One thing that all dog parents find difficult is how to name their pup? While some parents have already thought of a name by relating it to their departed family member, old pet, or any other thing they find a spiritual or emotional connection to. Other dog parents keep this task to the last minute.

Honestly, the internet has almost thousands of options for you to choose from, and this plethora of options will only get you confused.

Naming My Chihuahua

When I had to name my dog, it was a head-scratching conundrum, literally. I had to brainstorm for two or three days to find a unique, short moniker that mirrored the characteristics of my dog. I had a brown merle Chihuahua, and after a good amount of mental exertion, I found a perfect name for him, ‘Chocolate Chip’—he was brownish, having dark spots on his itsy-bitsy body.

One of my friends brought a Chiweenie, and the next morning, her dog had peed everywhere and was throwing mood tantrums. So she named him Peanuts—pee and nuts.

You can name your dog relating to his characteristics or his area of origin. In the US, there are almost 197 dog breeds that have been recognized by the AKC, and a good number of those dogs have come from European countries such as Great Britain, Scotland, Germany, and Italy. From Italy comes the giant Cane Corso, sleek Italian Greyhound, foxy Volpino, furry Bolognese teacup dog, etc.

So, if you have an Italian dog, have any connection to Italy (Rome), or just want your dog to have a different name, here is a list of around 100 Italian dog names—all from colloquial Italian.

Why Name Your Dog?

A name is like a cue using which you can develop a bond with your dog. Though dogs won’t understand what the word means, constantly listening to a single word will make them familiar with the fact that you want them to listen to you when you say this specific word. Naming will help you get their due attention in normal routines as well as during dog training sessions.

Common Italian Female Dog Names

Agate is the name of exquisitely patterned mineral rock. If your dog has stripes and a mix of different shades, the word ‘Agate’ will do justice to her beauty.

This female Italian name garnered popularity when Giuseppe Verdi used it in his famous Opera ‘Aida’.

This name is perfect for hunting dogs because they have a high tendency to escape and follow their smelling instincts.

If you have a female Cane Corso that is well-trained to guard and protect, I’d suggest you call her Alonza.

For a Bolognese dog or a Bichon Frise having white fur and a winsome appearance, Angela is the word!

Some dogs have smooth howling vocals, and naming them Aria will perfectly encapsulate her talent—in one word. 

Personally, I like the word ‘Bambi’. It gives the impression of a cute little girl running down the street with a kite in her hand. This name suits a toy or teacup dog. 

You’d know when to use this word. In my opinion, it will go well with large-sized female dogs such as Maremma Sheepdog, Bergamasco Sheepdog, or Volpino.

This is a beautiful name, and I think every female dog is Beatrice. Nevertheless, since this word is a little hard on the tongue, it’s a better pick for a calm and obedient dog responding on the very first call.

Relating it to the Linden tree, Belinda is a good name for dogs having thick and dense double coats.

If you own a cotton white pooch, this Italian dog name will complement her beautiful physical appearance.

A brown Cane Corso is the perfect candidate for this name. While searching for names for my brown Chihuahua, I didn’t come across this name, else this would have been a perfect name for her.

Know Cara Delevingne? Her name has Italian roots. Cara is a disyllabic word, but you can say this word repeatedly, without pressure on your tongue, while calling an overly active dog who doesn’t listen to your first call.

Suitable for a dog having a dominant nature and a sleek hard coat. Fawn female Cane Corso is the true embodiment of this name. Got one? Name her Cira.

Dogs that have satiny furs such as Volpino or a plain single coat such as Greyhounds or Cirneco dell’Etna deserve the name Clariss.

This is a general name that doesn’t elucidate the appearance of a dog. It can go along with any breed, be it Sardinian Shepherd or a Dogo Sardo.

Elda is an Italian form of the German name ‘Hilda,’ meaning ‘fighting a war.’ This name is appropriate for female guard dogs.

A common Italian name that has its origin in Arabic, Greek, Spanish, and Hebrew as well.

A female dog having glistening eyes and a clear coat can be named Elena.

Fabia happens to be independent, highly ambitious, creative, and a bit self-centered. A person with this name tends to neglect others’ feelings, doesn’t like to be guided or sympathized with, and has a free soul. A dog having leadership qualities can certainly be called Fabia.

This is a gender-oriented and appearance-related name, best for a long-haired golden Segugio dell’Appennino or golden Volpino Italiano. But if you have an Afghan Hound, this will be the exact name for her.

In Italian history, a female named Gemma was canonized as a saint in 1940. The name points to sanity and nobleness, which will do good for a dog with a calm demeanor.

This word is quite popular in Christianity as its followers say grace before their meals. This is a gender-neutral name though it gives a feminine vibe.

The name indicates that its bearer will be territorial, domineering, and formidable. Chow Chow dogs embody the appearance of a lion and can be named Leola.

This name sounds similar to Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonora is the female version Italian named Leonardo. So if your dog is that charming, go ahead and call dibs on this name.

The lily flower is the emblem of purity and fertility. The simple and pure beauty of the lilies is associated with fresh life and rebirth.

The word ‘Lunetta’ is imbued with cosseting and coddling, it’s like when you are squishing your dog’s cheek and calling her, “oh my little moon! I love you so much.”

This name is specific for the occasion of Christmas. If you are planning to gift a dog or adopt one for yourself on Christmas, name her Natala.

For a dog who is quiet, lazy, and obedient, Pia would be a nice moniker.

Though it doesn’t relate to any quality of dogs directly, it’s a nice word, and you have a right to name them whatever you want.

