Black is a very popular yet uncommon color for horses, making them all the more desirable. Often called black beauties, black horses have sleek and shiny coats, lovely dark eyes, and majestic manes and tails. They are graceful and majestic and never fail to captivate the viewers’ attention.

If you are lucky enough to get yourself such a rare charmer from the black horse breeds, you need to give it a befitting name. To help you out, we have jotted down a list of black horse names based on gender, quality, color patterns, uniqueness, translation, and famous horses. Have a look and select the best one!

Did You Know?

Two genes are responsible for black coats in horses. These include the MC1R and the ASIP genes.

Best Black Horse Names

AmberBlack MagicBlazeCoven
Dark KnightDark StarDarkest SecretDracula
Midnight HeroNinjaNiorObsidian

Black Horse Names Female

FlickaGypsyMidnight LunaMorticia
ParadaQueenRavenStarry Night
StormStormy SkyeSuperNovaVelvet

Black Horse Names Male

NitroScoutSerious BlackShade

Gender Neutral Black Horse Names

Atlantic BlackAxelBabetteBaden
BearBelladonnaBlack hawkBlackie
CerseiChocolate ChipChristofCobra
CrowDark SunshineDiabloDodger
GalaxyGhost RiderGunnerKnight

White and Black Horse Names

If your horse has a black base in coat with white markings – regardless of checkered, spotted, or lined pattern, here are some names for him:

BingoBlack TieChaplainChipped

Unique Names for Black Horses

Want to make your horse’s name sound as different as he looks? Here is a list of some trendy but unique black horse names you will love to call your pet with:

DarthDeja VuDieselEmber

Mythical Black Horse Names

Creatures having mythical names give off the impression of possessing supernatural strengths or the abilities of Greek and Roman gods. Here is a list of mythical black horse names to represent the strength of your black horse.


Funny Names for a Black Horse

Below are some lighthearted names which will make you smile whenever you call your horse!

BearBlack SabbathBlack-Eyed PeaBuckaroo
ColeDon KeyFifty Shades of HayHarry Trotter
HasselhoofHermoineighInspector HorseJack Black
LawnmowerLiam NeighsonMayoMy Little Pony
NeighmarRadishTrojanWhinny Weasley

Show Black Horse Names

Here are some names that are funny, clever, and unique simultaneously, perfect for black steeds used as show horses!

Back in BlackBlack BacardiBlack Beauty CutieBlack Belle
Black BettyBlack CherryBlack Coffee BluesBlack Dahlia
Black DiabloBlack FridayBlack LabelBlack Market Money
Black Moon RisingBlack N BrewBlack PearlBlack Powder
Black QuartzBlack RoseBlack SabbathBlack Tie Affair
Black Tie PreferredBlackberry RoseBlacked OutBlackstone Bay
Classic BlackDouble BlackJoe BlackLittle Black Box
Little Black DressMan in BlackMiner’s Black GoldMission in Black

Black Horse Names from Other Languages

Translating simple words into different languages is a creative way of generating fancy yet unique names. We have done the same by looking up the word ‘black’ in numerous dictionaries, and this is what we have come up with:

Black (in other languages)Language

Black Horse Names in Movies

Movies are a great source of influence when it comes to assigning names. Since black horses have been a part of the big screen for a long time, there exists a fair chance of these equines having a Hollywood-inspired name.

Character NameMovie
Little BlackieTrue Grit
NapoleonThe Black Stallion
On-XRainbow Brite and the Star Stealer

Some Famous Black Horses

If your horse is legendary enough to be named after some celebrated horse, here is a list of black horses who have earned a special spot in history.

Just read the glimpse of their biographies presented under their names and decide if your steed can have a share in these renowned monikers.

