Are Horse Legs Fingers? (Explained with Graphics)

Are horse legs fingers

“Are horse legs fingers? What kind of a crazy and confusing question is it? I have believed for my whole life that my horse has legs on which he walks. How can they be fingers? Inconceivable. They are nowhere to be seen!” You are not alone if you are asking this question right now after […]

Friesian Horse: Black Pearls of the Friesland

Friesian horse

Did you know which horse looks like the fairytale horses? Flowing glossy manes and tails with pride? Luckily we can still enjoy their elegant beauty today! Let’s look at Friesian horses! Friesian horses appear both majestic and powerful. They have a gentle, calm, and docile nature which makes a person instantly fall in love with […]

12 Best Horse Movies to Watch in 2022 – Top Picks

Horse Movies

So it’s time to cure your depression… If you are having a bad day or stressed out due to the hectic week, here is the best solution to get free from all the worries. How? Watching movies can relax your mind, and what about horse movies? Horse movies are best to watch as they have […]

Scottish Horses: 6 Iconic Scotland Horse Breeds (With Pictures)

Scottish Horse

Scotland is beautiful but a rugged and tough landscape. It is hilly and mountainous. Over the past years, the people of Scotland have greatly relied on horses as a means of transportation and moving goods around. Many of the Scottish horses were transported to other countries also. The small and stocky horse breed to deal […]

Can Horses Eat Blueberries? The Pros, Cons, Substitutes, and More

Can horses eat blueberries

Often called a superfood, blueberries make a perfect snack for humans – they taste great, can be eaten in a large number, have a long shelf-life, and above all, they are loaded with some of the most important nutrients. Hence, you might not have any sort of qualms about incorporating this valuable fruit into your […]

Horses From the Netherlands: 6 Dutch Horse Breeds

Dutch horses

Dutch has an extensive history of horse breeding. It is widely believed that they started breeding horses as early as the 4th century. Dutch horses are majestic animals that are among the most beautiful horses of the equine world. These horses are also used in equine sports and are loved worldwide for their beauty and […]

Can a Horse Kick Kill You? Why Do Horses Kick?

Horse kicking Can a horse kick kill you

A true definition of power and strength, horses are muscular and swift. In comparison to human beings, horses are much larger and heavy, and hence the potential of damage they can cause is far higher. With that said, one of their most prominent defense mechanisms is kicks – and their kicks can cause significant damage. […]

What Is a Flake of Hay? How Many Flakes in a Bale of Hay?

What is a flake of hay

Flake is easy to ‘flake off’ component of any rectangular (or square) hay bale – a large bundle of hay compactly packed for shipping or storage. They are formed in the bailing process during the compression/release cycle. They are the almost equally sized slices of hay in bales of hay. Equine enthusiasts would get it […]

Can Horses Eat Potatoes? Why Not? A Complete Guide!

Can horses eat potatoes

Potatoes are among the best and most consumed vegetables in the world. We love them, especially when presented in the form of snacks like French fries, chips, tater tots, gnocchi, and a lot of other stuff. But since potatoes are quite handy and snacking edible items, you might have thought about offering some of them […]

100+ Perfect Spotted Horse Names

Names for spotted horses

Horse keeping venture doesn’t end after owning the horse and buying all the necessities. Choosing a perfect name for your equine fellow is also a decision one has to take sooner or later—and that can be a hassle too. Are you looking for a unique yet creative name for your spotted horse? Don’t worry; we […]

Can Horses Eat Strawberries? Benefits and Health Hazards!

Can horses eat strawberries

If you live in an area where strawberries are grown, you might have often observed your equine friend munching on strawberries. Even if you do not live in such an area, the thought of offering your horse this delicious snack might have crossed your mind multiple times since horses are into a lot of fruits. […]

Can Horses Eat Peanut Butter? A Comprehensive Guide

Can horses eat peanut butter

Offering something atypical to your horse to eat is always a task full of hesitations. It quickly turns out to be a dilemma when your steed apparently loves it, but you, being sincere to your ‘hoofy’ friend, just want to be sure that it is not something bad for him. And since peanut butter is […]