Top 10 Lazy Dog Breeds for Lazy Dog Lovers

Top 10 Lazy Dog Breeds for Lazy Dog Lovers

Lazy dog breeds

Are you a fan of lazy dog breeds? Maybe not. But picture yourself chilling on your couch after a long week.  Your dog comes near you, starts pulling your shirt, rolls over you, licks you, and this continues for the next 30 mins.

Didn’t like it?

Let’s start again!

Imagine you are chilling on your couch after a long week. Your dog comes near to you, either he sits right next to your feet, or calmly sits on your couch, without disturbing you or demanding any pet pat.

Now, you might like it! (We understand your feeling, because it’s hard to play with your dog all the time). If you want a companion to binge-watch movies with and enjoy your moments of leisure, look no further!

Here is the list of the top 10 lazy dog breeds that may match your preference and go well with your busy lifestyle.

1. Chow Chow

Lazy dog breeds

Chow Chow tops the list of lazy dog breeds. These furry little fellas are very sensitive to heat, so hanging out and playing doesn’t seem like fun to them. Rather they enjoy their time lying in bed and watching TV. You can join her if you want to!

2. Pug

Lazy dog breeds

Well, pugs are not embarrassed by the fact that they are extremely lazy dogs. Just feed them and take them out to litter, they are always calm and want nothing else from you — except, maybe, some cuddles!

3. English Bulldog

Lazy dog breeds

These dogs also have the problem of getting overheated while playing. Guess what do they do to avoid overheating? Nothing! Yeah, really nothing at all! They will just eat, sleep, eliminate, eat, sleep… and this loop continues.

The perfect summer afternoons for lazy bulldogs include an air-conditioned room, a cozy couch, and the company of his favorite human buddy—you!

4. Basset Hounds

Lazy dog breeds

These dudes are so sleepy, so sleepy that even you’d feel sleepy after seeing their always full-of-sleep eyes. By far, Basset hounds are considered to be the laziest and calm dog breed.

They do run wild but only in their dreams. In real life, they get tired and sweaty—something they don’t like at all. Instead, they find getting to sleep an avenue enough for releasing all the pent-up energy.

5. Chinese Crested

Lazy dog breeds

Though they don’t have extra balls of fur, they have very sensitive skin. If exposed to the sun they could get sunburns. Also, their energy levels are really low, which means they get tired after minutes of playing and would like to rest and enjoy afterward. If you are hypoallergenic and have a busy lifestyle, Chinese Crested is a perfect choice.

6. Bullmastiff

Lazy dog breeds

First look at them and you’d possibly think that they must be very energetic and athletic. They sure are powerful but when it comes to resting they consider themselves as little babies.

Just for your info, Bullmastiff sleeps 20hrs a day. If you only wish for the presence of a dog buddy around you, Bullmastiff is one of the laziest dog breeds to adopt.

7. Maltese

Lazy dog breeds

Toy breed, furry, cute, hypoallergenic, and lazy. If you are looking for these qualities while identifying a dog for you, then Maltese is at your service. And…they are really cute!

8. St. Bernard

Lazy dog breeds

What do you feel if you have been through a hectic day? Extremely tired, feeling lazy, and unable to get up? Well, this is the feeling your St. Bernard has all the time. They are too tired for merely getting up!

9. Miniature Pinscher

Lazy dog breeds

Your cute little Min Pin!

At some point in your life, you might have come across a baby, whom you could never get to laugh at. No matter what you try that baby will just stare at you, not responding at all—as if they are devoid of laughs!

Well in the dog world, such babies are the Min Pins. They are so lazy that sometimes even their favorite treat won’t get them up!

10. Tibetan Spaniel

Lazy dog breeds

These guys do have high energy levels, but their energy doesn’t last long. Just some short jumps and they’d be done for the rest of the day. Overall, they are considered lazy hypoallergenic dogs. They like snuggling, cuddling, patting, and sitting by your feet. What else can you wish for?!

Above are the qualifiers of the 10 lazy dog breeds. You must remember that though these dogs don’t like to move, you have to make them exercise daily. Else they would just sit there and get obese which is not good for their health.

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