There are many breeds of dogs, and every breed is different from the other based on its nature, abilities, and reaction to certain stimuli. While looking for a pet, most people prefer comfort both for the animal and themselves. But comfort is a relative term. Some dogs find comfort in intensive activities; others prefer to stay in couch day and night.

The same is true for dog owners, too. Some want dogs with high energy levels, always ready to respond to every situation, and love running and hiking. And some like to have a calm buddy who can stay with them on the couch and just enjoy their company.

Many people, especially the elderly and those having busy schedules, prefer calm and easygoing dogs. It is obvious—they easily adapt to the changing environments, and don’t require much activity to be happy and feel loved.

Calmest Dog Breeds

Some of us may think that small dogs make less noise and are calmer than the big ones, but according to Patrick Mahaney, a vet based in LA., this is not true. The peaceful nature of dogs does not depend upon their size. It is basically in their breed and nature of the environment in which they grow. Some dogs are calm when they are alone, but once they share their space with other animals, their nature dramatically changes. On the other hand, some dogs have a personality to stay put when they are in groups or herds.

As American Kennel Club puts it, “calm dog breeds are expected to maintain composure in certain situations. They’re able to react to stimuli in a measured way, often without growling, lunging, or showing signs of stress.”  

So what are some of the calmest dog breeds? Read on and you will find one, suitable to you, your preferences, and lifestyle.

Bernese Mountain DogsPub
Bergamasco SheepdogFrench Bulldog
Irish WolfhoundCavalier King Charles Spaniel
Saint Bernard

Maybe most people do not like calm breeds. Rather, they like high-energy dogs. We will always avoid generalizations or sweeping statements. 

1. Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bernese Mountain Dogs are large-sized dogs, having a height range of 76-90 cm, and weight between 32 to 50 Kg. They are cheerful and have a soft, affectionate nature with no temperament issues. Their strength can intimidate anyone as they are big in size, but they are friendly dogs, easily getting along with kids and family. With a beautiful tri-colored coat, they have distinct markings on their face and coat, and which is considered their breed hallmarks.

They can be trained easily because of their cordial nature and open heart, but they are sensitive to harsh training methods. They are easy to maintain as they are considered healthy dogs; however, they do need regular checkups. Overall, they are one of the most suitable dogs from the calmest dog breeds, especially for families with children and tight schedules.

2. Pug 

According to American Kennel Club, Pug ranks 28 out of 197 breeds of dogs. Pugs are small animals with their size and weight ranging from 25 to 33 cm and 6 to 8 kg, respectively.

They are considered one of the calmest dog breeds. They have playful nature as they love to run and move around. They are known as the pet that lives to love and to be loved. Pugs are the most adorable, calmest dog breed with human-like expressions for happiness, shock, smile, and sadness. Their small size, round head with a wrinkly face, and shiny eyes make them even more adorable.

Pug is suited to moderate climates, not too cold and not too hot. The only drawback of having Pug is their frequent shedding, which makes them not suitable for people with dog allergies. They have a nature of eagerness to please; therefore, they are easy to be trained. They require regular trimming to keep them in form.

3. Bergamasco Sheepdog

Calmest Dog Breeds-keeping-pet-Pug
Image by Sonja Kalee from Pixabay

One of the calmest dog breeds but rank 187 out of 197 on AKC Breed Popularity. Their size ranges from 58cm to 60cm, and their weight is between 26 and 31 Kg. Bergamasco Sheepdog is a large dog with a pedigree going back to ancient times. They are loyal, trainable, and loving pets with a lively nature. They are maintenance-free pets, and don’t shed, so they don’t require regular brushing.

They are happy with kids, family, and other pets. Bergamasco Sheepdog doesn’t trust easily—they are wary of strangers and even gets aggressive. They have powerful protective instincts and have temperament issues; but once got along, they become comfortable. They don’t require any shaving but their nails should be trimmed regularly.

4. Irish wolfhound

Calmest Dog Breeds-keeping-pet-Irish wolfhound

They belong to the big calmest dog breeds; their size may fool most people as they appear formidable. But they are not threatening and have a very soft disposition. Their height—which is their defining characteristic—ranges from 76 to 81cm, and weigh between 47 and 54Kg.

They are very calm, lovable, and even-tempered companions. Irish Wolfhounds are considered big, stoic, and shaggy animals with a peaceful yet protective nature. They are considered too serene to be guard dogs, but their size and appearance can be intimidating. Since they might show hostility to strangers, therefore, socialization training will be necessary for them. They occasionally shed but not too much.

