As the old saying goes, dogs are loyal. But loyalty is not the only quality of dogs. Over centuries, dogs have been protecting herds, crops, ranches, and homes. But not all dogs are best for protection.

If you intend to protect your family or guard your house, protection dogs are the ones you need. Not only these dogs are intelligent enough to know who is the intruder and who is family, they are also good at playing with you and your children.

Before you decide which protection dog to buy, have a look at the following list of the 11 best dog breeds for protection.

11. Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro-best dog breeds for protection-keeping-pet

Weighing 57 to 82 kgs with a bite force of 238 PSI, you can be assured that Fila keeps vigil over you and your family regardless of where you are. This breed is primarily a protection dog that performs its duties at best with little training. It requires some obedience training to perfectly fit with you and your household. Because of his alpha and protective nature towards his owner’s family and possessions, Fila Brasileiro takes no time to become combative when he senses a threat.

10. Boxer

Boxer-best dog breeds for protection-keeping-pet

They really do have an intimidating look, don’t they?

If you know someone with a Boxer, chances are that you’ve noticed them being gentle and gregarious around their owners but daunting and aggressive when it comes to strangers. To ensure your Boxie stays at the top of his game as a protection dog, it is important to socialize your dog with others and train them to listen to your commands. Otherwise, these dogs with 23-32kg weight and a bite force of 230 psi can physically injure intruders. Their powerful muscles are ripped, strong, and seem to be tight beneath the skin.

9. Great Pyrenes

Great Pyrenes-best dog breeds for protection-keeping-pet

Protection dogs like Great Pyrenees require a human companion, so leaving them alone for extended periods of time would not be a good idea. They have 900 PSI bite force and 50 to 54kgs weight, making them difficult to handle by untrained owners. In general, they are loving, kind, and good companions, but they tend to bark and get aggressive towards strangers they don’t trust. Their posture is enquiring, and their temperament calm and patient.

8. American Bulldog

American Bulldog-best dog breeds for protection-keeping-pet

Playful and friendly, American Bulldogs are devoted to their family. The patience and protective demeanor they possess have earned them the reputation of one of the best dog breeds for protection. As protectors and family guardians, they take their duties seriously and are ready to face threats. It’s better to train them how to socialize at their early ages so that they won’t get aggressive to the neighbors or other pets. Generally, they have a weight o faround 27 to 54 kgs, with a bite force of 305 PSI—imagine how frightening they might be to strangers.

7. Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer-best dog breeds for protection-keeping-pet

Giant Schnauzer has a muscular body with a solid structure. Their love and attachment towards their owners is unconditional. But unlike other dogs, they do not cling to their owners—all they need is a little time for exercise and play. Giant Schnauzer weighs around 27 to 46 kgs and has a bite force of 743 psi; therefore, if you are the first-time owner of this dog, be careful about that. They need proper socialization training to live in urban areas without creating troubles—for you and others.

6. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher-best dog breeds for protection-keeping-pet

Dobers have a weight of around 40-45kgs and have a bite force of 228 psi. They are smart and protective, making them perfect for your family. Unlike other protective dogs, they are not much aggressive until they sense a threat from someone or something. In fact, Pinscher is not even threatening towards strangers as long as they do not pose a danger. The best thing about them is that they know they are made for protection—you would not need to train them to protect you. There are, however, some other training that may be necessary for him. An effective training program can hone your dog’s protection capabilities to be an excellent protective dog for humans.

5. Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois-best dog breeds for protection-keeping-pet

The Belgian Malinois is a well-balanced, square dog, elegant in appearance with an exceedingly proud demeanor. They are huge but not bulky and fat. Their physique itself is so intimidating that it can scare people off from a long distance. Belgian Malinois weighs around 25-30 kg, with a pounce force of 195 psi. Their energy levels are exceptionally high, which means that simple walks or jogging wouldn’t be enough for them.

4. German Shepherd

German Shepherd-best dog breeds for protection-keeping-pet

German Shepherds have the reputation and love that no other protective dog breed has received yet. Their style, affection, personality, and how they hold on to their owners have further increased their popularity. Almost every dog owner likes them, which is why the American Kennel Club has ranked them number 2 out of 197 dog breeds. But know that German Shepherds are high-energy dogs. If your lifestyle doesn’t allow you outdoor activities, this dog might not be the best fit for you.

Like other protective dogs, they need a lot of physical movement and mentally stimulating games to keep them both mentally and physically fit. Their weight is around 30 to 40 kgs, and they bite at the rate of 238 psi. They don’t look frightening at first look but don’t be deluded by their enchanting looks! Come a threat and they switch their protective mode on in seconds.

3. Dutch Shepherd

Dutch Shepherd-best dog breeds for protection-keeping-pet

Unlike their cousins, German Shepherds, they are not so good-looking, but they surely are incredible at their job—protecting you. They weigh around 30 kgs and have an attacking force of 224 psi. They are independent as well as dominating in nature. They can be a bit distrustful of outsiders and can bite them—early training and socialization session are vital for them if you don’t want any trouble. The earlier you start training them and making them obedient, the more reliable protection dog for humans they become. Training an adult Dutch shepherd could be difficult if you want to keep them in an urban area. Contact a certified trainer before bringing him into your home.

2. Cane Corso

Cane Corso-best dog breeds for protection-keeping-pet

Cane Corsos are serious guys, look at their faces and you can see the sophistication pouring out. Even if Canes don’t bark or make eye contact, they can still intimidate strangers by the grim look on their faces. They are highly energetic and active, and you have to keep them so. A lack of exercise can make them feel really bored, leading to unwanted behavioral issues. It’s best to keep them in fenced yards to avoid altercations with other animals or people. Cane Corso weighs around 45-50kg and has a high attacking force of 700 PSI. Think what he can do to those he doesn’t like! If you are first time owner, think twice before adopting this breed.

1. Rottweiler

Rottweiler-best dog breeds for protection-keeping-pet

Though other dogs are no lesser than Rottweiler, the reason they top this list of best protection dogs is that they are good at all things: protection, playfulness, intelligence, obedience, love, and much more. Rottweilers have a pounce strength of 328 PSI and weigh around 50 to 60kgs. This dog can become an excellent protection dog if adequately trained.

Be very careful while bringing a protective dog to the house. These dogs need a lot of attention, food, training, exercises, playtime, cognition stimulating activities, and supervision. If you are capable enough to meet all these requirements, you can go for it. Keeping Pet recommends consulting a dog trainer before bringing one of these 11 best dog breeds for protection.

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