Who doesn’t know this name, our very favorite Jennifer Aniston has made ‘Rachelle’ a household name with her splendid acting skills in ‘Friends.’

Roma means ‘from Rome’, and Rome is the capital of Italy. If you have a dog of Italian breed, ‘Roma’ has an absolute victory over other names.

Common Italian Dog Names Male

Aberto is the name for males and fits with the dogs with noble ancestries, such as Italian Grey Hounds, Maltese, and Shih Tzus.

Though the meaning of this name is not catchy, the word itself is one syllable, so it will be easy for you to call your dog “hey Aldo, come here.”

Angelo is a gender-neutral name. Whether it’s a puffy female dog or a fluffy male, you can call him Angelo.

Dogs having a bite force over 200 PSI and having sharp nails can be called a Brando. This name is quite popular in the US too after the Oscar-winner actor Marlon Brando from the movie ‘The Godfather.’

Corrado is the Italian variant of the German name ‘Conrad.’ Dogs are known for their bravery. Be it a giant dog like the Great Dane or a small dog like a Chihuahua, all of them are brave and don’t fear danger. So, almost all dogs can be named Corrado.

Name Dante is for those dogs that have a long life expectancy. Small-sized dogs such as Chihuahuas, Chiweenies, Pomeranians, Maltese, Dachshund, etc., have a lifespan of up to 16 to 20 years and can be named Dante.

I don’t know under which rock you have been living if you haven’t heard about the adorable red monster Elmo from the season Sesame Street. If you have a toy dog having aggression issues, name him Elmo.

Chihuahuas are real home rulers. There are other dog breeds, such as French Bulldogs, Bichon Frises, Shih Tzus, and so on, that are possessive about their territory unless they have been under socialization training. Owing to their small dog syndrome, they gave them the name Enzo.

Bravery, dominance, and aggression are the characteristics of a guard dog, and any name that refers to these qualities can be used for him. Italian Shepherds, German Shepherds, Dogo Sardo, and other giant dogs come under this category.

Bring a dog, name him Faust, and wait for the fortunes of love and loyalty to be showered upon you. 100% guaranteed.

Gino is another one-syllable synonym of Dante. Any of your dogs will live in your heart forever, so you can give this name to any dog breed.

Guido was a popular name in Renaissance Italy, with many popular name bearers, including painter Guido di Pietro. It’s a good name for pointing, hunting, and gun dog breeds.

Toy or teacup dogs truly deserve the name ‘Ilario’. They are endearing, delightful, and fill hearts with their clownish acts, so not calling them Ilario will be unfair to them.

If your dog is from the protective dog breed, and has sharp teeth and whetted claws, he has earned the title of ‘Lanza.’

The name ‘Luigi’ got popular after an Italian prince Luigi Amedeo, Duke of the Abruzzi, who is known for his adventures in the Arctic and expeditions in mountaineering.

Is your buddy high-energy? It is Luigi.

Remember Marco Polo? He was a Venetian merchant, adventurer, and travel blogger who traveled through Asia along the Silk Road between 1271 and 1295 and lived with Mongols.

If your dog has a penchant for exploration, or if it is from the fastest dog breed, you can call him Marco.

If you are a fan of Johnny Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean, you must know Orlando Bloom. And if not that, he is the husband of Katy Perry and appeared as a handsome elf hunk in the trilogy Lord of the Rings. 

It is the variant of the name ‘Paul.’ This is another option on the list of Italian dog names for a teacup or small dog breeds.

Primo is an Italian word that originated from the word ‘Primus.’ If you have two or three dogs, you may call the first one Primo. Or, if your dog has given birth, then call the very first one from the litter Primo.

Just like the word Primo, you can use the word Renzo for the third puppy from the litter.

For a lazy dog like Bulldog, Pug, Chow Chow, or Miniature Pinscher, ‘Rocco’ will be congruent to their disposition.

Just like a female name Roma, Romano is the name that explicitly explains that your dog has an Italian Origin.

Well, well, well, if it isn’t the name of our very own famous lover from Shakespeare’s play ‘Romeo and Juliet.’

If your puppy is extra possessive, loyal, gets separation anxiety, and cuddles with you all the time, he is your Romeo.

Italian Dog Names Based on Their Looks and Characteristics

Here are some other names for Italian names for dogs that you can choose from.


Badass Italian Dog Names

Do you have a strong guard dog, or maybe one of the aggressive dog breeds? No wonder you are looking for a badass dog name that would represent the daunting first impression of your dog. Below I have enlisted some of the badass Italian dog names that you can find.


Italian Food Names For Dogs

Are you a foodie? Perhaps you want to give your new furry friend a name based on Italian cuisine. Well, below is a list of Italian food names for dogs.


Italian Dog Names based on Italian Fashion Brands

If you are a fashionable person, perhaps you want to name your dog based on your favorite fashion brand or designer. Below we have enlisted some Italian dog names based on famous Italian fashion brands and fashion designers.

MarniMiu MiuCalzedoniaGucci

Italian Dog Names Based on Famous Italians

Are you inspired by Italian history? Do you want to name your four-legged friend after a famous Italian—artist, author, explorer? Below we have listed some Italian dog names derived from the names of the most popular Italian figures.

Da VinciNiccoloGalileoTitian

Italian Dog Names based on Gods and Goddesses of Pagan Rome

Our Furry friends are the kings and queens of our house. So, they deserve a mythological name that portrays their status in the house. It does not matter if your dog is a high-energy dog breed or a lazy dog breed; they can rock a mythological name.


Here ends the list of most popular Italian dog names. I have provided a list of Italian female dog names as well as Italian boy dog names. I have tried explaining the meanings thoroughly.

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