They require plenty of space for their activities, such as stretching and relaxing. Therefore, they are not suitable for people with little space. They are best for families with kids as they are kind to them and love to interact with people.

5. French Bulldog

They are one of the most adorable and calmest dog breeds with small sizes. Their size varies from 27 to 33 cm, and weight ranges from 8 to 12 Kg. They are friendly and affectionate. But all of the above, French Bulldogs have a top-notch ability to stay calm in every situation. They have large bat ears, which is the hallmark feature of this breed. They don’t bark but are significantly alert, making them one of the best watchdogs.

They have an open-heart, friendly temperament, and can quickly adapt to a particular habitat. They are primarily suitable for people living in small spaces as they don’t require much space. They are easy to maintain, requiring only occasional grooming. The only problem with French Bulldogs is their frequent shedding—thus, not suitable for people with allergies.

They have charming features with beautiful expressions, making them one of the most favorite pet in the calmest dog breeds category. They can share their space with other animals, unlike many other calmest dog breeds.

6. Bullmastiff

Bullmastiffs are large muscular dogs, with their sizes ranging from 60 to 68 cm, and weighing between 45 to 58 kg. Bullmastiffs are calm, playful, family-friendly, and affectionate dogs with strong protective instincts. They are docile at home but fearless at work or outside. They have a large head with dark eyes and v-shaped ears.

Bullmastiffs are famous for their alertness and intelligence. They are calm in nature but excellent for guarding purposes because of their strong-boned and muscular appearance. They are gentle with the people they know and with the kids.

Bullmastiff are not hypoallergenic dogs; they frequently shed. While they do love outdoor plays, what they cannot do is to share their space with other animals.

7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is considered as all-around beauty with grace and even-tempered nature. With 30-32 cm size and around 6-8 Kg weight, they are known as dogdom’s noblemen. They have large eyes and a richly colored silky coat with four different varieties. Cavalier has sporty nature, having it inherited from their spaniel ancestors. They are athletic, enjoy running, catching balls, and hiking. 

One of the main characteristics that differentiate cavalier from other calmest dog breeds is their adaptability. They required ample time and attention from their keepers; that they are disposed to being in lap or feet all the time, and if left alone for a long time, they do not feel well.

8. Bolognese

Having originated from Bologna, Italy, Bolognese belong to small clam dog breeds with a size range of 25-30 cm and weight about 2-3 kg. They are small, squarely built, and stocky. They have a long pure white fluffy coat.

Like Spaniels, they get attached to their owners. They get anxious when they are left alone for an extended period, making them not suitable pets for people with strict working schedules. They do well on high-quality dog food, but it could be home-prepared or canned food. Apart from their small size, they are also non-shedding animals. They require regular trimming of hair around their eyes for sanitary purposes. They are easy to maintain as there are no related health issues. In some cases, only trick knees and eyes anomalies occur. 

9. Saint Bernard

Their height ranges from 66 to 76 cm, and their weight around 54-82 Kg. According to AKC, they are not ranked much higher against other dog breeds but still, they are one of the most beloved and calmest dog breeds.

St. Bernard has dark eyes on a massive head with wrinkled brow and friendly expressions around the face, making them one attractive dog. They don’t bark much, they are very calm and tend to protect their owners. They are well known for their patience, and being watchful and careful with the children. They look after and respond readily to dangerous situations.

They quickly adapt to changing environments, and can be easily trained for socialization and obedience. St. Bernard require weekly brushing to remove dirt, fleas, etc. from the fur and lose hair to avoid any infection. They are most suitable for kids and people who can afford to give enough time and attention to their dogs.

10. Newfoundland

With soft and calm expressions on their majestic heads, Newfoundland are one of the calmest dog breeds with large sizes. Their height ranges between 66 and 72cm, and their weight varies around 45-68 Kg. They have a flat outer coat, and are also known as noble giants because of their massive size, clam behavior, and affinity with children. They are protective around their owners and families.

Newfoundland Dogs are considered powerful workings dog with a dignified bearing. They are low maintenance, requiring brushing only once a week to clean their heavy coat and remove any dead hair. Since they also require plenty of space for their activities, they are best suitable for people with enough space. They can be easily trained, but respond only to the gentle guidance methods of training

We can’t say all the dogs have calm nature; they are distinct in their own ways. Some are calm around people, and others can get cranky. Similarly, some cannot share their space with other animals, yet others love to be around other pets. Much depends on the owners’ preferences, space, and schedules.

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