15 Finest Dressage Horse Breeds: Overview and Pictures

Dressage horse breeds

Dressage is a sport of long history and global reach. It is included in the Olympics and has the same requirements and goals when played anywhere in the world. And, above all, it is not without any purpose: it forms a great bond between the rider and the horse and develops the latter into a […]

Best Fertilizers for Horse Pasture: Buying Guide and Our Top 12 Picks

Best fertilizers for horse pasture

To improve soil fertility and boost high-quality forage production in the horse pasture, using the best fertilizer is the only way. Various other things play a vital role as well, yet getting the best fertilizer should be your priority. The benefits of fertilizer in horse pasture cannot go unnoticed to produce high yields of quality […]

12 Most Expensive Horse Breeds in 2022 (With Price & Pictures)

Expensive horse breeds

It is said that a great horse can change one’s life. True. Horses are valuable, and that is why some are far more expensive than the rest. Several factors can impact horses’ price, sometimes making an airplane cheaper than them! Most factors that count include breed, age, performance, and track records. Based on these and […]

350+ Arabic and Non-Arabic Amazing Arabian Horse Names

Arabian horse names

Truly a ‘Habibi’ for many equestrians, Arabian horses are distinctively amazing: their heads are dainty, their faces smooth and glossy, and their chins projected. Though they have gracefully thin bodies, Arabian horses make great riding partners. Thanks to their 40 miles per hour running speed, Arabian horses are one of the fastest horse breeds in […]

Birds of Paradise: A Dive Into the 9 Species of Lovebirds

infographic showing different species of lovebirds

The name “Lovebird” came because of their inseparable monogamous bond with their partners. They are also called “Pocket Parrots” as they are so tiny that you can take them with you everywhere in your pocket. It would not be wrong if we say, Lovebirds are an energy bomb. The reason for being extremely popular in […]

A Quick Glance at Some of the Most Beautiful Horses

Akhal-Teke Horse

Humans have long been fascinated with horses. Human reliance on the equines began as a food resource, but soon they became an important means of transportation. As civilizations progressed, they came to symbolize strength and status among the powerful. Others depended on this marvel of nature for farming, herding, transportation, and patrolling. While the use […]

6 Oldest Horse Breeds: Characteristics, Facts, and Pictures

Oldest horse breeds

Horses have been around for hundreds and thousands of years, but their domestication only started in Eurasian Steppe some six thousand years ago. Soon, given the utility of horses, they were being domesticated across the world. Over time as people bred horses selectively to develop horses with desirable characteristics, scores of horse breeds started to […]

332 Black Horse Names Based on Gender, Uniqueness, and Much More!

Black horse names

Black is a very popular yet uncommon color for horses, making them all the more desirable. Often called black beauties, black horses have sleek and shiny coats, lovely dark eyes, and majestic manes and tails. They are graceful and majestic and never fail to captivate the viewers’ attention. If you are lucky enough to get […]

Horse Stall Anxiety: All You Need to know!

Horse stall anxiety

Ever noticed your horse frequently walking around the perimeters of its stall or in frantic patterns? Occasionally walks are fine, but frequent walking around in the stall may become a problem for your horse’s health. Just like humans, horses also get anxious or stressed due to several social or environmental factors that cause your horse […]

Horse Rider Weight Chart: Are You Too Big for Your Horse?

Are you too big for your horse

Riding a horse is indeed a lively experience for us. It gives us a lot—an adrenaline rush, an escape from this world, exercise in the fresh air, goosebumps of perfect harmony, and healing through the bond. However, knowingly or unknowingly, we might become a reason for exactly the opposite for our horse if we burden […]

Leopard Gecko Diseases: 10 Common Leopard Gecko Health Issues with causes and Treatment

leopard gecko diseases

Leopard geckos are hardy creatures, and when kept with great care, they usually experience no illnesses or injuries throughout their lifetime. That said, several health issues may afflict pet Leopard geckos if their nutritional needs are not being met or something off about their habitat. In this article, we will talk about the causes and […]

Profile Review of the Marvelous Ardennes Horse

Ardennes Horse

A native of the Ardennes region in present-day Belgium, Luxembourg, and France, the Ardennes or Ardennais horse is a popular draft horse in Europe. This massive horse is a direct descendant of the legendary Solturé, the ancient horse that once roamed about in the Ardennes region. Ardennes horses have drawn praises from historical figures like […]