out in places where they have good vantage points so that they could easily spot a potential threat lurking around them.

Traditionally, cat owners used to bring home cat trees to provide their furry friends with something to climb on. Cat trees provide a great vertical space for our cats and make many different parts of the house accessible to them.

Hammock for Cats

Cat trees are great for cats to satiate their craving for climbing, but it does not offer them any space to relax at height. This is where cat hammocks come in. Cat hammocks not only provide your cat something to jump on and from but also recline and swing.

Do you love hanging out in a hammock? Of course! Who doesn’t?

Do you ever wonder if your cat would like reclining in a hammock? Would your cat appreciate leaping into something that is not only high but also swinging?

Surprisingly, most cats do.

In fact, our cats prefer to sleep in high places—they feel safe. Cat hammocks do not take up a large place like a bulky pet bed. With a cat hammock, you can provide a very cozy and safe place for your furry friends. Not to mention how adorable your cat will look chilling out in a cat hammock—like a queen on her throne.

Choosing a Cat Hammock

Are you thinking of giving your furry fella a cat hammock on her coming birthday? Or have you not bought a present for your feline friend in a very long time? Are you thinking of getting her a cat hammock?


A cat hammock would be a great gift for your cat. She would love to lounge in the cozy hammock that you bought but keep in mind that this might reduce the time that your cat spends in your lap or bed with you.

Here are some of the factors you should consider while looking for a cat hammock for your four-legged friend.

If you have a small square space, you should look for a cat hammock with a smaller base. Similarly, if there is no floor space, you can look into a cat window bed hammock. Cat tower with a hammock will be a good option if you have some little floor and more vertical space.

So before getting one, you should look carefully if the cat hammock that you are buying will be a perfect fit not only for your home but also for your kitty.

Keep in mind that cats are very mindful about their cleanliness, they won’t step on anything unclean. So if the cat hammock gets dirty and it is un-washable, it will be of no use to your kitty. 

Best Cat Hammocks

Did you just look up cat hammock on Google? Are you overwhelmed by the variety of hammocks for cats—including cat hanging bed, cat bed swing, cat tree with hammock, cat windowsill bed, wall mounted cat hammock, suction cup cat hammock, cat condo with hammock, macrame cat bed, and window perch for cats—available out there?

Are you unable to figure out which one would be perfect for your cat?

You are not alone, every cat owner that goes shopping for their feline friend has to go through this—they want to get everything for their cats. But unfortunately, we cannot do that. It would not only break our banks but would also fill out our homes.

To spare you from the cumbersome task of going through the whole pantry of cat hammocks, we have reviewed some of the top cat hammocks available out there.

BrandCustomer RatingEasy to AssembleSturdinessItem Dimension
Big Nose4.44.54.515.75 x 11.81 x 5.31 inches
KARCEEY4.34.64.445 x 18.5 x 18.5 inches
YAHEETECH4.84.64.531.5 x 21.5 x 69.5 inches
Mocohana4. x 9.45 x 9.45 inches
PAOPO4.34.54.520.8 x 18.8 x 5.2inch

BIG NOSE- Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post Multi-Level Cat Shelves

Everything about this cat hammock by Big Nose has been clearly stated by its name—it is a long scratching post mounted against the wall having a total height of 43 inches. It comes along with a sunny cat hammock and two wooden steps attached to it.

The great thing about this cat hammock is that it can be reordered—you cannot only adjust the diameter of the scratching post but can also rearrange the steps and hammock. You can unscrew the steps and cat hammock and arrange it as you want.

You can have step1+hammock+step2 or step1+step2+hammock, or maybe you can have the hammock at the lowest position. If your cat loves to climb and perch at the top, you can consider adding another multilevel on it. Everything used in the making of the hammock can be either reused or recycled.

If any component of the cat hammock is damaged or has gone missing, you won’t have to get the whole thing again. Instead, you can get specific components from the Big Nose store. If you don’t have ample room for a cat bed for your cat, this is a perfect choice for you. It will take no floor space if you mount it on the wall.

KARCEEY Macrame Hanging Cat Bed with Hanging Kit for Indoor Cats

This is a great choice if your cat loves to lounge in a swing. Hand-woven, off-white, hanging cat bed would not only provide comfort to your cat but would also be a seamless addition to your home décor.

It has a round-shaped bed at the bottom, making it a great choice for cats who love to curl up. It is made of heavy-duty cotton, so it’s very safe and sturdy. Your cat may take some time to get comfortable with this new hanging cat bed, but once she catches up, it will surely be her second favorite place—the first being your lap and chest.

It is very easy to assemble and easily washable.


Yaheetech 69.5in Multi-Level Cat Tree Tower Condo Furniture

Want to spoil your cat? Get her this luxurious cat tree tower condo. We bet both you and your cat would love this luxury feline castle.

This cat tree tower condo provides varying sleeping experiences to your cat—sleeping in the hanging hammock, taking a nap in the roomy condo, or lounging in the perch at the top. Provided with this cat tree tower condo, your cat will stay active all the time.

She would be climbing up and down and play with the ball hanging on top, as she pleases. The tree tower is made of solid material and well-balanced, so you do not have to worry about its stability. If you still have some doubts, you can use the wall anchor strap (it come with the tower) to make it extra stable.

It comes along with instructions that make it quite easy to assemble. This tower would not only be a lavish condo for your cat but would also complement the décor of your condo.

MOCOHANA Wooden Wall-Mounted Cat Bridge

This captivating cat bridge is a great option for you if you do not have much floor space. You can easily install it on the wall. The bridge offers ample space for our feline friends to do what they do the most—sleep comfortably, jump, or walk.

You can determine the height of the bridge depending on the liking of your cat. If she loves to perch up high, you can place it at height, where your cat would have a vantage point and could stay aware of what’s going around.

This cat bridge is more sturdy and comfortable than it might look. It is a bit costly and may also take your time to assemble it but seeing your cat appreciate it, you will know that it was worth every penny and minute.

This would also be great home décor.

Cat Lounge Bed,Cat Hammock Cat Bed Pet Cot Cats and Small Dogs Hammock Lounge, Detachable Portable Indoor/Outdoor Use

If your cat seems not to be a big fan of hanging cat beds or wall-mounted perches and you seem to have some floor space, a cat lounge bed would be a great choice for you. It is simple but comfortable for both indoor and outdoor occasions.

This cat bed is suspended—a few inches above the floor. The cat bed is made of moisture-proof and breathable canvas fabric, making it a perfect choice for a pet. It is a great choice for both cats and dogs weighing no more than 39lbs. if you feel like the canvas fabric has gotten dirty, you can throw it in the machine.

It will also dry off quickly. In addition to the canvas fabric, it comes along with four long logs and two short logs of natural pine.

So, have you found a perfect cat hammock for your cat?

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