As a dedicated cat enthusiast, you would have probably heard of several domestic and designer crossbreeds, but have you ever envisaged which domestic cat breed is the largest? With hundreds of cat breeds worldwide, people find the task challenging to choose the best cat that can perfectly fit their lifestyle. That said, several cat lovers prefer to own domestic cats with exquisite qualities of the wild.

Chausie—a cross between the Abyssinian and a few jungle cat breeds—is one of the largest domestic cat breeds to exist today. They are known for their playfulness, wild looks, and super athletic bodies. Nevertheless, before we dig further, let’s get a brief overview of the Chausie cat’s history, temperament, size, grooming, and so much more.

History and Origin       

Even though there is no detailed history of the Chausie cat, it is believed that they originated in Egypt in the early ancient times when people would domesticate cats or even mummify them. However, in 1990, a group of jungle cats from the swamp of South Central Asia was bred with the Abysinnians. The result was the Chausie cat. Since then, the Chausie cats have been in high demand among cat lovers throughout the world. In 2013, the Chausie was officially registered and awarded the championship status by the International Cat Association (TICA).

Breed Characteristics


As mentioned earlier, the Chausie inherit more of the wild cat genes, which means they are highly active and require long stints to exert their energy during the day. They are also intelligent and would need a high degree of interaction and mind-challenging activities. Surprisingly, Chausie cats also enjoy water, walking on leashes, and adventurous activities.



Weight: 6-9 kg

Height: 35-45 cms


Weight: 4-6 kg

Height: 35-45 cms


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The Chausie is a medium to large cat with a muscular and long body, a rectangular torso, a deep chest, and flat sides. Their forehead is long and sloping with high cheekbones and a long muzzle. Chausie cats have broad noses and slightly rounded chins. However, their tails are comparatively shorter than other cat breeds.

Coat Type and Grooming

The Chausie cats have short and slight coarse coats that can be either solid black, grizzled tabby, or brown tabby. As Chausies are low shedders, brushing their coats twice a week would suffice. That said, it is highly advised that you keep a regular check on your Chausie’s ears to remove any built-up debris and unhealthy wax with a pH-balanced ear cleaner. If your cat is frequently active, you would not need to trim its nails. However, it is important to keep a check on Chausie’s nails from time to time.


As mentioned earlier, wild cats are robust and generally healthy—they are not prone to many diseases. However, the Chausie cat may inherit some health conditions from the Abyssinian parent that include:

Minor Issues

  • Obesity
  • Serious Issues

  • Intestinal Diseases
  • Training

    Chausies are naturally athletic—they do not like to be trained. However, you can teach your cat to play fetch and other fun activities to ensure she exerts the built-in energy.

    Diet and Food Requirements

    Cats are carnivores—they mostly require nutrients that are only found in animal products. You can free freed your Chausie or plan a nutritious diet for her. However, keep in mind that cats evolved as hunters—they used to prey and consume high protein, moderate fat, and a minor portion of carbohydrates. They still require a balanced diet to stay healthy. Here is a list of food rich in protein, fat, fiber, and carbohydrates that you can feed your Chausie.

    Diet and Food Requirements

    Protein: Beef, lamb, chicken, pork, tuna, salmon, red meat

    Fat: Vegetables, olive oil, or fish oil

    Fiber: Berries, sweet potatoes (boiled)

    Carbohydrate: Oatmeal, peas, pasta, corn, barley, white rice (boiled)

    Male vs. Female

    There are no notable differences between a male and a female Chausie cat except that the male Chausies can weigh up to 6 – 9 kg whereas the female would weigh between 4 – 6 kg.

    Fun Facts about Chausie cat

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