Black Beauty or Darkie

Black Beauty is an 1877 novel that narrates a story of a handsome black horse having the same name. While it Is not known for sure the breed of the horse, it is widely believed that it was either a Black Mustang or a Thoroughbred. Being obedient, intelligent, and willing, his inner self was equally ideal, as was his outer appearance. Black Beauty’s amazing journey teaches us to treat others with kindness, respect, and sympathy.  

Black Caviar (Blackie)

Black Caviar is a Thoroughbred Australian racing filly. She is best known for fetching the champion sprinter title four times between 2010 and 2013. She was also declared the Horse of the Year in Australia three times. Though she is a dark bay in color, she appears to be black.

Black Gold

Known by the nickname “the Indian Horse,” Black Gold was an American thoroughbred stallion famous for winning the 50th running of the Kentucky Derby in the year 1924. There is also a book on Black Gold’s life.

Black Hawk or Black Hawk Morgan

Black Hawk was an influential Morgan horse. He was undefeated when he retired and was the first American stallion to have a USD 100 stud fee. He sired about 1,772 foals, and his blood flows in about 80% Morgans.

Black Jack

Named in honor of senior U.S. army officer General John “Black Jack” Pershing, Black Jack was a Morgan-American Quarter cross who served in the Third United States Infantry Regiment. He participated in the state funerals of General Douglas McArthur and presidents Hoover, Kennedy, and Johnson.

Black Nell

Black Nell was a horse owned by Wild Bill Hickok, an American folk hero, who is well-known for playing a role in bringing peace and order to the frontier West back during the 19th century.

Bucephalus (Boo)

Bucephalus was the horse of Alexander the Great and is believed to be one of the most famous equines in history. While no one knows for sure what breed Bucephalus was, it is widely believed that he was an Akha-Teke—an expensive horse breed. Large with a star on his forehead, Bucephalus carried his master to different battlefields with great devotion. As the legend has it, Bucephalus never allowed anyone else to ride him.


Burmese was a black police mare that was presented to Queen Elizabeth II by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Sergeant Fred Rasmussen in 1969. Thereafter, the Queen rode the horse for Trooping the Colors for 18 years in a row until 1986.

Byerley Turk

Alongside the Gold Arabian and the Darley Arabian, the Byerley Turk was the founder of the Thoroughbred breed. Robert Byerley, an English captain, took him from a Turkish officer during the siege of Buda in 1686.

Cass Ole

Cass Ole was an Arabian horse who won over 50 championships during his lifetime. Besides, he is also known for appearing in The Black Stallion movie franchise.

Midnight Sun

Progeny of Black Hawk, Midnight Sun was one of the most influential sires of the Tennessee Walking Horses. He also won the World Grand Champion title two times. One of his descendent, the Talk of the Town, won this title thrice.


Also known as “Queen of the fillies,” Ruffian was a thoroughbred racing filly from the United States. She rose to fame after winning ten consecutive races at a very young age. Having a spectacular career, she was a born winner but, unfortunately, lost a race for her life when she was only three.

Top Moon

Top Moon was a leading Quarter racehorse. Out of the forty starts he raced, he won 15 times. Owing to his illustrious career, he was honored with a place in the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) Hall of Fame in 1999.

Black Horse Names Selection

Choosing a name for your horse can be a tough task. Since horses are perfect, it becomes difficult to choose a suitable name for them—especially when some particular ability is counted, such as a beautiful color. But one thing is for sure: despite the color of your steed, his name should match his personality all in all.

However, naming a black horse can be somewhat easy if you follow the following steps:

  1. Search for the name that best suits your horse’s breed.
  2. Look for anything special in your horse. For instance, is he a show horse? If yes, try finding the name from the show horse list.
  3. Look for your horse’s personality type. If he is funny, take a look at the funny horse names.
  4. Remember, always select the name that leads to a closer bond between you and your horse. This is the key!
  5. After assigning a name to your horse, put it to the test. If you are fond of it and you find your horse accepting it, you are good to go.

We hope that you have found a name for your Black horse from the names listed above; if not, you may want to take a look at Western horse names.

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