To improve soil fertility and boost high-quality forage production in the horse pasture, using the best fertilizer is the only way. Various other things play a vital role as well, yet getting the best fertilizer should be your priority.

The benefits of fertilizer in horse pasture cannot go unnoticed to produce high yields of quality forage. To help you choose a fertilizer that best fits your needs, we have scoured the online retail landscape and winnowed down a few fertilizers for horse pastures.

Best Fertilizers for Horse Pasture

We have narrowed down some of the best options for you present in the market.

1. Super Juice All in One Soluble Supplement Lawn Fertilizer

The Super Juice All-in-One Soluble Supplement Lawn Fertilizer is a complete and balanced lawn fertilizer containing all the required supplements that are considered essential in the horse pasture. It is an all-in-one grass food and gives a promising return of lively green vegetation for horse pasture.

Its new & improved formula contains 4% iron, giving rich deep green pasture. Moreover, it has an NPK proportion of 14-2-4 that helps the grass to grow faster and makes it healthy.

It comes in a dry mix that is designed to be sprayed on a lawn. Mix the fertilizer with water, and it’s ready to be applied on horse pasture. One bag can be applied in a 14-2-4 ratio for a full acre of lawn or use half strength of 7-1-2 for two acres. After application, it takes 4 to 5 hours to absorb and shows results in 10 – 12 days.


    All-in-one fertilizer for pasture fields

    Balanced NPK ratio

    Enhanced content of iron

    Produces no biowaste


    The dry mix makes it a bit messy

    Some users complained of a low nitrogen ratio


2. Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Weed & Feed

Winter weather adversely affects the growth of pasture fields. Essential food supplements are a must during fall to guarantee the ideal growth of pasture so that they can tackle winter conditions in a better way.

The Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Weed & Feed provides all the essential nutrients that help the root to fight extreme winter conditions. It repairs the damages and increases nutrient and water absorption. The best feature of this turf builder is that it works on all grass types, and it ensures the growth of fields. Its 2x more powerful formula ensures dandelions and clover control.

The application is quite easy as well. Start from the boundaries of the pasture field, then fertilize the middle. Fall is preferable to use Scotts, and a single application is enough to have deeper and stronger roots for next spring.


    Suitable for all grass types

    Ensures a strong and deeper root network

    Improves lawn ability to absorb nutrients and water

    Prepares the field for harsh winters


    NPK proportion is not defined

3. The Anderson PGF Complete 16-4-8 Fertilizer

The Anderson is known for its fighting capability against low fertility. It provides all the sufficient nutrients to improve soil health and to make healthier pasture fields.

It has a super fine particle size that delivers twice the number of particles per square foot. The Humic DG compound enriches soil health that helps plants in processing nutrients better. It isn’t wrong to say that the Anderson PGF Complete 16-4-8 Fertilizer has combined all the essential nutrients in one bag.

This complete fertilizer has slow-releasing nature that nutrition the soil for up to 8 weeks. The patented DG Technology helps the nutrients to reach the root quickly.

Before applying, mow the lawn and make sure the field is dry. Keep in mind to not collect clippings for at least one mowing to avoid picking up the particles. With proper irrigation, you can expect the results in 6 – 14 days. After 6 – 8 weeks. You can also reapply for the best results.


    Balanced NPK proportion of 16-4-8

    Suitable for all turf types

    Slow-release formula

    Enriches the soil structure


    A bit over-priced

    Not for sale in Oregon, California, and South Dakota

    As per some consumers, it took them long to see the result—or not see them at all

4. Natural Liquid Fertilizer 16-4-8 NPK Gallon

With bio-enhanced and 16-4-8 NPK, this natural liquid fertilizer helps the pasture field to meet all the nutritional requirements and provides all the essential nutrients for healthy growth.

It contains nitrogen, the key ingredient that helps the fields to grow faster and more nutritious. It has a great ratio of Phosphorus and Potassium that helps roots to become strong and with the overall production. The sugar-based sugar chelation processed used in this fertilizer helps in increasing the intake of the product in leaves.

It contains various vitamins and elements that enrich the soil and promotes the healthy growth of pasture fields. For application, 10 ounces work well for a 1000 square ft area. In one-quarter of a gallon, mix one tablespoon of fertilizer and spray a light mist over the pastures.


    Easy to use

    Sufficient nitrogen proportion with essential supplements


    Prone to volatilization

5. Farrier’s Magic Graze-ON All-Natural Pasture Fertilizer & Herbicide

Farrier’s Magic Graze-on helps in preventing the growth of weeds in a pasture field. It contains a high percentage of nitrogen with phosphorus and potassium, making the pasture nutritious and vibrant.

With corn gluten meal as an active ingredient, it is efficient in terminating any weed growth. This all-in-one product also contains Sunflower Hull Ash that helps to improve soil structure and stimulate microbial populations.

The granulated texture is easy to spread. The recommended application is twice a year, spring and fall. Initially, 300lb is sufficient per acre, and for maintenance application, 100lb per acre. Read the bad for proper instructions.


    Easy application

    Controls emerging weeds

    Safe for kids and pets to play on

    Promotes healthy roots

    Specifically for horse pastures


    Make the soil more alkaline

6. Scotts Turf Builder Thick’R Lawn Sun & Shade

Scotts Turf Builder never ceases to amaze with their fertilizing products. It provides all the essential nutrients to help turn thin and weak grass into the thicker, greener lawn. It enhances root development by providing essential nutrients at the root zone.

Thick’R contains seeds that fill gaps with new grass in pasture fields and fertilizer that feeds new grass with all essential supplements that improve the soil for abundant rich growth. Thus, this 3-in-1 solution contains seeds, fertilizer, and soil improver.

Before application, mow the soil to approximately 2 inches or lower. To loosen the top layer of soil, remove the dead grass or debris. Now spread the fertilizer to the entire lawn. For about 3 weeks, water the soil daily to keep the soil moist. The recommended application is twice a year, spring and summer/ early fall.

With proper care, this product shows results within 5 weeks and thick the lawn 50% after one application.


    Improves soil

    Turns the weak and thin grass into a thicker field

    3-in-1 solution

    Thickens the grass by filling the gaps


    The NPK ratio is not defined

7. Urea 99+% Pure Commercial Grade 46-0-0 Granular Fertilizer

This Urea fertilizer is the best choice for plants that lacks nitrogen. Plants turn yellow and begin to die if they don’t get sufficient nitrogen. It is an essential nutrient for the healthy growth of pasture fields.

This fertilizer meets the nitrogen requirement of fields and ensures green leafy vegetation. It has a granulated nature that is easy to spread and provides the roots’ nutrients. Low phosphorous level minimizes any adverse effect on horses’ health, and high nitrogen content ensures lush fields.

Urea 99+% Granular fertilizer is water-soluble. The solution is neither acidic nor alkaline and is ready to be applied over the pasture fields.



    Abundant nitrogen content

    Provides nitrogen at the root zone to boost the growth of pasture fields


    Only provides nitrogen to the plants

8. GS Plant Foods Hay and Pasture

The GS Plant Foods Hay and Pasture is easy to use fertilizer and is specially made for pastures. This fertilizer improves growth and makes the pasture nutritious and vibrant in color. Its formula is high in organic nutrients and minerals such as nitrogen, humic acid, and fulvic acid and provides extra nutrition, vitamins, minerals, omega oil, and sugar content. This formula is beneficial for lower-quality soil as well.

The GS Plant Foods help manure break down effectively, promise strong root establishment, and help with plants’ overall growth and reproduction. This liquid fertilizer improves drought tolerance, improves yield, and increases minerals with humic acid that improves the efficiency of nitrogen neutralization.

For general recommendation, apply 2 – 4 gallons per acre. However, 3 gallons per acre is ideal.


    Promotes healthy soil

    Especially for pasture

    Packed with essential nutrients


    No cons found yet

9. JR Peters Inc Jacks Prof77900 Fertilizer

JR Peters contains the perfect ratio of 25-5-15 NPK that ensures healthy and lush pasture fields. This fertilizer provides maximum NPK proportion among other products in the market.

It keeps a balance of macro secondary and micronutrients that are essential nutrients in plants for all biochemical needs and improve growth rate. It is best for heavy feeding plants in moderate to form temperatures. It has a sufficient amount of nitrogen that enhances plants’ growth.

For best results, dissolve the fertilizer in warm water. It is made of 100% soluble raw material, forming a true solution.


    High NPK proportion

    Great area coverage

    High nitrogen content


    No cons found yet

10. Walt’s Elemental Sulfur Pellets 20 LB

The key ingredient in Walt’s Elemental Sulfur Pellets 20 LB is sulfur which is essential for the growth and development of fields. Sulfur improves the soil to receive nutrients better, hence called soil conditioner. It also prevents pasture from turning yellow. Sulfur also lowers the pH level of the soil.

It is super easy to apply Walt’s Elemental Sulfur in the fields. It’s only pellets, so there is no need to prepare a solution. Just spread the pellets, and it’s done!


    Lower soil pH level

    Easy to use

    Low dust content

    Suitable for acidic soil


    Only contains sulfur

11. Gordon’s Tankables Lawn & Pasture Fertilizer

The Gordon’s Tankables is a concentrated liquid fertilizer. It has quick-release fertilizer formula that provides nitrogen to plants immediately and high iron content that ensures healthy and lush pastures.

It provides essential nutrients that help the pasture field to meet the nutritional requirements. It also promotes the growth of soil-fixing bacteria that boost soil fertility.


    Fast-acting formula

    High iron content promotes the growth of green leafy vegetation

    Easy on the pocket

    Suitable for acidic soil


    Phosphorous is in low content

Things to Consider Before Buying Fertilizers for Horse Pasture

As a horse keeper, it can be a bit heavy on your pockets to keep horses and buy them healthy yet quality food. You prefer having your pasture field to avoid the hustle and provide freedom to your animal.

To ensure the quality growth of the field, fertilizer is the key ingredient that improves soil fertility and provides all the essential nutrients. Here is the list of factors that you should consider before buying fertilizers for horse pasture:

NPK Proportion

NPK plays a key role in plant nutrition. In NPK: N stands for Nitrogen, P stands for Phosphorus, and K stands for potassium. Each of these ‘Big 3’ primary nutrient holds a vital role in fertilizers. If your product says 16-4-8 NPK, then it has 16% Nitrogen, 5% Phosphorus, and 8% Potassium. Make sure that it contains a high amount of nitrogen with a balanced ratio of Phosphorus and Potassium.


Nitrogen is the most vital nutrient, and plants can absorb nitrogen more than any other element. It ensures the healthy growth of plants and gives vibrant color.

Nitrogen is a key ingredient in the formation of a protein that makes up the tissues. That’s why the plants that lack nitrogen turn yellow and begin to die.


Another essential nutrient is phosphorus which harvests the sun’s energy and uses it in plant growth. It helps the plant to grow normally.


It strengthens plants’ immunity to diseases and improves overall growth. But too much potassium can cause nitrogen deficiency in plants.

Right Time for Fertilizer Application

To make sure that the nutrients are available for plants when they need them, it is necessary to apply fertilizer at the right time. Fertilizer is most effective when plants are around the time where they begin to grow actively. Some fertilizer manufacturers suggest their timings or can be applied when there is a deficiency. However, the best time of the year to apply fertilizer is early spring.

Soil Sampling

If the soil of your pasture field lacks essential nutrients, then it may not yield the best results. Soil sampling is a technique to test the present nutrients in the soil. It helps you know the requirements or deficiencies in the soil so you can purchase the fertilizer according to it.

Method to Apply Fertilizer

Proper application of fertilizer is also essential to receive the best results. The following is the recommended method:

Final Words

Good pasture requires good soil fertilizers to produce high-quality forage to ensure a healthy diet for the horse. We have brought the best picks from the market. However, here we have the top three; Best overall is Super Juice Fertilizer which is an all-in-one and provides all the essential nutrients. For maximum NPK and high performance, go with JR Peters Inc Jack Prof77900 Fertilizer. Scotts Turf Builder’s products are ideal that works great for general grass maintenance and improving growth.

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